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4 Major SEM Trends that Will Lead the Charge in 2020

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has witnessed various changes in the past couple of years and will continue to evolve in the coming years. The future predictions of SEM or SEO are always on the minds of marketers. With the advancement in technology and algorithms, it is becoming difficult to step up the game and live up to the expectations of users.

SEM is a part of digital marketing. Following current trends is a road to success but it is necessary to be prepared for the future to make your business unbeatable. It is important to stay informed about the changes in SEM or SEO to survive in the market place.

Read on to know about the path SEM will go in 2020:

  1. Google Algorithms are Constantly Updating

Google never stays back in terms of bringing a new set of rules. The major purpose of Google algorithms is to encourage marketers to use fair practices in the area of digital marketing. Google is getting smarter with its indexing technique gradually. Soon, people will have to pay more attention to their way of running campaigns. Google brought Ad Rank formula, Ad Extensions, and much more on the table already. Google is sure to encourage marketers to adopt search-centric approached for SEM in 2020.

2. Everything is Moving to Mobile

Stats reveal that mobile phone Internet penetration has increased from 48.8% (2014) to 63.4% (2019). Because of the growth in IoT technology, people will acquire more sources to access information. Smartphones are now preferable than laptops or PCs without a doubt. Professionals predict that the rate of mobile phone users continues to increase and might affect SEM in coming years.

3. Customer-Centric VS ROAS-Centered Approaches

At present, online marketers are following ROAS-centered approach but in 2020, it will shift to a customer-centric approach. ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) allows marketers to increase their advertising in a technical way. Google is trying to eradicate these excessive technical approaches and to bring a consumer-centric approach on the table.

4. Smarter Way to Target the Audience

Today, selecting the audience can control the effectiveness of the entire SEM strategy. But the future of SEM holds different strategies than before. It is expected that digital marketing is going to completely based on psychographic segmentation. This will entirely depend on targeting audience according to their way behavior, interests, and feelings.

With the above predictions, we can say that SEM will about to change a lot in the year 2020. Also, the voice will become a dominant factor and mobile searches will be done using voice command rather than typing. Google and SEM hold various changes for the future. All we can do is to speculate their relevance to acquire success.

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