Google Displaying Answers in “Bold” for Search Queries – Google Knowledge Graph

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Google does a new and intelligent work recently we noticed in Knowledge Graph area and normal search results. As always, it is busy in doing great stuff. Now Google will show you answers in bold for any search query, you put in search query box of Google. Earlier search query and synonymous of query is coming in bold but answers in bold is a new feature added by Google.

For example, if you put a search for [number of planets in the solar system] shows eight or nine in bold, even though the query doesn’t mention that number:

Second Example, if you put a search for [who is founder of facebook] shows Zuckerberg in bold and again the query doesn’t mention any name, so this is also showing in normal searches:

This was spotted by Wissam Dandan and posted on Google+.

But, we need to see how it will work for other search results just below the Knowledge graph box area and normal search results. May be it will result in low CTR on other Search results below it.