October 12

Why Does Building a Mobile App Make Sense for E-Commerce Businesses?


E-commerce has been on the upsurge these days with the demand for mobile app development in the retail industry. Since people are investing more time on their smartphones, businesses need to adopt mobile commerce to give a more personalized experience to the users. Marketing into the mobile app market has become a win-win for retailers.

While a majority of shoppers prefer using mobile apps to obtain exclusive deals and user-friendly experience, developers can help businesses to design efficient mobile apps for sustainable growth. Whether you need to modify an existing e-commerce website to be mobile responsive or build a new m-commerce app, you need to focus on delivering satisfied shopping experience to buyers.

Is a Responsive Website Good Enough for E-commerce Business?

responsive e-commerce website is a cost-effective solution to place the digital storefront into the hands of customers. M-commerce cannot gain success when users face usability and performance issues. Similarly, factors like small images, lack of information, loading times, and more can be a big reason for bad outcomes.

Today, the tech-centric customer has changed the value criteria for traditional retail standards. Consumers are demanding more personal and responsive platforms from retailers. Therefore, mobile apps can be the best option to deliver the most attractive and functional storefronts to improve online shopping scenarios.

For effective decision-making, we’ve outlined some advantages of mobile apps that can boost the e-commerce business.

1. Personalized Shopping Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are evolving the retail picture in terms of data mining and personalized experience. Robust apps help retailers personalize products and inventory according to the changing preferences of consumers. By accessing data like user browsing history, previous purchases, interest, demographic profiles and so on can help retailers to enhance the online shopping experience of users.

2. Make Branding Easier

Mobile apps are a great way to reach a wider audience across the globe. A mobile app can gradually enter the personal space of users and create a prominent place on their devices. As mobile apps can be an extension of the brand to represent its values, it makes business promotions so much easier than ever before.

3. Leveraging Device Features and Offline Access

Mobile apps have access to intuitive features of a device like location, push notifications, and camera. This can help a business to improve the customer experience. Additionally, you can give the opportunity of offline access to users through mobile apps. Some downloaded apps provide access to the content and apps features without internet connectivity.

Mobile apps add a competitive advantage when e-commerce businesses aim to increase customer loyalty and credibility. The trust is, shoppers refuse to support a brand with no digital presence as mobile apps are becoming an essential part of consumers’ lifestyles. In order to gain better results, a strong mobile strategy should be at a high priority for businesses.

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