February 17

Why Mobile Deep Linking Is Useful For Your Application?


Mobile deep linking allows app makers to streamline the app onboarding procedure and boost user engagement. This practice proves quite useful in tracking referrals and identifying which campaign is bringing good results, also determining powerful approaches for turning apps more accessible.

This post will give you a clear understanding of what deep linking is, how it can help to simplify and improve your app functionality and why it matters in mobile app development.

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What is Deep Linking?

Mobile app deep linkings is the practice of using a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to link to specific locations or pages within a mobile application. It can be used in many different ways such as via email, notifications, social media, SMS, and much more, direct users to appropriate content or information, contrasting to app’s home screen.

When a developer builds an application, they can simply register the URL scheme with iOS. Deep links not only helps you to launch the app but also work on any information that is included in that URL. This is where mobile deep linking begins to get really helpful.

Here are a few kinds of mobile deep linking:-

Standard Deep Linking –

This process directs users to a specific location of your app using your app’s URI. It will only act if the user has installed the app on their device.

Deferred Deep Linking –

These links will direct users to a specific content if the app is installed on their device. If the app is not installed, this will direct users to the app store listing.

Contextual Deep Linking –

Contextual deep links serve the purpose of the both above discussed deep links, enabling more precise tracking and useful information to the users. These links transfer data to an app through installation and deliver more personalized onboarding which is useful for both developers and users.

Why Implement Mobile Deep Linking?

Earlier, the adoption of mobile app deep linking was a bit slow because the advantages were unclear and also wasn’t the top priority on product roadmaps. After the introduction of deferred and contextual deep linking, the mindset of users as well as developers has changed.

Now, many tech giants have realized the importance of deep linking and are using it to enhance the user experience, drive engagement, boost user onboarding process, promote their apps, and run successful tracking campaigns.

How Mobile App Deep Linking Can Be Helpful?

  • Users can easily access the content via deep links. It directs users to a specific page with any hassle instead of the home screen.
  • The users of deep linking have witnessed a big difference in their user retention, engagement and usage.
  • With contextual deep linking, users can personalize their onboarding process and add a personal touch with their iOS app development.
  • When a user has been inactive even after the app installation, you can utilize deep linking to direct them to a specific page to boost engagement, rather than a regular home screen.

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