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How to Boost Quality Score of Your Landing Pages Faster?


Having a poor quality score will likely display your ads on Google less and you will end up missing the chances of getting valuable conversions. A low performing Google Ads landing page immensely affects your quality score and may cost you more for your ad on each click.

Since a number of advertisers using PPC services to drive qualified traffic and ROI, Google Ads has made its position even in the highly-competitive situation. Landing pages are something that you cannot address without the help of professionals. However, you can take other important elements into consideration to make a difference in your overall quality score.

Let’s dive into the meaning of quality score and major metrics responsible for it.

What is a Quality Score?

The quality score is the process of measuring the relevance of your keywords, ads, and landing pages. It plays a crucial part in Google AdWords. A higher-quality will provide you with better ad positions on Google and increase your revenue. It is generally taken from the number 1 to 10. Below are three main metrics that can affect the quality score:-

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Page Relevance

Aren’t sure where to begin? Let’s take a look at a solid strategy to optimize the quality score of your landing page.

1. Relevant and Genuine Content Is Important

You should always develop a landing page and its content that is relevant to your ads as well as keywords. A landing page with valuable content will clearly represent the authenticity of your business to a whole new level. The landing page content should match with the idea behind your ads. It is ideal to create content, its titles and headlines while keeping the search queries of visitors in mind.

2. Optimize Loading Speed of Landing Page

If your landing page takes a whole day to open, you will only end up with a scary bounce rate number. Google Statistics says that plenty of users are in a rush and they don’t have enough time to wait for the website to get open. The low loading speed of landing pages will negatively affect your quality score so make sure to have a quite reasonable speed.

3. Polish Your Keyword Selection

It is advisable to analyze the list of keywords you’re working on. Also, don’t ignore to review the negative keywords otherwise it will make a huge impact on your quality score. Make sure to divide your keywords into two different categories i.e. purchase intent keywords and research-based keywords to make a positive difference.

4. Improve Your Campaign Structure

Well-organized and imposed campaign is a key to success. You can begin by reviewing conversion data and previous costs to add high-performing keywords into relevant groups. To comprehend the landing pages, use the account data that perform commendable in terms of user management and conversions. Google may observe your improved engagement and conversion, eventually, raise your quality score.

5. Enhance Your Ads

It is ideal to review your ad data, eradicate the poor-performing elements and add some new variations to test. This practice will align your ad copy even better with your landing pages and keywords. Ad testing can help to enhance your click-through rate and ultimately drive a good quality score.

If you know any other result-driven practices or tactics to boost the quality score of landing pages, feel free to share it with us.

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