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Which Strategy You Should Choose: Manual Or Automation Testing


Testing is an important aspect that determines the success of a software project. Bugs in performance and quality can cause severe damage to the owner’s reputation, business profitability, and user experience. The type of testing i.e. manual or automated depends on various factors like budget, project requirements, timeline, suitability, and expertise. Above all, it is integral to know how to use the right approach for testing.Both manual and automation testing carries a different set of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the difference between the two will give you a clear understanding of which approach to choose to get desired results. So come and let’s discuss to decide which method is effective for you.

What is Manual Testing?

In manual testing, cases are imposed manually (by a human) without any support of scripts or tools. It is basically conducted to find bugs in software under development. In technical terms, it is applicable for Adhoc, usability and exploratory testing.

It is ideal when app testing is necessary to be done on a short-term perspective. If the team requires to perform a couple of checks, manual testing is considered as a quick, accurate and cost-effective approach.

Pros of Manual Testing

  1. Human Feedback: In manual testing, you can get the exact type of feedback you’ll know from real users. If you predicted the results of your UI & UX design, you have various options to improve it more in the future.
  2. Visual Feedback: A professional QA analyst can look closer to the users’ comments and deliver the project keeping their opinions in mind.
  3. Flexible Approach: Manual testing demands to write and evaluate test cases for the software. It is faster and economical to test it manually without paying for any automation tools.

What is Automation Testing?

In automation testing, tests use suitable tools and processes to develop the test scripts and authenticate the software. It is ideal to make your work done in less amount of time.

Some complex checks like picture comparison, testing of several products within different devices, or many more can be done easily with an automation approach. This is appropriate for API tests, Unit tests, integration tests, smoke tests, regression testing, load and performance testing and so on.

Pros of Automation Testing

  1. Cost Saving: It allows developers to start examining code as soon as it is observed. In this way, experts find and resolve the bugs faster long before the project goes into production. Specialists need to spend less time on writing scripts and it results in saving time, money and efforts.
  2. Accurate Results: Developers need to add more code to add new features on the top of existing application. In such cases, they need to ensure that there would be no issue in the latest feature that spoils the software. For large-scale projects and better coverage, this approach is quite reliable.
  3. Fast Delivery: Auto testing reduces the number of days that require to develop a software. It is essential for any company to release a product or project before than its competitors. In this case, automation testing is worth considering.

At eSearch Logix, we implement both manual and automation testing to fulfill your project requirements with ease and perfection. Our app development process ensures to speed up your project testing and improves its overall performance.

Have any queries? Talk to us to choose the most cost-effective testing strategy depending on your project. We’d love to assist you!

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