March 30

Why You Should Incorporate Live Streaming Video in Your Marketing Strategy?


Finding a new strategy to stand out and grow in the marketplace is tough. When the same old tactics won’t help out, that’s where live video streaming comes into play. This concept is gradually winning the hearts of the audience and becoming the future of online marketing. There is no surprise that videos, in general, drive traffic, engagement and views.

According to TechCrunch, people are watching billions of hours of video on a daily basis on various platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Recent research of LiveStream shows that 80 percent of the respondents would prefer to watch live video of a given brand than reading a blog post and 43 percent of viewers are even all set to pay for live, on-demand video from a favorite performer or speaker.

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Primarily, you need to be familiar with what makes a live video more successful. The answer is stated in a study from LiveStream i.e. video quality is the most important factor for 67 percent of viewers. So ensure to keep this in mind when you are getting started with your first live streaming video.

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We hope you’re convinced by now that you need to incorporate live video in your video marketing strategy to achieve success. So now let’s cover the useful steps to implement it in the best possible manner.

How to Use Live Video Streaming?

  1. Use Social Media Platforms

There are plenty of platforms available such as Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube Live, and more that you can use to share live video with the audience. All you need to do is to put your best efforts and time to create interactive video and target the right audience to bring positive results. If you want to evaluate your marketing campaign and work on one platform for e-commerce live streaming, Facebook Live is a perfect choice.

  1. Show Behind-the-Scenes Content

The study of LiveStream reveals that 87 percent of the audience would prefer to watch video online if it meant seeing behind-the-scenes content. People really enjoy such content as it shows how creators are producing the content. This can be one of the effective ways to connect more and more people with your brand.

  1. Turn Blogs Posts into Visual Content

Transforming blog posts into a fresh form of content is an incredible way to reuse your hard work. For instance, you can pick one of your favorite posts and create an infographic or video out of it. This attracts more viewers and delivers useful insights as commentator covers to achieve your business goals.

  1. Use a Q/A Format

Question & answer format is an outstanding way to increase the level of traffic and engagement. If you would actually invite high-profile guests into your live streaming show, you can enjoy a lot of interactions from viewers. You can simply ask questions and get insider tips to reach more audience and grow in the marketplace.

A live streaming video has become one of the effective ways to share engaging content and connect with your target audience. Many marketers are using this tactic and enjoying tangible outcomes these days. You can use it to showcase your brand success stories, products, company’s environment and team leaders to build a strong relationship with people.


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