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Why OTT Platforms are Gaining Popularity for Advertising? How to Optimize OTT Advertising?

What platforms do you use for brand advertising other than web? The obvious answers would be print, offline advertising, and even TV and as such. But, have you considered making use of OTT platforms for brand advertising?

OTT means Over-The-Top, meaning video streaming platforms that stream video content over the internet, directly to viewers. In today’s times, movies and web series have really capitalized on OTT (especially during the pandemic time when theatres were closed).


Why OTT for Advertising?


As the video content is streamed directly to the viewers, marketers have an opportunity to directly reach out to the viewers with their content. Leveraging OTT for internet marketing services is a new rage that marketers can effectively optimize and enhance their brand promotion in a much effective way.

Modern audiences are well present on the OTT platforms, and as brands know that modern and young people are the major target audience segment, capitalizing OTT platforms for advertising can bring out tremendous results for the brands. You can make use of dynamic ad insertion, advanced analytics to reach the objective with your target advertising. Interacting with audience over the OTT platforms is a new and different thing and can be utilized for a long-term strategic marketing and advertising.


Understanding OTT Content Source and Pricing Models – Deciding Where to Market & How


Not all OTT platforms work on a same way. From pricing models to content type, all work differently:

  • Subscription Models – Netflix, Amazon Prime and such OTT platforms provide content viewing based on access fee, which blocks any advertising for marketers.
  • Ad-Based Models – Contrary to subscription fee this is ad-based model, which marketers can utilize effectively for placing ads.
  • Hybrid Models – Here, models like low subscription fee with ads or free accounts with ads, and high subscription fee without ads may also fulfil marketers requirement for advertising.

Now talking about the content streaming:

  • Original Content – Platforms like Netflix create original content and broadcast on their platform.
  • TV Shows – Some OTT platforms broadcast TV channels where viewers can watch their preferred TV shows and channels over internet on their laptop, mobile phone device.
  • Linear – It is about OTT platforms which broadcast live TV channels and programming, this bringing the classic TV viewing experience for you.

There are different OTT platforms which have their own criteria, content streaming category, based on all that you can decide which one to target specific to your target audience and advertising objectives.


What Benefits OTT Advertising Brings?


1. You can create and target ads depending on the precise target audience, resulting in enhanced engagement.

2. The outreach can also be optimized specifically, including frequency management, competitor analysis, incremental reach and personalized targeting of lapsed customers.

3. Precise ad content creation that removes any wastage or redundancy.

4. You can make use of analytics feature to ascertain the advertising effectiveness, along with optimizing the ad creation for future campaign.

5. With OTT advertising you get the option of streaming your ad content on all the devices where viewers are accessing the OTT platform that includes:

6. Personal Computers / Laptops

7. Smartphones

8. Smart TVs

9. Gaming Consoles

10. Streaming Devices

The ad content is distributed through OTT distribution channels.


How to Strategize Your OTT Advertising?


1. Keep it Short and Simple

Well, would you like to view that minute ling ads that were the norms on TV? No, you won’t. So, make sure your ad is short and simple and is created to deliver on value and it also respects viewer’s time so as not to irritate them.

2. Create Content for All Devices

As OTT platforms are accessed on different devices, your ad format must be curated to fit the viewership on all types of devices.

3. Create for Target Audience

Most of the audience is young on OTT. So, you have to be catchy, trendy and bring in a fresh and engaging perspective with your ads.

4. Personalize and Be Relevant

Your ads should be relevant and personalized, meaning these should talk to your audience effectively, developing that trust and credibility that you seek.

5. Have a Narrow Niche

Don’t go with one-size-fits-all concept that earlier TV ads used to follow. Now, it is all about how you are pursuing a proper niche with your ad marketing.

6. Diversify Your Ad Campaigns

Don’t follow just one platform. Make sure that whatever different OTT platforms you can target and create ad for, you target all those with effective strategy suitable for that platform.

7. Make Use of Comprehensive Strategy

Integrated strategy should be your ideal process. Make sure to use multiple touch-points. Remember that for brand promotion you follow a cohesive approach tagging in your website, social channels and blog along the way.

OTT is the new-age platform that you just can’t afford to miss out for your marketing and advertising campaigns. If leveraged effectively, it is a great content marketing strategy that could return great in results.

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