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6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2022: It Actually Works!


Are you a marketer? Are you having a hard time driving traffic to your website? Well, if that is the biggest problem you are facing in your business. I will help you out through this article. After completely reading this piece you will stop worrying about traffic. Trust me!

Most marketers around the world are constantly worried about traffic and lead. The more traffic a website garners the more the chances of generating leads for the business. If your business is not generating leads organically, it is understood that the organic traffic is quite low.

According to small business marketing stats published (Fundera.com), 61% of marketers and entrepreneurs fail to bring adequate traffic to their business websites.

Do you have any idea why it happens? Why do they fail to get traffic?

No idea?

So, read this carefully!

Failure to bring massive or ideal traffic to the website comes your way when your website does not have anything to offer to the potential customers for Free-of-Cost.

Now, you might be wondering how it is even possible to offer something for free when you are doing a business! Aren’t you?

Well, it is one of the most effective ways to bring people to you. When they know that you are offering them something without asking them to pay for it. Why someone will not visit you repeatedly? They will visit you again and again. Ultimately will pay to you at some point in the future, which is the main motto of every business.

But remember, you don’t have to offer to your prospects something for free from your core products or services. Only keep things on the free offer which will cost you only a few cents or nothing, for that matter.

Content is the king! You might have heard this statement many times before. But have you tried going deep into its meaning! If not, I will explain what it actually means.

First, I would like to make clear that content is everything that you are seeing around you. But that is the content of this materialistic world. When we talk about a website or an application, the content is what you are seeing there!

Without content, your website will be like an empty box that doesn’t have anything useful in it. If your website lacks useful or meaningful content, do you think people will come to you? They simply won’t!

People are hungry for the right information. A lot of information is already available online. But not all information satisfies the hunger of people. So, you can start writing articles, blogs or guides related to your niche that contains detailed information about what your prospects are searching for.

If you have a product-based business, you can create guides on how your product will make a difference in people’s lives, how to use a product in general, what benefits your prospects can derive from products you are dealing with and more content of such kind.

Nowadays, there are coaches who give advice to people on things related to personal and professional life and charge heavily for that. You can do it too with engaging yet informational content through a website without charging anything in return. Then, you will not have to ask people to visit you. They will remember you and will find you through direct searches.

To Sum Up:

So far, I have only taught you the fundamental of driving traffic. Going forward, I will explain to you in detail how to increase website traffic by citing 6 easy ways to execute the process.

Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2022:

1. Get a Business Blog Ready

Starting a business blog is what every business needs today. I would suggest this to every business from all verticals. You should blog about topics that your target audience is already searching on Google. It will help you achieve many business objectives easily that you will find tough to crack in the absence of a blog.

Starting for the sake of joining the bandwagon is not enough. You need to be consistent and publish high-quality content. Otherwise, your efforts will go in vain. A study conducted by a recognized body shows that businesses that blog frequently get 55% more traffic than businesses that don’t prioritize blogging.

How to create a blog that brings you traffic?

The process of getting started with blogging is very simple. You just need to put in some effort, time and patience and you are good to go. Some things that you must focus on while creating content for your blog are as follows:

Evergreen Topic: Evergreen topics are those which don’t get old with time. Pieces of information that are relevant today and will remain relevant ten years down the line should always have all your attention.

Blogging Strategy: Blogging is easy but that does not mean you can write anything that comes to your mind. It too has a strategy. If you are going for it without a plan, you will struggle. Who is your ideal audience? How deep will you go while writing blogs? Why you are blogging and when do you want your main motto to surface? These are some questions that you should know ask yourself and make a blogging strategy before commencing the job.

Long-Form Content: Google and the popular search engines like long-form content more than short ones. If you want Google to rank your articles on its first page. You should always write long enough to get noticed. A short article or blog is always considered thin content by the top guns in the search engine market. The ideal length for an article is a thousand words. If you could write more than that, the cherry on the cake!

Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are the ones that are composed of three words or more. Gone are the days when new websites or blogs used to rank for the one-worded keywords on the first page of Google. I am not saying that it is impossible to do so. Never is it! But it will take you more time to rank for the short-tails, at least six months if not more. The shorter a keyword is the more competition it will have. Hence, it is better to always pick long tails when you write an informative article for your audience.

For example:

Short Tail Keywords – Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Inbound Marketing, etc.

Long-Tail Keywords – Make money with LinkedIn Marketing, Marketing for Ecommerce Business, etc.

Write Appealing Headlines: Writing is an art that not everyone can master. The first step to writing an engaging and converting blog is to write a headline that intrigues the reader to click on it. Nicely written headlines also increase the CTR, which Google adores. Your headline should include your primary keyword, a variation of it would also do!

For example:

How Metaverse Can Impact Your Agency Business?

How to Buy Apple iPhone 14 for Cheap?

