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7 Strategic YouTube Marketing Tips to Enhance Your SERP Ranking

Do you love watching videos on YouTube? Well, anyone possessing a digital device would have at least once watched a video on YouTube. Not all videos are for entertainment purpose and for passing out time.

Even businesses have been leveraging YouTube channel to market their content and enhance brand image. If I ask you one thing – Would you rather read a blog or watch a video? The answer would be pretty much simple – Instead of reading a blog, a video is more engaging and one gets to understand the content better. So, it is obvious that video marketing is a big marketing prospect for businesses. All types of businesses have been using YouTube for their brand and content promotion.

Are you doing that? If yes, are you doing YouTube marketing effectively? Our below mentioned tips will help you strategize and streamline your YouTube marketing in a better way:


1.  Decide What Your Video is About


If you are into selling an automobile and are creating and sharing content that is about the luxury life, it won’t bring good for you. Your video has to be specific to what you do, must be about what your viewers will find interesting to know or which will solve their problem. The purpose of video creation, be it promotional, product launch, sharing something insightful about your brand, tugging a topic of key relevance in the industry, or more.


2.  Keyword Research is Important


Just like a text-based content, for videos too keywords are the core element. Better YouTube marketing helps in enhancing overall SEO, and YouTube videos feature on SERPs; therefore it is important that you leverage this effectively.

Make sure to use the right tools like Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, Moz and so, to pick your keywords. Use them wisely, as pick those giving you volume and are less competitive.


3.  Title Needs to Be Catchy


Similar to a textual content, title of your video also matters a lot. And also ensure that you are using keywords in the title, so as to improve its visibility and ranking on the SERP. Match the title with the search intent of users and you will be ready to proceed with this all-important factor.


4.  Video Description Has to be Informative


Make sure that you post your video with a full description about what is included in the video, who it is for, what it contains and all. Including keywords in your description is also important. You can use precise terms as well as long keyword phrases. A fully optimized video description includes all the elements, like caption, subtitles, thumbnails and more.

Subtitles will help you target and reach multi-lingual users, closed captions are helpful for those who aren’t able to hear the audio in the video. These are kind of transcript of the video, and are a much-needed aspect for finding success on YouTube.


5.  Post Under the Right Category


YouTube provides ease segmentation for the uploaders, and so you must look at all the video categories there, and under which category your video fits best must be followed. There are multitudes of categories and you will easily find one suitable to your field.


6.  Make Use of Hashtags (#}


Go to any social channel nowadays like Instagram, Facebook and so, and you will see that the use of # is highly prevalent to help users search for the right content as per their interest. This also goes for your YouTube video. Tags are a very helpful trend that you shouldn’t ignore.


7.  File Name Has to be Right


Most don’t think about this, but when you upload the video file on the channel, its file name is one big aspect affecting your video’s SEO and ranking success. So, the video file name doesn’t have to be just any other file with any random code or numerical order, but it should be descriptive including the keyword.

Apart from these, for your video marketing you should also focus on customizing your video thumbnail image, make videos that are long and rich and informative, promote your channel on social profiles and other networks and work towards enhancing viewer engagement.


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