February 27

How Artificial Intelligence Will Influence the Future of SEO?


The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning isn’t a new concept entirely, but it is growing rapidly. The latest technologies have evolved many industries and created a buzz all over for the previous few years with a good reason. The new intelligence technology has already proved to be useful in the area of social media, search engine optimization and content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has experienced many changes over the years, starting from simple landing page optimization to creating engaging content that allows targeting users on multiple platforms and devices. While its fundamental strategies such as keyword-consistent content and link building remain the same, SEO also adopted other factors like user experience, social media marketing, and mobile search.

Let’s see how artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact SEO in the coming years and what marketers can do to integrate these technologies to gain a competitive edge.

1. Enhance User Experience

Search engines have turned more instinctive in terms of engagement and linking schemes in recent times. Marketers should focus on improving the users’ experience to become the top preference of Google. The three major user experience signals include organic click-through rate, user engagement duration, and bounce rate.

To appear on the top pages of search engines, you need to make sure your site is easy to navigate and compatible will all devices and browsers. It is good to approach SEO firm in India that can help you to build high-quality backlinks and strong relationships.

2. Emphasis on Content Quality and Relevance

Many intelligence tools have emerged such as RankBrain which is designed to comprehend the context of the website. Marketers can easily choose the best keywords and apply them in their content to drive better traffic and ranking. Thus, business people should start focusing on creating valuable content and relevant keyword to make the most out of their search engine optimization in India and achieve success.

3. Optimized Content for Voice Search

Recently, people have begun using voice search with the help of AI in their mobile phones to find information. This new way of search has become more convenient and thus offering marketers with new approaches to reach their potential customers.

4. Video and Image Intelligence

The video has become an easy way for how-to-do videos and tutorials. Search engines are also becoming better at knowing which video or image is relevant based on the users’ preference and this really evolves the things for visual marketers. In terms of SEO, marketers have to give extra care for description, keyword targeting, video length and content, and so on.

AI is widely used in digital marketing to accumulate data on ad targeting in the present times and is all set to change the picture of SEO in upcoming years. SEO experts have already started using AI to evaluate historical data of customers to predict future trends and expectations.

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