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5 Google Analytics Insights & Monitoring Tips to Improve Your Website SEO

Undoubtedly, web presence is highly important for every business holder to deliver valuable performance to its customers. In such cases, Google Analytics is considered as one of the powerful SEO measurement tools to get insights for optimising a website to drive more organic traffic and rankings. You can simply analyse your SEO reports and improve your visibility on search engine using Google Analytics. It makes it easy for owners to increase the level of quality of their website according to the user’s path and interest.

In such a competitive world, Google Analytics (GA) is a perfect solution to escape from various challenges and obstacles. But understanding Google Analytics can be daunting and trickiest. GA insights are an excellent way to generate better traffic to your website from search engines. Come and let’s have a look at some tips and tricks to improve your website SEO with Google Analytics.

  1. Track Demographics and Interest Data of Your Users

With GA, you can easily collect data about your visitors on the basis of their age, gender, location, interests, etc. This enables you to publish content and produce products keeping the interest of users in mind. Focusing on demographics and interests reports helps to determine who your potential customers are. Once you’ve recognised your valuable customers, you can target them and easily drive better conversions for your business.

2. Google AMP Tracking

Google AMP delivers a faster browsing experience for the mobile searchers who are coming at your site from Google. Publishers who want to generate more organic traffic, they should add Google AMP to their website. This can help to track user interactions on your AMP web pages with Google Analytics.

3. Evaluate the Relevant Keywords Using Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an effective solution that enables you to monitor and maintain your website’s presence in Google search results. All you need to do is to connect your Google Analytics account with Google Search Console to avoid exporting search console data to a file in order to perform analysis.

4. Track the Top Referrals of Your Site

Basically, a referral is a site that links to your website. It is a website from where you’re receiving backlinks and getting traffic through those added links. Backlinks have always been an essential factor for search engine ranking. More backlinks from genuine sites can double your chances to increase your visibility and ranking on search engines. With GA, you can navigate the top referrals and find out the reports of a source from where you’re getting better results. This can also help to improve your content and eventually boost your SEO rankings.

5. Analyse Landing Page Reports to Grow Engagement

You can analyse the first page where your visitors arrive from Google searches and figure out if it has any problem that keeps users away from other pages. The landing page report gives you a crystal clear image of how your users are arriving at your site and what keeps them engaging. As customer engagement plays a crucial role in SEO rankings, it is a wise decision to focus on the engagement metrics to increase your search rankings.

Well, Google Analytics serves effective guidelines to boost the performance of your website. Business owners should use GA to collect information regarding their users, user’s behavior, interest, traffic trends, product demand, content analysis, and technical performance. You should concentrate on Google Insights reports to improve your SEO results and achieve success.

Feel free to ask any queries regarding Google Analytics and SEO in the comments below. We’d be glad to provide you with valuable support.

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