10 SEO 2022 Trends that are Going to Have a Big Say for SERPs Rankings

seo trends 2022
Digital Marketing |   November 18, 2021 by  Alekh Verma

SEO continues to evolve day by day. It doesn’t matter what you learnt few years ago; some of that might have become redundant and while in some respects there might have been a paradigm shift. Also, there would be several knew know-hows knowing about whom is necessary to stand ahead in the race in today’s times.

If you think SEO is not an important element but it’s all about what you sell or propose, then you are on the wrong side of the court. Your sale and reputation will grow only when your branding is strong. And as the online medium is the driving factor for businesses in today’s times, leaving the factors behind that could give your brand the needful push is a big mistake. Not only you have to ensure effective SEO services for your brand’s enhanced visibility and growth, but you need to keep up to date with the emerging and evolving trends.

Here, we list down some key SEO 2022 trends that you must take note of and prepare well to execute with a strategic planning:

  1. Artificial Intelligence is Going to Have a Big Say for Google

To stay ahead of competition in these challenging times amongst the competitors, you not only need best minds to take up the marketing process but also need intelligent and smart technological support at your disposal.

This could be well taken note of from the Google’s AI algorithm RankBrain. In coming times, this algo will dictate how your site is going to be ranked on SERPs. There are several elements that this algo will take into account whilst ranking web pages, and one of the main elements is user experience. So, prepare accordingly for the RankBrain by also implementing AI smartness to how your website and business is going to function.

  1. Deep and Insightful Content

With this mean, you won’t only be required to create fresh and new-idea content, but your content should be long format, deep in what is tackling, and effectively insightful that provides key solutions to the users. Make sure that the content is well formatted, the keywords are used strategically, and headings are used to structure the content flow, making it better scannable.

  1. Know EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness

This principle is related to the content creation. You need to ensure high quality content on your website and that must follow the principle of ‘EAT’. This is a major defining factor for Google to rank a webpage ascertaining its value for the readers.

  1. Prepare for Mobile

It is no more a secret that owing to the growing mobile user base, Google has put a high focus on the mobile friendliness of the websites. Right from website content to its navigation, layout, and more features, everything must be optimized for the mobile users following the right mobile SEO tips.

  1. Don’t Get Limited to Text – Include Visual Content Also

What you can learn from a video, is better and effective than grasping from the text. And as there is a plethora of data online, you would want to give your visitors what they need to know easily, effectively and fast. And this is where images and videos play a big role. Some examples are inclusion of product visual data, along with how-to videos, launch videos, tutorial videos and much more. Create visual content specific to your brand products and service and create an engaging platform.

  1. First-Party Hub is Essential for Businesses

Third-party cookies are going to eliminate from the picture – this is what Google has said. So, how you are going to gather date for marketing channel and lead generation. This is where you need to look to create a strong first-party data hub for your target approach. Email blasts, re-marketing and several other tactics like AI tools are going to help to build the required data hub.

  1. Look at How Fast Your Website Loads

This isn’t just a part of the SEO process, but in recent years has become highly critical. No one today wants to wait for a site to load. Even a couple of second delay in load will increase the bounce rate immensely. So, you know how key an aspect it is for the initial interaction of your website with the users.

  1. Approach based on User Intent

What is user trying to find out from their search? What answers they are seeking? The user intent is a key factor in front of Google’s eyes. And this is what should be the core of your SEO plan and process. Know what pages are ranking for people’s query related to your brand’s business, and what competitors are doing.

  1. Optimize for Different Search Options

People no longer search online by text, but by images and through voice search also. If you want target more and more users, effective SEO services must not leave these elements out. In fact, these newer mediums are at present often low competition and so could be a great way for you to leverage on the opportunity in front of you.

  1. Optimize for Google Discover

Google Discover is a great platform for you to rank your website. This helps people in your industry and field to get a look at what you are offering in the feed; it also enhances your authority. Make sure you add visuals to your content (an important element for Google Discover), and also focus on creating targeted content that appeals to users.


To stay ahead in the game, you have to stay ahead in your planning. And factoring in all the futuristic strategies like mobile SEO tips, integrating omnichannel marketing, refreshing your old content, creating a positive user experience will help you to drive your business growth in the right direction.

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