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7 Key Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Being Read and Followed By the Readers

While every digital marketer knows that content is king, and content marketing is the most effective and viable process in today’s market reach and customer-target strategy, not all are able to gain effectively from it. The most obvious reason to why you are not getting enough traffic to your blog or why you aren’t converting leads is that your blog isn’t worth readable.


Content Marketing Strategy – Value of Quality Content


Many, and I must stress, most marketers and copy writers just stress on putting out content there and focusing on link building, while they ignore the fact that to reach customers or make readers invest their time in reading the blog they have to bring quality, richness and engagement through your presentation.

The more quality, uniqueness and value you bring in your content, the better it will connect with readers and more engaging and effective it will sound.


What are the Reasons that Readers are Not Reading Your Blogs?


There can be several answers to this, as detailed below:


A. It is Not Relevant


Imagine a company dealing in automobile parts and is always putting up great and insightful articles related to the industry and their own firm. And one day they post a blog about pets. While it be written good but you are sure to get surprised. Because you won’t that certain brand to talk about something they don’t deal in.

Yes, relevancy is highly important for your blog. Not just you have to put out an article that is related to your industry, but it must be something that you provide and a part of. Only then credibility will be justified, and only then you can have readers who can turn up to be your customers. Random and inconsistent articles, unless it is a media or any such site, will make you lose your reader base in time.


B. There Isn’t Anything That the Reader Doesn’t Know


What your article focuses on? What value or answers is that providing to solve the readers’ problem? A reader is on your blog because they are looking for some answers or to gain some information. What if they have a look at that, and instantly infer it is all too common and they know all about what is going to be in it, even before starting to read that. Not just value for readers, but uniqueness and richness also brings high ranking.


C. You Don’t Follow Keyword Strategy


While you are writing for the readers, you shouldn’t let SEO on the backfoot. To be able to have your blog identified by Google and put in the search results you have to follow keyword strategy for that. The better your ranking is, the more readers you will get organically and more and more people will read the blog, share that and be inspired to visit your products or services.


D. You Don’t Use Catchy and Engaging Title


Your content title not just has to include keyword phrases, but it should be something that grabs readers’ attention. It should be able to drive people to think and take their time out to read and know what it contains. A creative title, relevant to the body part, and use of key phrases in sub-headings is a must-follow strategy.


E. Your Content is Focused on Promoting Yourself


Are you talking too much about how big brand or popular you are? Or how great your product or service is? Being too self-promotional definitely backfires in today’s times. It not only deviates the readers away as they could get irritated but also isn’t something that search engines like Google doesn’t follow. You should put you in, but not at the cost of honesty and transparency in details.


F. Your Posting Schedule is Irregular


Suppose you post two contents on two consecutive days and both of these are great and are liked by the readers. And now they are in anticipation of getting more from your end the next day, only to find that the next post isn’t done for about a week. This will take your readers away as their interest will die down. This is also not SEO-friendly. Any inconsistency in your editorial calendar doesn’t make you look professional and all it gets in return is no benefit for you concerning reader base and growth.


G. You are Focused Only on Writing But Not on Promoting


Are you merely focusing on crafting a great, unique and wild content, but not giving a thought on how to market that? What advantage will it bring to you if you just write and post but not many people are able to read that. You have to implement and execute marketing strategies to spread the word out, leveraging SEO, guest posting, and social media reach.

What is that thing from the above mentioned points that you are doing wrong? Have you ever given thought to what your blog marketing strategy is lacking? Your SEO strategies should be keenly focused on creating valuable and rich content and marketing that effectively.

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