7 Mobile Application Development Technology Predictions for 2020-21!

Mobile Application Development Technology Predictions
Digital Marketing |   July 23, 2019 by  Alekh Verma

Over the past few years, the mobile development sector has witnessed a lot of innovations and growth. In order to stand ahead of the competition, many of the business owners have developed and implemented strong mobile strategies to grow. Since mobile development is driven by massive improvements, you need more than just a business website for better customer engagement and brand awareness.

With a strong presence of mobile apps in the Google Play Store and App Store, demands of the audience are continuously increasing. Since many experts are predicting more advancement in technology and professionals for mobile application development in India are implementing such trends.

Mobile App Trends- Determine the Future of Mobile Application Development:

  1. IoT and Wearables

According to the statistics of Gartner more than 26 billion devices are expected to connect in 2020 and beyond. People will get more dependent on IoT and wearables to communicate rather than smartphones. As devices will be used to communicate with each other, cloud technology will also grow and works well with connected devices.

2. Augmented Reality will be a Table Turner

Augmented reality actually entered into the picture in 2016 with games like Pokémon Go and is rapidly growing ever since. AR is expected to play an important role not only in gaming, but also in several industries such as real estate, healthcare, and many more.

3. Mobile Commerce will continue to Grow

The top-rated mobile payment systems like Google Wallet and Apple Play will make more mobile purchases till 2020. If we consider wearable in this trend as well, people will more likely perform the payment with their smartwatches and mobile phones instead of credit cards.

4. Location-based services will Get Stronger

The widely used location-based services at the present are Google’s Beacon and Apple’s Beacon. Since these devices seem to be valuable enough for users, more external devices will accompany them in the future for business development purposes. 

5. Instant Apps

Users prefer mobile apps, but they can’t wait to get it downloaded, and sometimes storage space issues also make it hard for adding more apps into the device. These demands gave rise to on-demand apps. This change was discovered back in 2016 and is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

6. More Focus on Security

Many of the biggest businesses in their respective industries are experiencing hacking and leaked user data issues such as Facebook, Uber, and Google. Therefore, more attention will be given to security and penetration testing in the future.

7. Cloud-Based Apps

The study of Cisco reveals that 90 per cent of mobile data traffic will drift towards cloud-based apps. With such fast growth, you can expect to explore powerful mobile apps that can retrieve data from the cloud and will not consume a lot of space in the user’s devices.

Well, we cannot deny that mobile apps have become the most crucial part of the digital world. Mobile app development technology and with innovative steps taken by development and app store optimization companies is bringing a great advancement in the users’ experience. Since the above mobile apps trends are predicted to grow in the near future, make sure to take advantage of these new features for your company’s expansion.

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