11 Keys to Craft the Best Headlines to Boost Your Sales

Best Headlines
Digital Marketing |   February 8, 2022 by  Alekh Verma

There can be numerous ways to craft the best headlines for your sales endeavours.

But, are there ways that can sure-fire your success?

Well, the good news is, yes, there are 11 of them.

There are titles which have proven themselves over the course of time. And, if you can use these keys effectively enough, you can easily get your clients to not just read your posts, but respond to them as well.

Let’s dig deeper into the same.

Why Are Headlines So Important?

Well, this question must have someday crossed your mind. And, if you still are a bit confused abut why headlines are so important and why should you hurt your pocket in order to find the right one that your audience would find intriguing, then let us help you understanding the same.

You can consider the entire thing this way, the headline of your content should be able to powerful enough to make your audience seek for what’s in there.

And, if your headline cannot make that happen, your content is most likely to stay unread by any of your audiences.

So, no matter how great your content is, you need to come up with something that is equally great for the headline as well, because it is the one that represents your content.

And, in the end of the day, it will be persuading your audience.

How To Write the Headlines to Skyrocket Your Sales?

As you can easily understand from the headline of this article, there are 11 key ways that can help you formulate the most powerful and effective headlines for your copies.

So, when it is about hitting the final blow to get your prospect successfully converted into your customer, at least one of these do deserve a chance. And, so do you!

To say the least, you will have something the start with to create the best headlines ever!

So, let’s get started.

  1. Be Direct, Yet Simple

This is perhaps the best way to make sure your message delivered rather than spending time and efforts in order to do nothing but beat around the bush.

Yes, no jokes, puns, wordplay, or cleverness is required to put the message right in the heads of your audience.

And, speaking of the brands that this technique works the best with are the ones that have already created a strong foothold in their niche of business.

Also, while posing strong offers, this strategy is going to give you the best results.

And, as we mentioned moments ago, not just for recognised brands, this key to a great headline works really well with products and services that the audience is already quite familiar with.

For instance, in case of a renowned organisation that has just started up with their tax vertical might just post a newsletter content with the headline “The Ultimate Destination for Tax Management” would do just fine.

No need to build a string of fancy words or witty puns to emphasise on how well of a service they are going to provide.

Isn’t that simple?

  1. Announce The News

People have always had a thing for news.

If you still doubt the above statement then let us remind you of how big of a business newspapers and magazines are and how vast a segment of audience they cater to.

Yes, it is sewed into the nature of humans that they love news, no matter what.

And, speaking of the same, it is not just we want to know, but we need to know as well.

So, using that factor we come here to disclose our second key.

Yes, you can easily formulate your headlines to make them appear as news, instead of those dull adverts.

This can be a great way to allure your audience towards a powerful content or a feature story that you are about to cater.

Although, that does not mean that the point that you are about to make has to be something new. All you need to do is make the headline appear as if it contains a news.

For instance,

  • Driverless Cars Have Come Up with A New Breakthrough!
  • SEO Is Going to See a New Horizon with Google’s Latest Flip!

So, these are pieces of information that people already know, however, seeing them in the form of a news, their natural instincts will get triggered and they will definitely want to see what content such a headline contains.

  1. Trigger the ‘How-To’s

Most how-to content are meant to enlighten us about the things that most us do not know and need to know in order to enhance our lifestyle this way or that.

So, the basic thought process behind creating such a content aims at fulfilling a requirement, a desire which could help us do better.

However, to make sure that your content is on point, you need to make sure that the end result is highlighted in your topic, and not the entire process.

For instance, look at this title,

  • How to get better results with SEO?

Now, what if the topic was like this, “How to do better SEO with keyword research?”?

This type of headline is incorrectly crafted and misses the entire point of getting results.

Let’s make it easier for you, before crafting such a headline, you need to think about the intent of the user who would be going through your content.

In this case, the reader would be looking forward to getting better results with their SEO endeavours, and that is what the title says.

So, no wander it would do really great when someone looks for something relevant.

Also, it has a great motivation in it. It hammers the idea in the readers’ minds that if they go through this content, they will be able to generate better results with their SEO endeavours.

  1. Flash The Benefits

This too is quite a great technique of alluring audiences to read your content.

And, the reason is pretty simple. They will go after the big benefit that you have highlighted in the headline of your content.

After all, that is your USP or unique selling point.

So, clearly, using this effective key, you will have a great chance of targeting the right audience through the headline that you have crafted.

And, even if they do not notice the entire headline much, they will surely notice the benefit that you have mentioned as psychologically they are, after all, looking for the same.

Once they decide to enter your blog, even if they are in some haste, they will surely go through the main points of your content which will help them grasp the gist of the information.

And, as they already know about the benefit, it will make them consider your offer even more.

Now, if you are facing a tough time in understanding how to craft such a headline, let us help with some instances.

  • Get The Best Results for Your SEO Endeavours with These 7 Tricks
  • Boost Your Revenue with These Marketing Tactics
  • 11 Keys to Craft the Best Headlines to Boost Your Sales

If look closely at the last example here, you will understand that it is the headline of this very blog that you are going through right now.

Caught it?

  1. Ask A Provocative Question

Involvement of the reader is quite imperative in making your content a success.

So, why not ask such a question that provokes the readers themselves to indulge into the content.

That would pack a personal punch as well which they cannot overlook. What about that?

However, that does not mean that you need to place a question that is just anything random or something very clever that the reader would also find tough, relating to.

In fact, such an endeavour would rather drive them away.

So, instead of doing this, it is better to just stick to such a question that is directly related to your product or a major benefit of the same.

