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12 Points to Curate Valuable, Rich & Influential Content for Brand Promotion

What is the strongest product or strategy that could make your online marketing or your brand promotion worthy? What is that key factor that holds the most significance when it comes to getting your online presence shine bright, drive traffic, and enhance conversions? Well, the answer is – your content creating and content marketing.

The promotion of your content or your content marketing strategy depends entirely on how well you have created your content, or how effective, rich or valuable it is for your readers. Not just third-party content creation but is posted and presented on your website also matters a lot. In comparison to other and traditional online marketing techniques, content creation is approximately 50% less costly, while it delivers 3 times more in terms of value and effectiveness.

So, how you should create valuable content? We provide you with some effectual tips:


Keyword Strategy


Keywords are the terms and phrases that people use to search for products and service or information on search engines. These terms and phrases are that could lead the search engines to direct visitors to your website. So, your website content should be created taking in account all the relevant and valuable keywords.

You should implement strong and strategic keyword research, including short and long tail keywords, and use them categorically to enhance your website ranking.


It Should be Unique and Rich


No one would be willing to go through or just check your content if it is something that they have read somewhere else, or is similar to content present everywhere else online. Make sure that your content is unique and different to others, however being relevant to what they are looking for. It should be created in a way that provides deep information and complete solution to them, inducing them to take action.


Content Format – Headlines & Sub-Headings – All are Important


You, yourself, wouldn’t like to go through a content presented in plain text format. There should be a definitive format and structure, including short paragraphs, listings, highlighting important points and such. Anybody will proceed to read your content only when they find the title catchy and influential. Your content headline is the most important factor. Make it creative and catchy. Also, sub-headings should also be leveraged effectively.


Understand Readers


Your content shouldn’t be just focused on what you want to present, but it should emphasize more on what your readers are looking to study and get information about. Make sure to understand buyer personas, their purchasing journey to curate and tailor your content accordingly.


Make Use of Marketing Funnel


This is all about customer journey strategy – meaning your content calendar should be created and categorized based on – customer consideration, awareness, and buying journey. Thereby, your content has to be crafted that it takes the readers or buyers from one step to other, fulfilling their needs, whilst also serving your need to engage them.


Don’t Forget SEO Factor


Adding keyword-specific meta titles and description, conducting site audits, optimization of content headers, and keeping the keyword density in right proportion is an aspect that will keep your content in good books of Google and other search engines.

Leverage Search Engine Features


Writing for Search snippets, creating content that present your info specific to Google’ feature – ‘People Also Ask’ will give more visibility to your content in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This methodology will definitely help your content’s suitability to the users.


Reflection of Your Brand


While you want to impress readers and search engines, your content should not be over-promotional. You have to be authentic and genuine in your content. You have to focus on building trust with your readers and visitors, and therefore you must stress on what tone your content is created on.


Make Your Content More than Just Text


It is nothing new that people love to view and watch images and videos more in comparison to reading text material. This is something that your content marketing strategy should leverage more and more. So, you have to craft your content including all the different elements like photos, videos and infographics to engage your readers in a better way.


Write for Different Devices


More people are now accessing web on their mobile devices rather than desktops. Just like you would create your website keeping mobile-friendliness in mind, you have to create your content in a similar way. Your content should be optimized keeping the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) factor in mind.


Create Content or Social Users


Content sharing is not just for websites but social sharing is becoming more and more influential to keep engaged with readers, and to influence buying decisions. Ensure that you create content and share it across different social channels effectively and regularly.


Follow Consistency


When you create and post your content on the website, on third-party sources, and on social channels; all have to be done in a consistent manner. Following uniformity is a big facet that is a big plus factor.

So, is the leading digital marketing agency that is handling your content marketing following these tips? If not, then it’s time to re-think about your content marketing strategy.

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