October 21

How the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Transforming the Tourism Industry?


The travel and tourism industry is wrapped up with technical innovation, introduced by the Internet of Things (IoT) in recent times. This cutting-edge technology is paving way for a customer-centric and cost-effective industry. More and more companies are embracing IoT solutions to deliver an exceptional experience to their users.

There have been circumstances when people neglect to visit far away destinations due to travel inconvenience. People used to avoid visiting different locations because of the plight of booking flights, locate places to stay, and bad experiences with travel agents. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) is tremendously changing the way people used to travel.

The travel industry is empowering IoT in several spheres to increase customer satisfaction. Integrating smart wearables, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice technology support to the connected devices are bringing the travel industry in a better place. Let’s find out how IoT can solve a lot of your travelling plans.

1. Personalized Control

IoT technology has brought a greater degree of personalization within flights and hotels in the travel industry. This allows consumers to have more control over appliances and services through smart centralized devices. People can use IoT technology to set a temperature, lighting system, air conditioning, and much more.

2. Seamless Travel

In airports, IoT technology is used to send information on passengers’ smartphones, alert them for their luggage, and locate it easily. Similarly, IoT devices have made the check-in process at hotels seamless than ever before. It is used to send electronic key cards to guests’, automatically reserve their tables, and more.

3. Location Information

Travel companies can use IoT gadgets to send information about a specific location to customers and to accumulate valuable data as well. By integrating smartphone abilities with beacon technology or other sensors, travel companies can send relevant messages to the tourists according to their locations.

4. Transportation

Transportation is one of the major concerns when you’re travelling far away and want to see tourist attractions. Connected devices can help you to find nearby bus stands, routes, taxi services, shopping areas, and events. With the adoption of IoT technology in smart cities, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is working altogether to deliver a more optimized and less stressful environment to the tourists.

5. Find the Perfect Match

Gone are the days when people need to visit travel agents and flight operators to gather information about flight bookings and everything else. With the world going online, right from picking out a destination to booking flights and resorts can be done easily without any hassle. All thanks to data accumulated through IoT devices in terms of budget, interests, previous trips, etc. This can be useful for travel agents to provide relevant hotel suggestions, flight convenience and more to their consumers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is considered as a game-changing technology for the travel industry. Connected devices are adding convenience within the operations of the travel industry that allows companies to deliver superior customer experience. Since digital technology is constantly evolving, you need to be updated with the latest trends to stand out well in your respective industry.

If you want to incorporate IoT technology into your business, talk to us. We’d love to assist you anytime!

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