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How to Develop a Successful On-Demand Plumber Service Application?


With the consistent advancement in on-demand marketplaces, many business owners and entrepreneurs are coming forward to finding potential customers to achieve an optimum level of success. Whenever the drain chokes or equipment won’t work properly, users look for convenient on-demand plumber service, that’s why creating a functional plumber mobile application is an excellent idea.

According to, the on-demand labor market is expected to flourish by 18.5 percent annually in the next five years. Similar to other solutions that are used to book a taxi, doctors’ appointments and more, plumbing app development could be the most effective way that allows people to reach a professional and request any type of service at any time within a few seconds.

Why Build an On-Demand Plumber App?

In today’s time when nothing works out well, users incline towards a digital road, even when they are looking for nearby plumbers. Whether you’re an independent plumber or own a well-established plumbing business, creating a plumber service app will eventually increase the scalability, customers’ experience and credibility of your business.

If you want to reach a wider audience, improve your revenue and customers’ satisfaction, having a plumbing mobile app could be a smart move to survive in the crowded marketplace. Here are some advantages of creating a robust plumber app: –

  • Allows delivering unlimited business opportunities as customers can reach you at any time when needed services.
  • It helps to keep the record of each customer in an organized manner.
  • It is the best solution for all sizes of businesses to meet the expectations of end-users.
  • It keeps personal data of your business and clients confidential.
  • It helps you to earn the desired ROI by delivering security and scalability.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an On-Demand Plumber App?

What are the Core Features You Should Incorporate into Your Plumber App?

The on-demand plumbing app should include features for customers, plumbers and admin panel. Here’s the list of core features that you should integrate into your mobile app: –

For Customers:

  1. Sign-up/Login:In the first step, customers need to register with their email ID and customer number. They can also login using social media accounts.
  2. Notification Alerts:When a customer hired a professional, he/she will get all the information through email or SMS notification.
  1. Book or Schedule: It enables users to book or schedule the plumber for a specific date and time.
  1. View Plumber Profile: It allows customers to view the details of a professional such as name, years of experience, contact number, specialties and so on.
  1. View History: With this, customers can see the previously availed services with the data, cost, time, professional details, etc.
  1. Ratings & Reviews: Customers can rate their overall experience and give reviews based on the services of a provider.
  1. Real-Time Tracking: Customers can easily track the status of hired plumbers.
  1. Payment Integration: Customers can make payment through net banking, Credit/Debit card, etc.

For Plumbers:

  1. Sign-up and Profile Creation: Plumbers register with email ID and contact details. Then, add important information such as address, profile pictures and so on.
  2. Accept/Reject Request: Professionals can accept or reject the service request based on the location and other details.
  1. Check Availability: This allows a professional to mark availability so that customers can see the same to book the appointment.
  1. Check Payments: A service provider can view payment transactions after the completion of service.
  1. Help and Support: Professionals can connect with a support team to understand and add new features.

For Admin Panel:

  1. Manage Booking: The admin manages the entire booking system and recommends the nearby service provider that fits customers’ location.
  2. Manage Customers and Plumbers: This allows admin to manage plumbers’ availability, bookings, commissions, payments, etc.
  1. Manage Notifications: It shares alerts on the booking confirmation, service requests, promotional offers and other updates via email and SMS.
  1. Track Professionals: The admin can track professional plumbers for post-service requirements and requests.

Apart from these features, your app should be compatible with all kinds of devices such as laptops, PC, mobile phones and tablets. Adding features like easy inventory management, navigation, price and rates, discounted offers via notifications, feedbacks on delivered services and much more within your app could be a great way to expand your business.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an On-Demand Plumber App?

The cost of building on-demand plumber service application varies depending on the number of hours needed for development, project needs, size of the company, technology used, resources needed, features and functionalities. Since in the mobile app development process, adding three units – user app, service provider app and admin app is necessary, each one of them cost separately depending on the features and functionality one wants to integrate into the app.

Whether one owns a commercial or residential property, the need for a plumber can arrive at any time. That’s why, building an easy to use, functional and flawless on-demand plumber service app could be an effective way to deliver exceptional experience to customers.

At eSearch Logix, we can help you to develop successful Uber for plumbers’ app that is completely based upon the structures and precise needs of your business. To build a faultless app for iOS, Android or both, get in touch with us for quality support.

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