August 8

How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Travel and Tourism Industry?


In the past few years, technology has brought a great revolutionary in the travel and tourism industry as well. Gone are the days when people relied on travel agents for making travel bookings. With advanced apps, travellers can easily make their travel arrangement with just a click of a button. The recent survey of eMarketer reveals that travel apps are ranked seventh in the most downloaded app category and around 60 percent of mobile users often operate travel apps for planning trips.

Mobile apps have not only benefited the users but also drastically improved the standard of travel and tourism-based businesses. Many companies have adopted the technology and integrated into their travel agencies to engage more customers. The technology has evolved the face of the travel and tourism industry and has made effortless to book trips with a few simple steps with the use of mobile apps.

If you have a travel company, it’s a high time to build a mobile app to get a competitive edge over competitors. Now let’s see how mobile apps have raised a bar of the travel and tourism industry.

  1. Making Travel Bookings Easy

Now, travellers can easily plan, book, and manage their trips with mobile apps while comfortably sitting at their home. You can easily select a suitable destination, book your tickets, and do a reservation in hotels in just a few clicks.

2. Create a Customer-Centric Platform and Provide Exciting Offers

Due to the growth of technology and users of smartphones, the competition in the travel and tourism industry has also been increased. The discount factor may influence the user’s mind. There are several mobile apps which allow customers to compare the travel expenses and cost of multiple hotels for bookings.

3. Becoming a Popular Marketing Tool

In today’s digital era, online marketing has become one of the innovative strategies to reach a larger audience and increase discoverability. An engaging app can help to attract potential customers and give you higher returns. 

4. Decreased Paper Work and Making Transaction Simpler

With the help of mobile apps, you can save soft copies of necessary documents such as hotel reservations, flight tickets, street map, and anything else. Also, travellers can easily do a transaction and pay their bills through the Internet. You can access mobile apps and plan your trip anywhere anytime without carrying too much cash.

5. Explore Images and Videos of Destination

With mobile apps, users can see the real pictures and videos of the desired destination before visiting. It helps travellers to stay updated with the destination in advance. This can help users to obtain a clear understanding of the places they are planning to visit.

Therefore, the travel app is a must-have in the digital era to enhance the experience of users as well as for the growth of travel companies. At eSearch Logix, we can help you to provide reliable solutions to launch and market your travel apps more effectively.

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