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Every customer expects a quick reply to his queries and grievances. A quick, lucid and efficient communication is vital for growth of any business. Email is a crucial tool of business communication and it is truly a daunting to prioritize, analyse and respond to the bulk emails from people dealing with business. At eSearch Logix, we make your email communication easy, quick and eloquent. We provide a comprehensive range of email management services to take all your stress of responding to your overloaded inbox through intelligent messaging. Our team of experts is proficient in providing email management services to online businesses getting high volume of sales or enquiries on daily or weekly basis.

Our trained team mates prioritize, analyse and respond to all your customer’s email enquiries and grievances within 24 hours. We specialise in fast and intelligent handling of large volumes of emails to ensure your business communication is managed effectively and business owners can concentrate on other prolific aspects of business.


  • Quick and efficient response to your customers
  • Easy to handle tons of emails
  • Easy to retaining detailed conversation history
  • Improve communication between departments and customers
  • Enhance productivity of the business and the accountability of departments
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction level and online business reputation
  • Improved sales with good returning customers rate


  • Our Email Management Services are focussed on handling the customer's hurdles, delays in shipping, defects in products and other customers’ queries and grievances.
  • We have a team of experts to deal with email Management for all kinds of popular and less popular online stores ebay, etsy, amazon and very specially your owned online store.
  • Our trained professionals are experienced and efficient in responding to your customers’ queries and grievances faster and consistently.
  • We also provide confidential and secure messaging with professional reporting.
  • Our live chat support is integrated with email support to provide.
  • It increases customer satisfaction and engages customers with good help to them.
  • Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to conversions and engaging customers

Our email marketing management services make sure your workload is evenly distributed and your emails are professionally answered within the shortest span of time. Get in touch for professional email management services.

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