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Is Combining Digital and Traditional Marketing Worth? How To Combine These Both Effectively?

While your focus would be on leveraging the advanced, present and future-centric marketing methods to grow your business, do you think traditional marketing methodologies have phased out? No, not at all.

When you are working on transforming, innovating and taking risks, you should proceed through a holistic approach. You must leverage the latest technology to drive forward with the best use of digital economy. But discarding traditional methods and tools altogether can be a costly mistake.


Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing Approaches


Whether your business is completely digital or you have a full digital infrastructure in place for your traditional business, conjoining both digital and traditional marketing is something that is worthy when implemented right way by a business, or a b2b digital marketing company in India, or elsewhere. By integrating traditional assets with digital networks you not only get to reach a wider audience, but are also able to realize the full potential of all your marketing funnels to channel your reach, customer acquisition and higher conversion.


Advantages of Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing


  1. One benefit is that both methods provide different results and target different areas and sets of people. So, you know that are creating your presence in front of wider mass, and that improves chances of your high conversation.
  2. Not everyone is available online, not everyone access the digital platform that much. Some live in remote areas, some are easy to get their attention offline as they prefer listening to radio, watch TV, and read newspapers. This is where combining both these platforms will result in effective brand outreach for you.
  3. When you are limited to a certain platform only and your competitor is doing that, you are about to lose a lot of sales and position in the market.
  4. Using billboard ads, promotional coupons and such are effective in an instant attraction that stays a lot in people’s minds. And this can help effectively in securing a daily drive for a business brand.
How to Combine Both Traditional and Digital Marketing Channels?


When you are looking to unite both the channels, you should proceed with a strategy and tie all the marketing efforts together.

  1. Direct Mail Marketing with Lead Cultivation

Most of the e-mails proceeded through lead generation end up in spam folder, or are perceived irrelevant by the receiver. Also, having an incoming mail that doesn’t sound of high value or urgency, unless the consumer is keen on checking out the features at that time, could be deleted with a bit of a response. Your lead generation could be nurtured well if you combine that with something that goes a way above a simple step. Follow up with a postcard, a small gift, or a postcard and it immediately increases the response chance.

  1. Digital Media with Print Media

There was a time when print media was the biggest source of information access and gathering for people. Gradually people moved to the digital platform and now it has become the primary source of getting their fill of news and other information, and it being highly cost-effective is one of the reasons for that. But print media still exists and there are a lot of people that love to read print media regularly. Also, print media provides high certainty of reliable and genuine information, whereas on digital media there are several fake and non-verified data present.

  1. Content Marketing with Geotargeting

Content marketing is a big marketing drive factor. Traditional content publishing platforms like billboards, hoardings, and such have always been highly penetrative. These are non-invasive and provide enhanced engagement probability. When such content publishing and promotion is combined with geotargeting, you are able to present the info and data to the people based on their preference, taste, and the places they frequent more.

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  1. Cold Calling with Intent Data

Cold calling was a big marketing factor in earlier times. Soon, it lost its taste and became less effective. But it isn’t that you cannot leverage this to maximum potent in present times. When you have the data present to you sourced from different channels to ascertain what potential intent a consumer has for a certain product or service, then you can proceed with cold calling to the right audience that enhances your chances of getting them engaged with a high success chance.

  1. Live Events with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Present digital marketing force provides you with enough, refined data that gives you info on accounts having a higher conversion chance. This can be leveraged effectively when you approach such accounts with a personalized process for live events, resulting in higher engagement for your service and products.

Traditional marketing has been there for ages, and they are still effective when your digital marketing company in India, or elsewhere, combines these well with the current digital marketing strategies.

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