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How to Use ORM Solutions to Build Strong Presence on Google?


There is hardly a brand exist around the world that hasn’t undergone an accidental issue with customers. Ideally, marketers can solve things out before it comes to a point where a customer doesn’t find the brand loyal and trustworthy anymore. A single negative comment on the brand, products and its services can be viral over the web at a fast-pace.

It is important to be prepared and planned to manage criticism for your company’s success. With the help of professional ORM services, you can reduce the customers’ complaints and able to respond effectively that brings your brand on the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Have you ever searched your company on Google and witnessed negative reviews? Then Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the right solution for you. Let’s know more about online reputation management and how to use it wisely:-

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the set of practices to create powerful strategies that can help to shape public perception about the organization, individual and brand’s product on the internet. It can help to build customers’ opinions and drive their interest in the company.

You need to tackle negative feedback and respond to it respectfully to defend your company’s reputation. Here’s how to do it accurately to make a good presence on Google:-

  • Find Content that Negatively Reflects Your Brand Most people generally mention the brand in reviews, stories, guides, and competitor comparisons. But what if these are portraying your brand unfair, outdated and inaccurate? Before it reaches the eyes of a wider audience, search and remove them. Such inaccuracies can make a bad impression of your company and you will miss out on potential customers. It is better to report or ask the person who wrote a false review or any article to fix the issues or delete it.
  • Push Negative Reviews Down and Highlight Positive Ones The negative reviews that display on the first page of search results can cause more problems for the brand than others. Fortunately, you have a chance you show some positive pages on the SERPs to push the negative reviews down. You can add a good review from your own site and write down quality content on sites that accept guest posts to certainly hide the negative review from the SERPs.
  • Find Popular Searched Terms and Create Content to Address Them If the most-searched terms aren’t involved with your brand, people will end up reaching to any third party to explore information. This may not be the thing you desire for. You need to deliver the path to users where they can find accurate information on related terms. You can look for terms that some popular brand generally uses and incorporate them into your content pieces to live up to the expectations of users.
  • Set Up Alerts for reputation-damaging Reviews People will continue to talk good and bad about your company, products, and services. It is good to set a notification for negative reviews that allows you to determine reputation-damaging causes in real-time. This way, you can timely read and react to the new negative reviews carefully that may rank on Google in the coming weeks.

Being a certified ORM company in India, we believe that it is all about ensuring your brand is properly represented wherever your potential customers are looking for you over the internet. Since online reputation management is an ongoing process, it is necessary to proactively monitor the feedback about your brand to deal with the problems on time.

To get any further support in reputation management for your brand, connect with us today.

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