February 11

Social Media Content Ideas: 11 Posts to Expand Your Following


There are a number of social media platforms available today with millions of recurring monthly users at your fingertips. The million dollar question: How do you effectively utilize these platforms to create a stream of new clients and revenue for your ecommerce business?

Creating consistent, valuable content is crucial in executing any successful social media campaign. Without updated content, it’s impossible to attract new customers, keep existing customers engaged, and increase brand awareness.

Whether it’s setting aside time for social media management or knowing the right type of content to post, many online business owners find themselves stuck when it comes to planning. Here are 11 social post ideas to expand your social media following.

About the Team

For teams of 10 and smaller, creating a blog post that gives users a look behind the scenes at who will be working for them can build human connections and earn a sense of trust. Snapping a company employee photo for Instagram and introducing team members in the caption can achieve this same result.

Answer Common Questions

The amount of emails received in ecommerce businesses can pile up, sometimes with multiple customers with the same queries such as “How long does shipping take?”. Answering these questions can be completed in two ways: sharing the link to your FAQ page on Facebook and Twitter or writing an entirely new blog post to share.

The Product of the Week

Each week, highlight a different product from your store with a blog post detailing a short description, features, uses, and pricing. You can even offer a discount to this product such as 10% off with code “SOCIAL10”. This will keep your following coming back every week to check which item is featured and on sale.

Community Events

Attending events in your community provides an opportunity to connect with local customers, spread awareness to your brand, and showcase your products. First, reshare an existing post from the event’s social media page advertising the function. Once attended, create a blog post summarizing how the event went and be sure to include plenty of pictures.

Relatable Memes

Yes, you’re a business that should uphold professionalism throughout your brand. However, sometimes all it takes to convert a follower is a funny meme that is relatable to your business. The best way to connect with humans is to appeal to their sense of humor, don’t be conventional 100% of the time.

Existing Content

Not every post you share on social media has to be written from scratch. Conduct research on valuable content created from the industry leaders in your field and give it a retweet. This can help build relationships with similar brands and establish your social media as a place customers can go to find helpful information.

Infographics & Stats

Since humans are visual creatures, infographics are a great way to grab their attention and educate them about industry statistics. Either create your own with a tool like Canva or share an existing one relating to your field.

Ask for Feedback

To get followers interacting within your social media accounts, create a multiple choice question poll and ask users to comment their answer. The poll can ask for feedback on a certain product, insight on what your customers would like to see, and questions related to your industry.

Create a Guide

Show off your expertise in the form of a short guide that you know will provide value to your potential customers. Chances are, these followers will share this guide with friends, family, and other connections that may benefit, promoting your business even more..

Host a Social Contest

Hosting a social contest can generate plenty of customer engagement. Announce the contest to all of your social media channels and set-up rules such as sharing and liking the post, tagging a friend, tweeting with a hashtag, and posting a photo of themselves with a product from your brand. The winner can receive a free product or a gift voucher to your website.

Post a Case Study

Providing your potential customers with proof via recent projects you’ve worked on and achieved positive results for is a great sales tactic. Create and share a blog post detailing the company worked with, products / services offered, and exact results (ex: 50% increase in sales) the company enjoyed from your work.

About the author

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A web marketing specialist, known for his bold and insightful approach to every web industry trend, Alekh Verma is a proud Founder and CEO of a successful Mobile App Development, Web Development and Digilat Marketing firm, eSearch Logix Technologies. His effective and inventive ideology has helped to shape the success story of his firm, which has now grown into a successful, leading digital marketing company based in NCR, India. He brings a global perspective to the industry, and has helped multitudes of businesses across the globe from all sectors create an impactful presence in the virtual world.


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