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8 Google Extensions That Will Immensely Help Your SEO Strategy

Your website marketing is an important aspect for your brand or business growth. Given that majority of users rely on Google for their search queries you cannot neglect the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is not just about marketing your business, but it’s also about how your website functions and performs. It defines whether your website is optimized the right way or not. And there are many elements that make up SEO process implementation. At the website level, SEO ensures the site pages load swiftly, keywords are used right, the site is mobile-friendly, the landing pages are done effectively.


SEO – Ongoing process That Can be Streamlined Using Multiple Tools


SEO is not just about content strategy, but an overall performance and functionality aspect that has to be considered and implemented widely. While this is an on-going process, it can prove to be daunting if you aren’t working smart and making the best use of tools and other features that would make your work much more streamlined. And one element that will help you keep updated about your business website on all SEO accounts is adding Google extension to your browser for SEO.

There are not one but many Google extensions that you should leverage. What are those? We discuss below:


1. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


This is a free SEO toolbar that provides a complete overview about the website structure and all. Whether you are an expert marketer or a novice, Ahrefs is a great tool to have to optimize professionally. Adding this extension will keep you up to date about pages’ title & description, crawl ability, canonical URL, page headings & sub-headings, content length and word count, and social tags. It gives a deep understanding of what SEO changes and implementations to bring.


2. SEO Pro Extension


This one also is a great tool to effectively analyse and assess your website’s assessment pertaining to SEO properties. A good factor to use this extension is that it provides data on what is lacking SEO-wise, and what needs to be done to improve the SERP rankings. What more, you also get to evaluate your competitors’ websites, how they are optimized in comparison to yours.


3. MozBar


From the renowned Moz, this extension is one element that you just have to have added on your browser if you are serious about implementing right SEO strategy. Being right there in the browser you get to analyse your competitor’s websites, assess your own SERP ranking, affects that are downgrading your ranking and visibility.


4. SEO Site Tools


This is one extension that provides deep and rich information SEO-wise. From page elements to page data of external source, page terms, domain info, social media tags and more, you will gain insights immensely that will help you put up decisive strategy in place.


5. Buffer


This tool can be added to your browser for free, or if you want to leverage it more can be opted for a fee. This extension is aimed at helping you put up with your social media content sharing, thus giving you a great exposure in front of your readers and followers.


6. Headline Studio


Let’s face this fact – most of readers are enticed into reading or pushed to look away just by the headlines on the page. This is a factor that needs strategy to bring more engagement and more readability to your page and content. This extension by CoSchedule will help you to optimize the headlines of your page, with respect to not only search engines but also relative to users/readers. It helps to gain insight on which headlines are underperforming, which are outperforming, and what better words or phrases you can use.


7. Keywords Everywhere


Content marketing depends entirely on how you are using your keyword strategy. As a marketer you are always on the lookout for knowing about keywords that your potential customers are using during their search. This tools works with Google Search Console and Google keyword Planner, pulling data on keywords from there and puts the data in front of you to analyse. This helps you to know clearly what keyword terms and phrases you should optimize for. While this tool might sound a great one but take it as an extension only, and not your core tool for keyword research.


8. Link Research Tools


Whilst all the talk is around how to create better user experience, have great content out there, focus on the social media channels, the effectiveness and potency of link building can’t be ignored even in today’s times. After all, this determines your authoritative stature. This tool comes in both free as well as paid version. You can start with the free one, and if you like it and want to optimize for better results, you should access to the advanced one and leverage the forward-thinking features.

Have you been working with any of these tools yet? Is your SEO agency in India taking advantages of such tools? If not, then you should not be overlooking these and how great and effective these could be for your SEO strategy.

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