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The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Build a Scalable Mobile App for Business

According to Statista, there are 6 million smartphone users worldwide and the number of users is predicted to grow in the coming years. Well, then it’s fair to say that getting into mobile app development could be a serious business and you need to be well prepared to beat the competition.

Mobile apps are indeed the future of every industry, from retail business to the healthcare sector, gaming industry, and everything in between. App Store and Google Play Store have created a diverse, on-demand market where every product/ or service that someone could ever imagine is available at their fingertips. Therefore, it is ideal to look for an Android app development company to create a scalable app to survive in fierce competition.

Want to become a successful part of the mobile audience but don’t know where to start? Never give up on your vision without giving your best shot. This useful guide will help beginners to learn more about the mobile app development process in order to turn their dream into reality.


1. The Initial Brainstorming


Firstly, you need to plan exactly what your app will perform and how it will help the audience. You might already have a basic idea in your mind, but it’s time for it to take a serious turn. Also, it is crucial to decide the design that makes it easy to users to navigate your application. Note that you need to be very clear on how your app will set a different benchmark from the rest.


Start thinking about-

  • How users will move through your app?
  • How will users make purchases?
  • What types of alerts will you send to users?
  • What kind of interface do you want for your app?


2.  Mobile App Development Tools


Having the best set of tools for app development is important. You need to focus on browser compatibility, faster, and secure platform. There is a plethora of frameworks developed over CSS3 and HTML5 that allows you to develop robust web apps. Some of the popular frameworks and tools include:

  • jQuery Mobile

It is designed on the jQuery core, which makes it a very lightweight and responsive option. It is a user interface system in itself and offers a spectrum of themes to choose from.

  • Flutter

Though Flutter is a cross-platform native app development framework, it works as an ideal resource for the fast development of web apps. Moreover, the user interface design is highly flexible.

  • React Native

React Native is a well-structured framework with multiple UI elements and additional support. It has its own CSS stylesheets that make it stand apart from normal CSS3 files.

  • NativeScript

NativeScript gives developers complete control over their web apps as it can be used with Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, and Vue.js.

You can select any framework whichever you find compatible, easy to use, and adaptable. Keep in mind, the mentioned tools and frameworks aren’t just limited to this only. There are many others and you should discover options before making a final decision.


3. Testing


To test and find errors in a mobile web app is a big challenge, especially when it needs to be tested on various devices. But the best part is you can use browser-based debugging tools to clean your application, such as Chrome’s DevTools. These tools have mobile emulators within them that add more convenience to the app testing process. Furthermore, the scripts can be manipulated easily on the go with inbuilt editors.


Need Help with Mobile App Development?


Since the adaption of mobile devices is continuously increasing, your business does need a robust mobile application, either on an Android or iOS platform, or both to build a solid foundation in today’s cutthroat competition.


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