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4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting the Desired Google Ads Results

Google AdWords is considered extremely effective for driving maximum traffic to your website, and all business owners may aware of the fact that more traffic equals more qualified leads and sales. Have you tried to advertise your business using Google AdWords but ended up getting the worst results? It may have happened because of your poor tactics.

As the world becomes more dependent on the internet, many business owners start using Google AdWords in an attempt to generate leads without really knowing what works the best for them. If you have not invested quality time in research and learn how to operate it properly, then you may not obtain the positive results that you’d desired for.

This post will help you to comprehend where you’re going wrong or to avoid possible breakdowns if you are planning to launch your first AdWords campaign. So let’s begin!

1. You haven’t done proper keyword research

Keywords are a crucial aspect that allows your ad to display in the search results. Lack of research can waste your money spent on clicks and lead you to nowhere. It is good to take the help of Google AdWords Keyword Planner to take out the list of trending keywords relevant to your brand. 

Also, ensure to add keywords in the ads’ headline and its synonyms in the description alongside calls to action to gain a competitive edge. If you’re facing any difficulty in the process, you can also acquire PPC management services to avoid making potential mistakes.

2. Your website isn’t up to the mark

Your AdWords may be perfectly set up and organized, but if your website isn’t much attractive, you’re more likely to lose several clicks. Today, people don’t have much time to navigate a particular product or service what they need. If your website doesn’t look appealing and professional enough, customers are likely to visit your competitors’ site. Thus, make sure your website looks polished and trustworthy that engages visitors for a longer duration.

3. You’re making changes too frequently

Changes are important to keep your ads up-to-date but making it too often or unnecessarily isn’t really relevant. After setting up the campaign and installing web analytics you should wait for a while until you start getting some results. This will give you an idea of how your ad is performing and where you need to make certain changes.

4. You’re targeting a broad geographical area

If you run a local business like a restaurant or shop, then you should serve the purpose of a particular area. It doesn’t make sense to show your ads to outside people whom you aren’t even targeting. A PPC services company can help to make the most out of AdWords and allow you to target the specific locations to drive better ROI.

Time and money are two vital aspects that make any goal successful. Google AdWords allows advertisers to show their brand and if used correctly, they can drive traffic to your website. You need to take care of various aspects such as keywords, placements, bidding, ad rank, and quality to get optimum results. As a leading PPC agency in India, we support you at every stage to drive leads, traffic, and sales.

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