November 8

How DevOps As a Service (DaaS) Works and Why Consider It?


Startups always look for powerful strategies to streamline and speed their development process. In such cases, DevOps proves to be the best practice and digital transformation tool to facilitate agility and flexibility. DevOps is a set of tools, practices, and automation that enables collaboration between an organization’s software development team and operation team. Effective DevOps tactics reduce the gap across the entire project lifecycle from conceptualization to production. It is incorporated into all stages of software delivery procedure to ensure that the product is always operative and enhancements are consistent.

How Does DevOps Work?

In simple words, DevOps is a set of practices and tools implemented to ensure constant integration into production. It is all about operations, software development, and addressing a gap between developers and the operation team.

A DevOps engineer determines the flexible API-driven infrastructure, relevant tools, set processes, and automation to enable an organization’s digital transformation. Through this, the development process gets smoother and become more accurate.

DevOps As a Service

While some business owners are familiar with the advantages of DevOps, not all individuals can impose their processes and codes in the right way. Therefore, many IT giants opt for DevOps as a Service (DaaS) model and provide it to their clients as well.

DevOps engineer accumulates different tools that cover several segments of the overall software development process and links such tools to work together as one unit. These services are entirely customizable to meet the specific needs of each client and project. DaaS shifts traditional association to development and operation team to the cloud, where various practices can be automated with stackable virtual development tools.

DevOps Workflow

DevOps process flow is basically related to agility and automation. At every stage, it highly focuses on ending the gap between development and operations. Let’s read on to know about its workflow in detail.

1. Integration

In this common process, developers combine their code changes in a shared source and then these updates get automatically tested. Continuous Integration (CI) makes sure that the updated code is available for developers whenever they want. This avoids costly delays by enabling some developers to work on the same source code.

2. Delivery

In the Continuous Delivery (CD) stage, all code changes are created, tested and packaged to release it automatically. This practical approach is used to release updates faster and sustainably.

3. Deployment

Continuous Deployment is basically an automated form of delivery without any manual interference. In this stage, all validated changes are automatically released to users.

4. Monitoring and Feedback

Ultimately, the team needs the tools the monitor and receives feedback on the products and systems. Again, the entire monitoring procedure goes automatically and consistently provides feedback. This can allow IT operations to recognize bugs and inform developers in no time. The continuous feedback process ensures the security and reliability of the system from agile responses to rising issues.

DevOps as a Service offering aim to enhance collaboration, monitoring, management, and reporting. Powerful DevOps tactics allow businesses to adopt a more flexible approach and bring the latest products and services as the market changes.

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