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What Vital Mistakes You Should Not Commit in Social Media Marketing?

When you are creating a high impact of your business digitally, then you cannot rule out the power of social media in the present times. It is not just about the organic digital marketing you implement with SEO, and SEM, but your social media presence is as important as any other element on the virtual space.


What Social Media Strategies You are Running?


In today’s times connecting and engaging with customers is up utmost importance. When you want to make your social media marketing strategy to be successful then it is necessary to create a holistic presence on all the channels, and leverage what different platforms have to offer in benefits for you. As part of intended strategy (which should be your focus), you have to have defined goals, and should have a follower strategy in place as well.

But as everyone is posting on social media, doing as such would return productive results? No, just being present on social networks and posting anything there won’t bring any benefit. Your strategy should have to be built around how creative, unique and value-added you will be for the customers, how engaging and interactive you can be for them, and how much influential you can be in pushing their decision making.

You have to define measurable goals, work toward them, create a roadmap, and have an actionable plan in place. Whilst all focus on what they should do in their social media marketing campaigns, have you ever considered what not have to do? We list what mistakes to not commit in your social marketing strategy, below:


1. Not Heeding to Negative Feedbacks


When you are posting some news, or posting about your products or services, you will get comments and feedbacks from the readers. Also, some customers that are buying from your store could post their comments reviews here on your social media page. Also, when running social media campaigns, be ready to be flooded with reviews, comments as well as questions and more responses from the reader base. And all of these aren’t positive or constructive only. Some are negative too. Some are genuine while some propaganda only to tarnish your image online.

Negative reviews can hurt your business prospects and it is on you to respond to these instantly and immediately as possible. Make sure to never miss such responses, reply to them, ask what has gone wrong, and what can be done to rectify the problem and turn them into happy customers. Make sure to not delete them, as you should not make your social feed look fake with only 5 star reviews. Responding to and solving what has been bothering customers is a step that develops credibility and creates a belief that you care about them.


2. Not Being Personalized


Do not let your brand become a faceless corporation. More you engage with people, more credible and trustworthy you seem. People like to communicate with people and not just brand name or a robot. Make sure your posts and your responses come with a human touch. So, your message don’t have to feel like a stock message, but a personalized one that relates to who they are, what they are seeking from you and how value you can bring to them with what you say.

You must address each message as to what is being said and what is being asked. Ensure to use a real name and not just brand title everywhere. Keep away from the automated messages at all. However, ensure that your personalized messages do reflect your brand image and personality.


3. Not Limiting Self-Promotion


Social media is all about connecting and communicating. However, you have to be genuine and not sound fake or you should not seem like you are always trying to say only about yourself, or promoting too much about yourself and your brand. You should be subtle as well as be real and authentic. What is your USP you should highlight those, where you are limited you must accept that. You have to resonate with people and that can be done only when you are real.

Make sure to engage in clear and honest conversations, be informational and not promotional, post and respond about what value they can gain from you and not creating only sales promotions.




So, whether it is about Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, or for any other social channel, make sure to use their feature highlights to the maximum, be regular and innovative in ideas implementation, and avoiding committing silly mistakes.

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