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Top 10 Secret Facebook Marketing Tools to Boost Up Engagement


Facebook is one of the most valuable resources when it comes to generating leads. And, you might be spending a loathsome amount from your pocket to get enough leads from Facebook and still feel frustrated at the end of the day.

Yes, that happens to most of the marketers out there, not just you.

But there are a few secrets that might just turn it into a cakewalk.

Yes, you read that right. And, all you need are the little secrets that pave your way to success, making your money work the right way.

Most marketers out there just think about the Facebook ads, when it is about marketing on Facebook. They put the most of their efforts in that and still get nothing back.

But only a few know about the secret Facebook marketing tools that actually work. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Marketing through Facebook Messenger

Everybody is aware of this Facebook Marketing Tool, however not many know what kind of a goldmine it is. And, this is why most digital marketers fail to take complete advantage of Facebook Messenger Marketing.

The best part about this marketing tool is that it gives you the advantage of being the first mover. Yes, as you already know, messenger works both ways, so, you can just simply send messages to your potential buyers on Facebook.

There are certain points that gives Facebook Messenger an upper hand over your email marketing endeavours. These are,

  • It has an open rate of 50 to 80 percent
  • It has a high conversion rate and 3 to 5 times higher than regular Facebook ads to be precise
  • It has a high clickthrough rate of 20 percent (chat blasting)
  • Marketing through Facebook Messenger costs you a lot less that regular ad campaigns that you run on this social media site.

These points have already made marketing through Facebook Messenger seem like a much high engaging way to spread your word. And, we highly doubt if you can similar engagement anywhere else.

2. Click-to-Messenger Ads

Click-to-Messenger ads are nothing but a different version of the regular Facebook ads.

Yes, with a different CTA button, these ads drive your audience to your Facebook messenger bot instead of your landing page.

Now, when the person has started the sequence in Facebook Messenger, they get marked as leads. The messenger bot then takes care of the conversation and guides them through the conversion funnel.

Using this chatbot, you can also make it ask certain questions to your leads and present to them offers based on how they respond.

Now, if you find it too hectic to curate the Facebook messenger bot for the same, you can simply utilise the MobileMonkey chatbot to help you with it.


You can simply drive your audience to the MobileMonkey chatbot and it will handle the same. It is a particular chatbot that is designed to ask qualifying question to leads and keep them engaged even at a large scale.

3. Inviting Who Engage

This is quite a very useful trick and a good lot of people actually use it from their instinct. Yes, if you are also one of them, that’s really great. But, if you are new to it, then just let us help you understand it better.

This technique of inviting people to your Facebook page who engage to your posts is something that even marketing biggies like Neil Patel have also used to increase their reach on social media. So, no wonder how useful of a trick it is.

To use it for yourself, all you need to do is finding out a post from your Facebook page that has good engagement using the desktop version of business Facebook page tool.

Here you will be able to see who have engaged with our posts but are not among your followers or have not liked your page yet.

What now? Just go ahead and invite them. That’s all.

Now you might wonder why this is so useful. Let us tell you.

Using this trick, you are just doing nothing but targeting such audiences who are already your fans. Because, if you have a good lot of fans on your Facebook page, but somehow your posts have not been able to garner much attention and does not have much engagement, then Facebook algorithm will give you a tough time.

So, it is always better to identify and manually invite those people on your Facebook page who are already engaged.

4. Chat Blaster

This is a tool from MobileMonkey that can really help you reach out to all the people present in your messenger list in a matter of just a few minutes.

Yes, using this effective tool called Chat Blaster, you can schedule your chat blasts, send messages in bulk, create special offers, create interactive Facebook messenger sequences, and a good lot of other things that will help you boost up your Facebook marketing endeavours.

To get started with this tool all you need to do is visiting MobileMonkey’s application and click on the “Chat Blaster” option in it.

This tool is so effective that with it you can easily segment your audiences based on certain factors in order to target the ones which fit right according to your requirements.

To do this for yourself, you just have to visit MobileMonkey, just the way you we mentioned a few moments earlier and click on “Create Audience”.

Now, instead of letting you do the job, Chat Blaster makes your audience self-segment themselves and which will draw the conclusion on if they are eligible to receive the chat blast.

Isn’t that amazing?

5. Where Are Your Followers Coming From?

The primary reason behind finding out where your audience are coming from is nothing but that will help you by giving the key to getting new audience.

And, you can easily get your hands on this information is by going through your Page Insights.

All you have to do is visiting your Facebook page. Then you have to click on Page Insights. Once you get inside Page Insights, check “Where your page follows happen”.

In this section, Facebook provides you with a graph that shows the quantity of your followers from five particular locations. These are,

  • Uncategorised Desktop
  • Page Suggestions
  • On Your Page
  • Search
  • Ads

Here, if you see that one of the sources shows that it has huge follow rates, then reverse engineer and find out why it happened, and try to do it all over again. This will help you get a better understanding.

6. Get Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

Acquiring emails from your potential buyers is getting tougher day by day.

No matter how informative, comprehensive or high-quality content you leverage, they will not provide you with their email addresses.

However, things are a bit different when it comes to marketing on Facebook through MobileMonkey. Yes, on Facebook to acquire someone’s email address, all you need to do is creating a Facebook messenger chatbot that is designed to ask email addresses from your website visitors.

Now, to enter email address here, all the person needs to do is clicking a button that would pre-fill the email address all by itself.

