November 19

How to Create Music Video Streaming App Like TikTok?


The incredible success of TikTok made many people create the same music application like this. Because the TikTok video streaming app has become a highly popular and ultimate source of entertainment. It allows users to create fun music videos and share them all over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It gives leverage to youngsters to showcase their creativity through lip-sync videos. But there are a number of aspects which you should keep in mind to start a similar mobile app development process. Let’s find out some features, tech stack and cost that you’d require for creating an app like TikTok.

How Does TikTok Work?

TikTok is a great video and music platform to show talents and sharing knowledge with a wider audience. The app allows users to make their videos more interesting by adding face filters, live or editing effects, and stickers. It can also transform a video into a live wallpaper.

It has a vast music library but users can add their favorite sounds recorded by them as well. The platform has gained immense success in a short period of time.

TikTok Basic Features

  • Login & Signup Options
  • Profile Customization
  • Faster Way to Post Videos
  • Unique Filters & Effects
  • Video Editing
  • Like, Share & Comment
  • Push Notification
  • Admin Panel

TikTok Advanced Features

Well, basic features are not just enough to launch a unique app. It is essential to provide users with more advanced features to improve their experience. Here are some advanced features of TikTok that you can use to develop an app like TikTok:-

  • Video Preview before Signing Up
  • Location-Based Content
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Amazing AR Library

How to Develop an App like TikTok?

To create an excellent video and music platform like TikTok, you need to hire a professional mobile app developer, project manager, UI/UX designer, and backend developers. Also, you need to consider various factors that can make a difference in price. The most important among them are platform, design, and features.

    1. Platform

There are two popular platforms that exist – Android & iOS. If you want an app like TikTok, you need to create your application on both platforms. You can even choose one platform in the beginning when you are low on budget.

    1. Design

Designing an application needs a lot of time, money and effort. Since users have become very demanding these days, intuitive UI/UX design and user-friendly features can help to attract more and more users.

    1. Features & Cost

You need to make a long list of features for creating an app like TikTok. The number of features and its complexities determine the overall development cost. The cost of making a similar app like TikTok varies depending on the platforms, business requirements, features, framework, tech stack, timeline, and much more.

At eSearch Logix, our team is highly focused on implementing a quality-driven custom app development process and giving life to your ideas. If you want to make a music video maker app, then contact us now to quote for the TikTok-like app.

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