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A Complete Guide to Build Links the Right Way


Google, today, has become very strict about placing websites in their SERPs.

So, if you plan to secure a high rank through black hat SEO techniques then take this from granted that those techniques are not going to work anymore.

Google’s first priority is solving the queries of its searchers with quality information. And, that is why they always make sure that websites that have enough quality information get the highest ranks in the relevant search queries.

They do not consider strategies like paid links and comment spams which used to spam their search engines with poor quality content, like it used to before.

Although, if you can make good use of backlinks, then there is a good chance that Google will give you the fair share of benefits that you deserve.

So, let’s stick to white hat SEO techniques and find out how you can secure high-quality backlinks for your website.

Ways to Secure High-quality Backlinks

There are a good lot of quality guidelines that digital marketers need to adhere to regarding backlinking.

You need to understand that there is difference between quality and quantity when it comes to building links for your website.

And, what you should focus on is nothing but the quality of links. If you are intending to manipulate the rankings of your website with poor quality links then it is high time to stop doing the same as it goes against the Webmaster Guidelines of Google.

Understanding the DA of inbound links is also quite important.

Every link that gets created are not of equal importance and quality. So, if you wish to add them to your website, make sure that you incorporate only the ones that are of the best quality.

You can utilise Open Site Explorer in order to find out how your competitor websites are getting their links that are of high domain authority.

Keeping up with the quality of deliverable content is also quite vital.

Yes, keeping high-quality content as a priority is also important besides having links that are of the highest quality.

And, as you already know that these two have a connection, let’s find out how you can generate high quality links with your high-quality content.

The first and foremost thing here is nothing but, content is the key to setting yourself apart from your competitors.

And, only a few of your created content will have the calibre to generate enough authority for your website in order to generate high-quality backlinks.

So, undoubtedly this makes it quite clear that creating superb-quality content is really very important.

Now, as this idea has been made clear, you can get started with the seven strategies that will guide you to creating high quality content as well as links.

1. Craft Cornerstone Posts

Cornerstone posts are the core content of any website.

These pieces of content are the most important ones which are crafted intending to get the highest ranks in search engine result pages.

And these are kind of posts that help you generate authority on particular topic of your niche by delivering content that demonstrates your knowledge on the concerned topic.

Speaking of the same, let’s consider the example of Yoast.

Their main product is nothing but the WordPress SEO plugin. And, because of the same, their cornerstone content is always related to Search Engine Optimisation.

And this makes the importance of cornerstone content pretty clear. It is all about securing huge number of shares, promoting the brand as well as having a high rank in the search engine result pages.

Now, if you deal in the SEO niche, then you can easily create content that is enriching and guides beginners in SEO with robust strategies.

Deliver this content for free and if it is good enough, you are likely to garner a very good response regarding the same.

This cornerstone post of your company will surely be of great help for reaching a high rank with your content, gaining authority, and getting good-quality links from the posts of your readers whenever they post something related to the topic.

2. Create Roundup Content with Experts

According to World Metrics, millions of blogs get distributed on a regular basis.

Also, websites that have blog posts are successfully generating 97% more indexed links compared to websites that do not have blog posts.

So, it is quite clear that to make your mark on your niche audience, you need to have blogs that stand out of the crowd.

A roundup content can help you do the same.

All you need to do is interviewing experts in your niche and then creating a content will them all. This will also help you place your content in front of an entirely new set of audience.

You can just start by searching for experts in your niche on Google.

Once you have a list of them all, you can just start reaching out to them with questions that your niche audience want to be answered.

When you have their answers, you can just jot down all of them and shape it perfectly to get a deliverable content created.

There is a high chance that those experts will also share the article on their respective social media profiles if they find it good enough.

In fact, they might refer to your posts in their own blogs too.

3. Create Infographics That Are Shareable

Infographics are a great way to present information as they contain important information in a visual manner.

They work great in increasing your website’s authority.

And, creating them is also nothing but a piece of cake. It is not necessary to create content specifically for infographics. You can just repurpose on of your old blogs or YouTube videos in order to get an infographic out of it.

Once you have selected on of your previously crafted content for repurposing, you can just sort out the necessary data as well as the steps in it and make them go visual.

You can also make use of tools like Piktochart.

They offer numerous options (both free and paid), depending on what you require.

Specifically, for Pictochart, you get over 600 templates as an option for your infographic post.

Now, as you have created a stunning infographic, you can just share the same on your website along with an embedded link.

The benefits? With such interactive posts, you will be able to generate great social media outreach and if lucky enough, you might even secure high-quality links from top websites.

4. Have A Robust Broken Links Strategy

Things often break with time, and this is even more accurate when it is about links to your website.

The roundup posts that you create have numerous contributors. Hence, maintain links on these posts is undoubtedly quite a tough job as it is very time-consuming.