This will indirectly be a way to generate your readers’ interest in your product or service too.

And, try to pose such a question which the reader can simply interact with with a ‘yes’ or “I’m not sure”.

For the later answer your content will have some information that they will be craving for.

Now, coming to examples, consider these,

  • Are You Still Stuck with Those Old School SEO Techniques?
  • Want To Better with Your Content Marketing? Read This.
  • Are You Not Getting Enough Traffic from Your Facebook Ad Campaigns?
  1. Provide Valuable Information

Most marketing gurus out there would be telling you that people seek information, but let us tell you a secret.

In reality, that statement is not entirely true.

The internet is so overloaded with information that most people are drowning with over-information.

Now, let us tell you about what people really want and look for too.

Your audience is looking for a sense of order as well as predictability that would help the do better with their jobs and lives.

They want to feel a sense of power and authority over the world and that is why they run after such information that can help them with the same.

They look for secrets, tips, laws, systems, hints and whatnot that can potentially help them reach their goal.

Now, to pose your business as a well-wisher and you wish to help them with the same, you need to craft your headline to make sure they get the same vibe from it.

Check out these examples.

  • 10 Secret Tips to Craft Better Content
  • The Best Tips for Generating More Clients Through PPC
  1. Make Your Testimonials Seem Real

There two things that a testimonial can benefit you with.

  1. It helps you with a push as it is from a third-party which endorses your business as well as your product and encourages others to use it.
  2. And, it is makes great use of the psychological fact that people trust other people more than they trust businesses.

So, these benefits are quite enough to draw a perfect picture of your business in front of others.

Now, speaking of examples, you can check these out for better understanding.

  • “The best SEO experts in the business.”
  • “The most customer-centric organisation with a great content team.”
  • “These guys are great in their jobs and have a great customer support team too!”

These testimonial examples are quite realistic and people will surely keep their faith on these and will definitely consider to experience your service first-hand.

To make them seem even more realistic, you can make use of the technique of writing them in first person with inverted commas placed around them.

This approach makes them appear as they are directly from your previous clients and are undoubtedly quite genuine.

So, there is no doubt about the fact that such robust testimonials can really drive your business and boost your sales like never before.

  1. Stay Relevant

People have a thing that they want to make sure that they are in the right place.

So, to make sure that they find your website as the right place, it is better to craft your headline in a way that helps them understand that you have a very relevant piece of information which you want to share with them.

Try to make sure that your headline encompasses everything that is enough to convince the reader about your relevance.

Now, to have a better understanding, you can make use of this psychological hack.

Consider how you communicate with someone and how you manage to hold their attention till you reach to your final point?

By being relevant to the topic, isn’t it?

It is all the same.

Consider these examples, they will help you understand this better.

  • Google MUM Is Here and It Is Time to Gear Up Your SEO Tactics
  • The Best Way to Increase CTRs In Your PPC Campaigns

These headlines are quite directly and are very relevant to the information that they bring forward and to what the prospects seeks for.


A command can surely help you pack a punch within a single line.

Yes, most sales copies out there fail to make a good impact on their audience base as they lack the clarity of information.

Such copies fail miserably in informing readers and giving them a guidance about the concerned topic.

This is where you can make your mark with a command.

Headlines that come with a command stand a strong chance in uplifting your sales results as with such type of headlines you get a chance to sound more direct, authoritative, and beneficial.

You can easily take a commanding posture with your headline and sound as if you are providing them with a benefit.

All of these in just a single headline is enough to pack a strong enough punch that is capable of converting your reader into your client in one go.

But, before you start crafting such a headline, you need to understand the notion. Such headlines need to dictatorial in a positive note, instead of conversational like most other pieces of content.

Although, by sounding dictatorial, make sure you sound acceptable and come up with a clear writing.

For instance,

  • Give Your Content Marketing Strategy a New Makeover!
  • Secure Your Website Hosting Today with Gigabyte!
  • Refurbish Your Old Blogs with These Tactics, today!
  1. Give A Little EXTRA!

Millennials love getting something extra and that too for free of cost.

However, they have certainly not being able to trust ad copies as most of them are clickbait and completely dishonest with what they propose.

Now, to overcome this barrier, what you can do is adding something extra to the headline of your content which might sound a bit out of the world, yet seems to be true.

This approach can really help you to craft eye-catching headlines, without being dishonest or vague in any way.

Go through the following examples to get a better idea about the same.

  • Google MUM Can Disrupt Your Entire SEO Strategy and Bring You to Ground Zero! Check Out How You Can Save Yourself.
  • Bad Writing Is Good Writing If Done Consistently! Read This for More.
  • Experts Say SEO Can Become Outdated with Google’s Latest Update. Is That True?
  1. The Emotional Touch

The emotional touch does play a crucial role in increasing your conversions and boosting your sales.

That is because, they have trigger words in them with are quite capable of pushing your clients to purchase with adequate persuasion.

So, try to make the most out of them and connect to your readers in no time.

This is a great way to show how much you empathise with them and how much you understand their pain points.

And, with such an approach will surely fall for what your headline.

For example, check out these headlines for better understanding.

  • Low Sales Is Frustrating, But These Tricks Can Help You Do Better!
  • 10 Tips to Generate More Revenue from Your Content Marketing and Say Goodbye to Poor Sales!

Final Thoughts

These points are great enough to boost your sales if used effectively enough.

No wonder there are lots and lots of tactics that can help you get better sales but what else can be better that writing a better line to push your sales graph upwards?

Follow these tips and see results in no time!

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