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eSearch Logix is engaged in enhancing your connection with your current and potential customers with its customer support services. We enhance your customer’s satisfaction level with our affordable, versatile and sophisticated live chat solutions. Our customer support services focuses on identifying potential customers, monitoring website visitors, engaging business with targeted audience and converting visitors into customers. When you partner with eSearch Logix, you can rest assured that your online business will gain competitive strength to attain your online sales goals.

Why Customer Support?

No doubt internet has revolutionized the online business arena, but it has been found almost 60% of customers leave website without purchasing anything. An effective live customer support with Chat Service operators to answer customer’s questions and resolve their queries, creates better impression of business on both, current and potential prospects. It is the reason why more and more businesses are investing in live support chat programs to improve their revenues and boost their sales.

Our Live Chat Solutions for Your Online Business

At eSearch Logix, we offer 24*7*365 customer support services through our onshore, near shore and off-shore locations. We also provide support for your English speaking customers with our efficient team of chat operators. We excel in providing live chat services for sales, lead generation, eCommerce support, technical support, account information update and lot more.

Monitoring Real Time Visitors of Your Website

We keep an eye on your visitors and help you to know about your average customers’ demand. Our solutions help you to strengthen your marketing strategy and boost your sales by using our live chat service for your business.

Real-Time Website Visitor Monitoring

Our live chat support system has monitoring feature that enables you to view your web visitor’s IP address, host name, country, browser type, pages visited and other such information.

Geo Location Map

You can view geographic distribution of your current website visitors on a world map, apart from the location of your current visitors “Visitor List”. You can view your current visitors’ list and other information pertaining to them such as location, number of pages visited, navigation history etc.

Why eSearch Logix’s Live Chat Support Service?

  • With our extensive experience and expertise with live chat services, we have helped a large number of organisations to improve their online business services, enhance customer satisfaction and increase their overall sales and profits.
  • With eSearch Logix as your partner, you can be assured that your live chat customer support is handled by the industry leaders.
  • We partner with our clients to provide them the best live chat services.
  • If you wish to increase your sales, enhance your customer satisfaction level and improve your brand recognition, our live customer support services can do wonder for your business.

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