Here what can help you thrive is a robust broken-link strategy.

The core idea of this strategy is nothing but replacing poor links with the high-quality ones as much as possible.

Any low value content is nothing but a waste of time, no matter if you are a creator or a reader.

But that’s the exact opposite for a high-quality content. They come with lots and lots of benefits.

So, when you seek out poor quality links on a particular website and replace them high-quality ones, your authority goes even higher in the eyes of Google.

So, get started with searching for the replaceable ones.

You can try out performing a Google search for several probable phrases that marketers are more likely to use for their roundup posts.

Now as you get your hands on a particular website that fits your requirements, utilize tools like Check My Links or Domain Hunter Plus, which is a Chrome extension, in order to find out broken links present.

List down all the poor links and create spectacular high-quality content that can match with what’s required to fit in well in those links.

Utilise Wayback Machine to find out how the linked content used to look before it went dead.

If you find your freshly crafted content better than what was there before, just reach out to those websites and inform them about their broken links, offering a better content (of course, the one that you created) as a replacement.

5. Develop an Outreach Strategy

From our previous point, you might have already understood that having an outreach strategy is quite important.

So, let’s find out how you can do it properly.

You can make use of a few automation tools like Pitchbox for the same. Specifically, for Pitchbox, it helps its users in finding out the right contacts which they can further use to request a backlink from.

Moreover, they can also incorporate intelligent templates on Pitchbox in order to follow up with their prospects.

There is another similar automation that which is also quite useful. It is called BuzzStream.

With this tool, you can easily locate profiles of your target audience for a splendid outreach campaign.

And, similar to Pitchbox you can also incorporate customised templates to follow up with them, further.

6. Testimonial Link Building Is Also Important

Testimonial scores are one of the most ignored things in every website. However, testimonials are the most valuable and useful conversion tools.

And, this is the reason why most users of a particular product link their websites in testimonials.

Now, take a different perspective about the same. Every website out there requires backlinks in order to get their website placed at a high rank in the relevant searches.

So, getting backlinks from testimonials can really turn the game for you.

Yes, you can simply incorporate spectacular testimonials for your product and get them linked to the websites of the users. This can really help your sales team in making good use of the same to boost up your sales.

Yes, customers will be more than happy to link their websites or social media handles to their testimonials about your product as that will be their chance to promote their business as well.

To get started with this “testimonial link building” strategy, you can just take a look at the tools that you use currently, be it an SEO tool, a digital marketing tool or anything.

Now, going through those tools if you feel that you can really give them a great product testimonial then just go ahead.

But, while you do this, make sure to incorporate a link to your website, a profile photo, the name of your business organisation as well as the position you hold in your company.

Now, as you move forward with the same, you will be benefitting the tool provider with a spectacular testimonial, but, make sure you do not request them for a backlink.

If they decide to link your business, that’s great. Even if they don’t, at least you will have your details mentioned in front of a new set of audience.

7. Create Proper Internal Links

The best way to kickstart your search campaign is nothing but internally linking your website pages to one another with proper relevance.

And, what else can help you do the same better than a blog page?

Yes, regularly posted blogs provide you endless opportunities to interlink and crosslink your other pages and blogs, increasing your credibility in the eyes of Google as well as boosting up your ranks in relevant searches.

Yes, when Googlebots crawl through your website, these interlinks, and crosslinks help them apprehend how one content is connected to another.

That gives Google a clue about which of your pages have proper information whenever a relevant query is triggered.

And that is why websites who do not focus on being consistent with their blogs fall behind in generating high website traffic.

Yes, by being consistent with interlinking, you will be able to build up your internal linking structure in a robust manner and that will make it easier for Googlebots to crawl your website.

And this is a must for you when you have a new and fresh website with very few blogs. It helps building page influence in a great way!

What’s Your Take?

Yes, a good lot of digital marketers used to make use of poor techniques in order to spam Google and get their website rank high enough, even for searches that are not relevant.

Although, it’s been five years since Google has marked those tricks as black hat.

So, in order secure a high enough rank in ethical ways,

  • Craft High-quality Content

All the strategies that we have mentioned in our blog earlier will work perfectly if you can craft content that is of high-quality.

Yes, without quality content that is of good use for your target audience, you will have no way to make your website stand out of your competitors.

  • Stop Considering All Domains

In order to improve your link building efforts, make sure that the links that you consider are from websites that have a high domain authority.

This does not really mean that you should only consider websites that are among the ones with the highest domain authority, but, considering websites will pretty low DA can also cost you big time.

  • Scale It All

Create cornerstone content to deliver information, roundup content to promote your brand, infographics to engage, content to sneak into broken or dead links and scale every other way mentioned here in the blog.

Do everything without over-complicating your content strategy.

Put in genuine efforts and do smart work in order to make Google see your work, and you will be rewarded with what you deserve over time.

Get started today!

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