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What makes Start-ups such a Successful Venture in Today’s Market?

We need to start the story in some place. Let us talk about three guys and how they achieved a $ 10 billion business in 2014, starting from renting mattresses in 2007. The story is about designers Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. Together they achieved spectacular success, considering these three could not even pay the rent of their apartment at San Francisco.

With a design conference in the city and the hotels being overbooked, an idea struck them. They rented three air beds in the living room floor and provided the guests with breakfast. This is how Airbnb as a start-up started its journey, taking on challenges and ambiguities before they became a household name.

Unfortunately, nine out of ten start-ups fail, but those which qualify for the success must possess some of the following qualities. These entrepreneurs who fail often narrate their stories. Why? Because optimistic entrepreneurs need to inject a dose of reality, now and then. These are the factors that drive them toward working harder and smarter.

First, Let us explore the most significant factor for the success of a start-up, that too in this competitive marketplace. Growth is the most critical factor for entrepreneurs. Growth – faster growth – is what is craved by the entrepreneurs and this is what they want of the market is. It is this growth that leads to faster growth and further growth. There are start-ups that run out of cash. Why? Because they could not manage faster growth. The enterprises often look forward to strategies that contribute towards this growth.

Digital Marketing – How It Lays the Stonework to Build Upon the Brand Presence and Growth

One of these strategies is the Digital Marketing initiative, a focused approach towards realizing enhanced traffic and building a global client base. After all, the start-ups must attain not a single-digit growth, but an unprecedented level of growth. The digital marketing efforts will enable the start-ups to eliminate the unwanted elements of – losing customers, losing personnel and losing to competition. Top notch Social media services are helping to these digital efforts in a more prominent way to make brands outreach efficiently in the competitive market to target their stakeholders.

How could you become a popular name, how consumers will realize your importance in their lives or needs, how they would know that you are the one to solve their certain problem or meet their specific needs? Only when you reach them, only when you have a presence in the society, only when you appear in front of them clearly describing that you could help them take the next step for their particular needs.

For a start-up, their growth isn’t defined by what they are selling and in what volume. It is also reflected by what value they are bringing, how they are creating a unique niche-space in the market, and what customer experience they are providing. In today’s digital age, leveraging the virtual platforms provides the most important and effectual medium for start-ups to push up their brand presence, make their business a brand buzz and elevate on the path of success. A comprehensive digital marketing approach that encompasses clout of multiple channels, right from the business website to social networks and everything in between and beyond coupled with enhanced and ingenious approach gives the platform to establish a solid foundation for the start-up.

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