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How Understanding the Framework of the Taxi Booking App is Important for App Development


Heading out somewhere? You open up your phone, open the taxi booking app and book your cab in a minute. So simple and easy. Isn’t it?

Taxi booking apps have defined how we travel in today’s times. It has reduced the dependency on public transportation, which doesn’t deem fit by some and on certain times. It has also made it easy and fast to move around in your town or city, and even to outstation destinations. So, you don’t own a car? No worries, as can service providers like Uber, Lyft, OLA, and such are there for you.

Popularity of Taxi Booking App Development

Popularity of Taxi Booking App Development

Owing to the enormous popularity the taxi service enjoys, development of taxi booking app has become a major segment in this industry. No doubt, developers as well as industry entrepreneurs are scrambling to create an app that is a step ahead than what is available for the users at present.

Can You Develop a Taxi Booking App?

Off course, as Uber, Lyft, Hail and such examples have shown and with the industry expected to grow immensely in the immediate future, there isn’t an iota of doubt that this domain is going to be one open for cut-throat competition.

How to Develop Your Taxi Booking App?

Want to develop your taxi booking app? Have you gone through the intricacies of it? Before you start creating one, just ensure that know what it entails.

How a Taxi Booking App Works?

Why it is important to know? Because it will help you understand the UI of the app.

  • Registration:- The initiator where-in you collect the required information of the user (customer and driver). This helps to properly incorporate initial safety features, as well as data gathering for further interaction.
  • Cab Search:- This feature works integrating and activating the GPS location feature of the device. This feature is core to the taxi development idea, and for ensuring you ease the user’s requirements into simplistic tasks.
  • Cab Booking:– The next defined part of the app, this UI functions locating the user’s exact location, and booking their ride making them connect with the nearby driver. The driver has the option of accepting or rejecting the ride, and once they proceed with acceptance their details are available to customer on the app and vice-versa as well.
  • Ride Tracking:– This UI helps the customer to keep track of the driver, their exact location and the time they will take to arrive. Once the driver5 reaches the spot, the ride starts and ends on the desired location of the customer.
  • Payment and Review:– After the end of the trip, the app takes to UI interface for the payment, along with driver and app review system.

Anatomy of the App

Can You Develop a Taxi Booking App?

  1. Geolocation Feature

The most important feature of the taxi booking app is its integrated geolocation feature as it is all about knowing the location of each other for the customer and the driver, the destination location, the route to be taken, as well as calculation of payment based on the distance covered. The entire plan travel, from searching to r4eaching the destination depends on the geolocation.

  1. Driver Dashboard
    Driver dashboard is an important feature. Your app should have a distinctive space for driver account which collects information about the rides undertaken, revenue generated, distance travelled, and reviews and rating received.
  2. Customer Interface Page

While rivers have a distinctive dashboard dedicated for their ride management, customer UI is what they interact with when searching for the app, booking it and locating the driver, route and for making the payment.

  1. Ride Information

Basically part of the above page, ride information UI presents complete ride details to the users, including availability of the car types, car category they have booked, boarding and destination details, driver name and contact information. Nowadays having a feature to share the ride details with someone else has become significant as it helps to enhance the overall security aspect of the app.

  1. Ride Options

A likeable and must-have feature, make sure you segment your ride into options, with different car types and models available, along with booking reliability from different options like integrating car booking right through from a payment app.

  1. Payment Options

The easier the payment can be done, with wider options available, the convenient it is for the rider to book through the app. Netbanking, wallets, debit/credit card, cash payments are some common payment options.

  1. Notifications

Keep up the registered users updated with what you have to offer, what new features are coming up, what discounts you are giving, and so.

  1. Review Feature

It isn’t the user that gives reviews and ratings to a driver. The driver too must have the feature wherein they can review a rider. This is a must-have feature so as to ensure you give both the chance to raise their issues and handle and resolve the sooner.

  1. Ride Schedules

A prominent feature becoming popular in today’s times, scheduling ride as per the time and need of the user makes the service provider build trust and grow in demand.

The anatomy or the structure of the taxi booking app is important to understand as it will help you and your mobile app development team to know what you need in the app, what needs to be included and create a roadmap for that.

App development Steps

App development Steps

  • Create the Roadmap

What you need in the app, what features needs to be included and how it aligns with your goals is what defines the creation of the roadmap for your app development.

  • Know your Target Audience

Knowing whom you are targeting will make sure how you are going to put that up in front of them. This will help you create features, especially geolocation integration according to that.

  • Have a Unique, Distinctive and Interactive UI Interface

Your app needs to be different, it needs to be unique, and this is something that your design interface needs as its core.

  • Pick the Development Platform

Is PHP good for app development? Is another app language more efficient to create such an app, you need to consult your mobile app development team. The experts will go through a brainstorming session, research in deep, test the language frameworks and then will pick the language as per your app development goals, budget and market scale.

  • Develop it for All the Platforms

It should be obvious that your app developed must be for all the top and mobile OS versions. Therefore, have the experts onboard that are proficient in developing iOS as well as Android app development and other major OS as well.

  • Bring in Multi-Lingual Feature

Now, cab hailing service isn’t limited to metros only. This is something becoming popular in tier-2 and tier-3 cities as well. And when you are looking to go global, or plan for that in the future, you must provide the users the convenience of interacting with the app in theirnative language.

  • Keep Security Paramount

You are collecting user data, their payment information; so they must feel fully secured about their interaction on the app. Incorporating high-end app security features is a must-have.

Ensuring you process through a strong and robust mobile app development structure, resulting in an app that is fast to load, easy to communicate with, provides convenience to users, always gets updated with new and advanced features, is free of bugs; is something you have to look into deeply.

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