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Why Voice-Optimized SEO Strategy is Important for Your Brand?

In the past few years, virtual assistants and smart speakers made a tremendous shift from fad to the mainstream. Google showed interest in the vogue of voice technology and launched its personal assistant, Google Home. With this, one thing is clear that voice search is taking off among customers as well as business owners and bringing a lot more convenience to the front than ever before.

This emerging technology is becoming important for brands and helping them to get bigger. With optimum voice strategy, you can improve your customers’ experience, which will ultimately drive more site traffic and help you to stand out from the crowd.

Well, this change is here to stay and will rise sooner or later, ComScore predicts that 50% of searches will be voice searches by 2020. So does that mean you should incorporate it with your SEO strategy to appear in the search results? Is your business all set? Keep reading to learn more…

A Voice Search Can Enhance Customer Experience

Using voice search capabilities isn’t just about remaining noteworthy but also about creating a genuine and optimized customer experience that will build strong connections and boost brands’ credibility. As Alexa and Google home differs in voices, they can be used to provide valuable users about potential visitors that can lead to personalized content.

A Voice Search Can Enhance Customer Experience

Furthermore, this technology has the ability to make interactions with people more seamlessly, which results in engagement and loyalty.It takes much less time than text-based searches, which makes life more convenient, especially for busy users who want a stellar experience and complete satisfaction every time they connect with a brand.

Voice Technology is Shaping the Future of SEO

Another reason to incorporate voice into your organic SEO or marketing strategies is that voice search is bringing transformation in SEO practices. Remember, voice queries are slightly longer than the text-based ones, so use some longer keyword phrases into your content. It is better to use relevant question keyword phrases to reach the right customer at the right time.

It is also changing the face of local SEO with mobile voice search abilities, such as locating a nearby store. Moreover, Google Assistant seems to be concentrating on featured snippets when giving answers to users and this means brands need to integrate some best approaches into their SEO campaign to stay ahead of the competition.

Voice Technology is Shaping the Future of SEO

Brands Using Voice Technology to Drive Traffic

Voice search is a new concept and even with its range of possibilities, still many people haven’t fully explored it. But one thing that seems to be clear is that business owners using voice strategies will enjoy great web traffic.

When a voice assistant gives a response to queries, it will also give users an option to open the website from where the answer was pulled. Voice-optimized SEO can reward higher traffic if you appear as the top result that gets used for voice queries.

As voice technology is gaining immense popularity, it will become significantly important for all levels of businesses to include a voice search strategy in their marketing campaign. Alongside the change in SEO approach, it is also giving brands an opportunity to create an improved user experience and stay on board to meet customers’ expectations. As long as you have powerful Google search engine optimization practice in place, you can beat your competition and stay on the top of SERPs.

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