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What Was The Google Algorithm Update This February and How It Impacts Rankings

There have been loud chatters going in forums, discussion boards and online communities regarding the Google update that touched down on February 7th, 2017. Although it was not officially announced by Google, but the relative shifts in the rankings did predict otherwise, and webmasters, after going through significant analysis, have established that it has indeed been an algorithm update from Google. It was neither denied or confirmed by Google, and when this giant does not comment, then there is something brewing on.

What Was The Update All About?

Although Google did not specify anything regarding the update, several analyses seemed to indicate that it may be related to Panda algorithm or Penguin, or more like a ‘Phantom’ quality update. Going further, it seemed to relate to Private Blog Networks (PBNs), an impact of backlinks, quality of content and was accompanied by major ranking swings experienced by websites. With this update, Google seems to target spammy links, and specifically PBNs.

Some analytics opine that this might be a new update from Google, that is completely new, and the company is keeping that under wraps.

Impact of the Algorithm Update

The major impact was seen in signal changes, and that is how webmasters came to know that there is a significant update. In literal terms, we can say that this was targeted towards those who are into aggressive link building, specifically black hat techniques.

The update saw significant changes in website rankings. Some saw a decline in their rankings by getting penalized, while some witnessed a slow pick. There were big ranking swings, as assessed by webmasters, and it typically occurs during a big update only. Some sites reflected rank swings for many keywords, and their jump was also a big one.

How it Affects the Next Strategy Plans for Webmasters?

If your site rankings are not affected, then you can ascertain that your on-page content is informative and well balanced, and your link-building strategy is also going strong on organic and natural links. If you are seeing some volatility with resettling of rankings, then you need to go through a detailed analysis of your SEO practices and site structure. If you are just a company, obtaining services from a Search Engine Optimization firm, then you need to go through your SEO analysis report with them and see how you are affected.

And if you are not following any black hat practices, then you need not to worry. Just analyze your site objectively and weed out any issues. Or you can hire some experts or the best SEO company in India, to help you out in maintaining your site’s SERP status.

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