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How Mobile-Focused PPC Campaign Can be Beneficial for Your Business Growth?


The usage of mobile in search marketing is growing tremendously with no chances of slowing down anytime soon. While mobile PPC campaigns are performed different than desktop counterparts, marketers don’t have any excuse for ignoring this approach as it allows them to reach and connect with the potential customers on-the-go.

Since more and more people are browsing using mobile devices, it is quite clear that running a mobile-oriented PPC campaign could be an effective way to drive positive results. If you are not really satisfied with your current ad campaign, it might be the right time to take a mobile-focused approach seriously.

This post will give you a clear understanding of whether a mobile PPC campaign is right for your business or not. Keep reading to learn more…

How Mobile-Focused PPC Campaign Can be Beneficial for Your Business Growth?

1. An Emerging Market with a Large Audience Share

Finding new ways to reduce the cost and increase the success of advertising is difficult. While most people are familiar with desktop PPC, mobile PPC is still relatively an untapped concept among marketers. In 2014, statistics of Smart Insights reveals more web traffic is generated from mobile devices than desktop. So if you are not targeting mobile users with your ad campaigns, you are missing out on a larger audience and many great opportunities.

2. Use Smart Bidding Approaches for Mobile Ads

To optimize mobile ads effectively, start with paying more attention to mobile PPC biding and reduce desktop positions. Gone are the days when you could just turn off mobile or desktop ads at will, now Google AdWords management enables advertisers to improve desktop bids by 300 per cent for mobile. Your bidding strategy is the key to increase the chances of success of your mobile PPC campaign. Thus, it is necessary to maximize your mobile bids instead of spending a lot on desktop ads.

3. Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages Are Important

You cannot get the desired results with just publishing the same ads you have used for desktop on mobile PPC campaigns. Mobile users have their own set of preferences and needs. It is good to be familiar with the advantages and limitations of the mobile space to take your campaign to its next level. For instance, you may need to turn your calls-to-action into a mobile-specific. This way you can encourage people to use their mobile phones to browse, respond and drop request to call for further information.

An easy to read layout and friendly design that make landing pages look more welcoming. Poor loading time can also be considered a major conversion killer. So ensure that your mobile landing page is free of flash components and busy visuals, which can certainly slow down the load time and deliver the information to readers as fast and easily as possible.

4. A Great Approach with Huge Potential Payoff

Many business owners have witnessed optimum results with the practice of mobile PPC advertising. As optimizing mobile landing pages and implementing the right bidding strategies can be trickier, there is nothing bad at approaching SEO company to take professional assistance and watchful eye.

Google has also developed site link extensions that offer maximum support for increasing click-through rates and conversions. Click-to-call ads give a phone number in your mobile ads so when the users click through it, they can connect with your directly in no time. According to data from Google, ads using these extensions have enjoyed 6 to 8 per cent average increase in click-through rates.

At eSearch Logix, we have decades of experience in managing PPC campaigns for all levels of companies and helping them to make the most of their online advertising spend. We also offer reliable Google AdWords packages in India and complete support to drive conversions and great results.

Feel free to get in touch with us to resolve your queries and get further assistance.

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