September 25

6 Proven Ways to Increase Your Views on YouTube


YouTube is one of the largest money-making social media platforms across the world. Due to its constantly evolving nature, many of the YouTube users are struggling to earn better results. The platform is no longer taken over by funny cat and dog videos. It has become a great place for marketers to get fame, enhance branding and gain big returns on investment.

Many of the YouTubers still have a long way to go. If your goal is to boost the views of YouTube videos, you have to face some tough competition. YouTube is an extremely useful marketing tool for business when it is used properly. Many of the celebrities, personalities, and artists are enjoying the attention of a lot of views. However, you still have a chance to acquire success if you implement a more targeted strategy.

Before we get started, remember that nothing can be achieved in a day. You should have a strong strategy to connect with a wider audience. Let’s look at some effective ways that will head you in the right path.

1. Upload Engaging Videos

YouTube viewers always prefer to watch quality videos. Your videos should give a large amount of satisfaction to the viewers. Thus, upload an engaging video content that entertains the audience for longer duration and eventually increases your views.

2. Add Proper Title 

Once your video is ready to publish, add a suitable title of up to 60 characters. Ensure to add a fresh title for each video instead of using the same old titles. For better results, do keyword research and select the relevant title.

3. Add Clear Description

After the title, a description is another major factor in the search results. Try to write a concise and clear description in your videos of about 2 paragraphs. Also, don’t forget to use other related words about your video in the description.

4. Use Keywords in Tags

Tags work as a keyword of the video. So make sure to choose different tags from your title and description. You can even use various tags in a single video. It is a good idea to use tags that explain your video content more efficiently.

6. Get More Subscribers

If you have enough subscribers on your YouTube channel, it is convenient to get views on every video. This platform is a game of both likes and subscribers. Increasing the subscribers is yet another way to grow your views.

5. Use Other Social Media Channels

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are very helpful to increase your YouTube views. You can share your YouTube profile on other social media platforms to get more views on YouTube.

Decisively, pay more attention to creating valuable content that your audience will appreciate for years to come. You can also get involved in a niche community and build relationships with your viewers. By taking a few small steps in the right direction, you can see a huge difference in your views on YouTube.

To obtain more information about YouTube marketing, get in touch with us now. We’d love to provide you with genuine guidance.

About the author

Alekh Verma

A web marketing specialist, known for his bold and insightful approach to every web industry trend, Alekh Verma is a proud Founder and CEO of a successful Mobile App Development, Web Development and Digilat Marketing firm, eSearch Logix Technologies. His effective and inventive ideology has helped to shape the success story of his firm, which has now grown into a successful, leading digital marketing company based in NCR, India. He brings a global perspective to the industry, and has helped multitudes of businesses across the globe from all sectors create an impactful presence in the virtual world.


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