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Is Mobile App Better Than Web App for Start-Up? Can Mobile Apps Make You a Millionaire?


When you are pondering over a new start-up idea, you may feel excited about your business prospects and will have a lot of things going through your mind.

Whilst it is important to consider each and every aspect for your start-up, including business category validation, target audience, marketing set-up, resource allocation, team sizing and all, one of the most important factors that you just can’t overlook is assessing the platform that you are going to use for your business reach and customer acquisition.

Web and Mobile App Platform – Choosing the Right one to Carry out Your Start-Up Launch

When you are in the process of launching your start-up, there are several challenges that you have to encounter. And choosing the right one between web or mobile app is not an easy task as it can make or break your business prospects.

However when you are deciding between the two, there are a lot of things pertaining to each that you should consider in deep. Understanding the difference between these two is important. If you have been clueless, then this difference guide will detail you a lot and help you decide:

  • Web Apps – With web apps, you are going to find a platform that is the core in the digital field and that provides a wide network wherein you gain high discoverability. Technically speaking web apps and websites are easier to manage and update. Finding and accessing the info easily and fast becomes convenient for several users over the web. This is also an affordable option. However with web apps, you will have to accept that there will come several backlog features, like it can’t work offline. Also, the reach of web apps amongst consumers is declining in comparison to mobile, with smartphones becoming the convenient, easy, and affordable computing device for users all across the globe, including remote locations.
  • Mobile Apps – Comparing web apps and mobile apps for business start-up idea, you might say that mobile apps should be the ideal and easy choice considering the fact that these have a far and wider reach. Mobile apps are also custom-tailored, personalized for users’ taste, convenient to be used and access anywhere, and work both online and offline. With evolving technological field, the earlier challenges like compatibility on different devices, is also being overcome in the present times.

As per the above discussion, it can be said that mobile apps is more preferable choice for a start-up. However, the business idea, accessibility, features, and audience use are also factors that define whether an app will be the right fit or not.

You will also have to accept the fact that this field is becoming more and more challenging and competitive with hundreds of thousands of apps being added daily over the app stores.

Becoming Successful and Rich Through Mobile App

Who says that a mobile app for a business idea isn’t ideal to become a millionaire business model? This can’t be far from truth in the present times.

Challenges You Have to Face Targeting That Millionaire Success with Your App

  1. Most of the top apps that earn in millions are owned by big groups and giants, like Facebook, WhatsApp. You will have to bring forward a fresh and interactive idea that puts you in the game and provide solutions to users that aren’t available at the moment.
  2. But it doesn’t mean that your fresh idea won’t make it; there are several examples of innovative mobile apps (even those that started as a hobby) that went on to made their creator or owner multi-millionaire.
  3. In 2020 alone, Consumers spent around $150 billion on apps, which clearly suggest that there is huge field for you to try your hand at. And the sector of mobile apps is only set to grow wider and bigger with smart technology implementation like AI, Machine Learning, and more. Therefore, you have a big scope for creating a successful start-up that returns in millions for you.

What You Should Know About Monetization When Creating an App to Become a Millionaire?

So, you want to launch an app with a prospect of becoming a millionaire? With all things in place, assessing the monetization process is extremely important for you.

You may think that you would launch your app for a subscription fee on the store. However, it is not the only way to make money with your app. A free app also has the same potential to make money in huge (majority of apps are free).

Monetization methods that you should work upon from:

  1. Advertisement – The most common and effective way to get your app to make money for you.
  2. Subscriptions – The SaaS (Software as a Service) as a model is another popular and hugely effective way to make money from your app.
  3. Other methods that you can try out, which depend on your app popularity, app model and so, are selling merchandise, affiliate marketing, funding, and even selling your app to a big business when it becomes popular.

Becoming a millionaire with your app start-up is something not easy, and not all achieve, but it isn’t something that you can’t have if you have a brilliant idea and plan out well through each phase and cycle.

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