January 24

5 Features to Incorporate When Developing Travel and Tourism Websites


Today, technology and travel has become a perfect companion. Many leading travel companies are launching websites to serve the convenience and greater accessibility to customers. Websites are helping travelers to book their flight tickets, hotels, navigate the nearby areas and so much more.

Travel websites assist people to book their dream destination with discounted prices and tempting online promotion campaigns. Users are getting maximum comfort these days to reserve their best possible travel experience. As the trend of websites and mobile-friendly apps are expected to rise in the coming years, travel companies should maintain a good web presence and efficiency to ensure consumers come back each time they plan a trip.

Modern travelers look for engaging, dynamic and easy-to-use platforms where they can interact with the support team anywhere at any time. With that mind, we have rounded up five must-have features that travel agencies should integrate into their websites to become successful.

1. Personalization is the Key

In today’s digital world, every person wants a tailored experience based on their needs and desires. Various brands have done a great job of monitoring customer preferences and making a separate profile for each. Websites provide people with notifications about events and places as per their browsing history, interests, and behavior. Implementation of customized approach has empowered travel companies to attain a competitive edge over others and transform the users’ experience.

2. Advanced Search Options Can Make a Difference

A search engine should provide users with necessary filters so that they can view information or services based on different aspects such as pricing, location, date/time, distance, and so on. It is ideal to add advanced features for hotel and holiday packages so users can book car/bus rental services with ease.

3. Secure Booking System is Necessary

Security and convenience are the two crucial aspects that can help you to get a great deal. Develop a booking system that enables users to do a comparison between prices, look for places, receive alerts about ongoing offers, and set reminders while keeping their data confidential. It is good to acquire web application development services to develop a robust and secure platform to achieve success.

4. Chatbots Integration is a Must

Now, chatbots have become trendy among the travel and tourism industry as well. With this, travelers can get quick responses or notifications regarding their reservation status, flight information, and special deals. This feature can allow travelers to enter a few emojis when they need a room service instead of talking via phone or other mediums.

5. Effective Payment Integration

Travel companies should provide customers with the maximum payment gateway options such as credit, debit, internet banking, wallet, and so on to maintain long-term relationships. You can also incorporate software that customers’ highly prefer or use to make a long-lasting impression.

We all can see nowadays travel websites are going beyond static images and simplistic payment options. Thus, travel companies need to leverage their websites to enhance users’ experience, engagement and create trustworthy relationships.

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