Yes, if you have already set the input type as email then Facebook will automatically pull their email address as long as they have used the same while creating their account.

Yes, isn’t it pretty convenient?

Now, speaking of phone numbers, that gets even tougher as people usually consider the same as a potential security threat.

But, thanks to chatbots, the task becomes extremely easy. Yes, all you need to do is setting the input type as “phone” on MobileMonkey and Facebook will retrieve the number of the user as they had inputted it while updating their details.

It is not unusual for people to feel hesitant while providing it to some unknown service provider, however, as Facebook is a household name, the discomfort level often gets lowered.

7. Track Conversions

Facebook Ads Manager is like a goldmine when it comes to providing you with valuable information. However, at times it turns into a bad thing too. Yes, ad that because this much data often creates confusion.

Speaking of tracking conversions, it is really a good thing to do, but you need to understand which conversions you should really be tracking.

Yes, the useful conversions that you need to track are of course found in Facebook Ads Manager, however, for that you need to do a lot of filtering to get to the useful pieces of information.

You have narrow down all the data in order to focus on the type of conversions that you wish to track.

And, to be honest, all you need are the details of just four to six types of conversions and just that. But with the huge load of information provided by Facebook Ads Manger, filter all of it just to reach to the core is often pretty hectic.

So, yes, this is why we mentioned earlier that this huge amount of data is a boon, but often it becomes the reason for confusion. But with ample clarity, you can really make good use of it all.

9. Check Out the Ads of Your Competitors

How good would it be if you could sneak into your competitors’ accounts and find out what ads they are running?

Yes, sneaking into someone’s account is definitely not the right thing to do, however, you can still find out what ads they are running on Facebook.

How cool is that?

Yes, you can easily find out such kind of information regarding the ads of your competitors just by eavesdropping on their Facebook page.

All you need to do is visiting their Facebook page and tapping on the “I” button. You can easily find it on the right side of their company name or inside the details section. It just depends on which device you are using.

Now visiting the information section, you can see a good lot of valuable information such as the number of times the page name has been changed, the time when it was created as well as the location of the page managers.

Although, that is not the piece of information that you are looking for right now.

So, to get the necessary details, move on to the “Go to Ad Library” section.

Here, you will be able to see all the ads that the business or the entity has ever run in the past or if it is running any ads right now.

Though you can get any details beyond the same, but of course you will able to understand the types of ads they are running and if they seem interesting, you might even try out some similar endeavours for your own Facebook page!

9. Facebook Messenger Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns can really help you gain a great traction. However, if you are still unknown to what it is, then let us help you with that.

According to Investopedia, “Drip marketing is a strategy employed by many direct marketers where a constant flow of marketing material is sent to customers over a period of time.”

Drip campaigns are a great tool and are unmatchable when it is about generating sales. Yes, through continuing recurring exposure to potential buyers, drip campaigns can really help you with a great sales graph.

Ideally, drip campaigns can be run through several media which include direct mail, email, or even social media. Through these, marketers tend to deliver pre-written content.

However, when it is just about social media, drip campaigns are done using blogs.

So, undoubtedly, these sorts of campaigns have great potential. But what if we tell you that you can increase this potential to ten times? Wouldn’t that be great?

Yes, you can do that just by running a drip campaign through Facebook messenger.

And, unlike drip campaigns performed through email, a Facebook messenger drip campaign can be accomplished in just a few minutes or hours depending on the bulk.

10. Identifying Audience Signals

Information about your target audience is never useless. All you have to do is use it appropriately.

One of the best parts of the same is that you can really improve your targeting just by going through the metrics that you receive in the Page Insights section of Facebook. And, speaking of the same, nothing can help you more than the demographic information.

To help you understand this better, let us give you an example.

Say suppose, you run an SEO firm which has a decent social media presence.

Now, when you visit the demographic information section of your Facebook page, you will find a good lot of people from who are in between the age group of 25 to 50 are among your fans.

So, this information makes it quite clear to you that an 18-year-old is less likely to have a thing for what services you offer. However, you have the potential to create a strong impact on someone who is in their 30s.

If you look closely, you will be able to understand the type of audience you need to focus more on through your content and social media endeavours.

This information when further brainstormed will also give you a good idea about the tonality that you should maintain for your content depending on the type of audience you are catering to, as well as the type of social media posts you do from your page.

Isn’t that great?

Make Good Use of These!

Facebook can provide you with a lot more that what a layman can see. All you need to have is the eye for it.

And, when you have developed the vision for the same, you will be able to reach out to your audience in a much better way. But, getting closer to your audience is possible only when you can spread your word directly to their inboxes.

Yes, Facebook Messenger is the key. Through this you can get the advance of:

  • Interaction

When you get to enter the inbox of your target audience, they will interact with you as it gives them a personal feel, even if it done by a chatbot. This becomes even more effective than regular marketing endeavours is because you have the chance to make conversation and get a better understanding about their preferences.

  • Pace

Just the way people reply to the messages of their friends and acquaintances on Facebook messenger, more or less they will treat your messages to (if you have something to offer that interests them). So, you can expect to have a swift communication with your potential buyer. And, as it is about Facebook messenger, the chances of getting high open rates and click thru rates are definitely a lot more.

But you cannot wait and see. You don’t have that chance as marketing through messenger will cease to exist once the common mans gets a hold of it.

So, this is your chance to make it big. Don’t let it slip out of your hands.

What are you waiting for?

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