Why Web3 is Important for Continuous Business Growth?

Write Engaging Content: How to write engaging content? This is one of the clichés which I have to answer every now and then. If you want to write engaging content that your audience enjoys reading then you have to sound conversational, my answer! Write as if you are talking to someone (one person). Never write from the point of view of a third person. It always should be you and that one person who is all ears to you.

2. Keep the SEO Right

The second on the list of how to increase website traffic is SEO (search engine optimization). It means to make your website visible to people whenever they search for a query. You need more SEO today than ever before due to the growing online competition across industries. If you are not leveraging on SEO, you will never be able to get a good amount of traffic for your business website.

SEO can be categorized further into 3 types of namely Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Technical SEO is utilized for making Google to crawl and index your website. On-page SEO is used for optimizing the content published on every single page of the website. And the off-page SEO is used for marketing which includes quality link building.

Things you can do with SEO that will improve your chances to drive traffic:

Optimize Your SERP Appearance: You can optimize and control your SERP (search engine result page) appearance with best SEO practices. By optimizing the Meta Title and Meta Description you ensure that your website appears the way you want it to look on the search engines.

Internal & External Linking: Google loves it when the website has a hierarchy defined through proper internal and external links. It is one of the major SEO factors that Google and other search engines consider ranking a website. You should make sure that every page and article on your website has relevant linking.

Page Speed: Page speed matters most today as people have less time today, this is what they say. To be honest with you people, people have enough time, but they have become more curious than before. They need everything on the platter in seconds! This is the reason that most of them will bounce back if your site is taking more than 3 seconds to load completely. Hence, the page speed of your website should be fast enough to make them stay.

Responsive Website: A responsive website is one that opens without any lag across devices. Websites that are responsive get more support from search engines. Because responsiveness ensures a solid user experience which is praised by all search engines in the world.

Schema Markup: Schema Markup is a form of microdata that helps in optimizing web pages for rich snippets. Also, it helps provide context to a page that is not known to Google. For example – an article should have an article schema type, a product page must have a product schema type and so on. It helps in getting ranked on the top search engines.

3. Leverage the Social Media Platforms

The practice to drive traffic from social media networking platforms to a business website is known as social media marketing. Many businesses don’t give due attention to marketing on social platforms. However, it could be one of the greatest sources of traffic after the search engines.

Producing great content for social media is mandatory if you want to increase website traffic. There are people who are converting the social traffic too. Also, the list of businesses that are solely dependent on social media channels to drive traffic is long enough. Google or any other engine will not ban you unless the redirected traffic is irrelevant.

How some of the major social media platforms can help you drive traffic is discussed below:

Facebook: When we speak about social media, the first word that strikes us is Facebook. The American social networking site is the biggest social platform out there. The amount of traffic it can get you is insane. But for that, you need to play smart. As social media is a place where people arrive mostly for fun, if you will promote content that is not fun to read, they will bounce back in mini seconds.

Create a Facebook page for your business. Optimize it using some niche-relevant and keyword-specific content. Post valuable content that has a hook and retains the attention of your audience. You can post high-definition images and carousels along with a small caption to drive engagement. Initially, you will not receive much engagement on posted content. You might have to run a brand awareness and engagement campaign to get the first thousand followers and page likes.

When you have at least a thousand-page likes, your next step should be posting the links to attention-worthy articles from your website. If your audience will find your FB post (article) interesting, they will click and consume the content. If you want to drive traffic from social media nothing can be better than Facebook today.

The fundamentals for marketing your website on Twitter and LinkedIn are similar to that of Facebook. On LinkedIn and Twitter, you need to work the same way keeping engaging and shareable content in the center.

Instagram: Instagram is a Meta-owned entity that is more popular among millennials. It is quite tough to get traffic directly from Instagram as the platform does not give an option to add a website link to the posts. On Instagram, you could only add a link in the profile bio and on stories. However, the CTR of links added to Instagram is very minimal, which is just not enough for a business website.

4. Email List Building

Email list building can also help you drive considerable traffic to your website. The best way to collect the email of your website visitors is by offering them something valuable. Your business blog could come in handy in this. Also, you can offer a free mini-ebook or a guide on relevant topics that won’t cost you anything extra.

This could help you collect their email without any hassle. You can use your email list for promoting your website and driving traffic to it. Apart from it, you can also encourage your readers to sign up for the newsletter for building up your email list.

5. Video Marketing

Video form of content is steadily taking over the image and text form of content. Businesses can also leverage video marketing by producing informative videos on topics that their target audience likes to watch.

Most businesses refrain from using videos as a marketing tool. They think that video production is a time-consuming and expensive activity. But it is not what they think! Video production is super easy, and anyone can produce it provided they know how to do it.

I am sure you are reading this article on your mobile phone. Smartphone also has a camera through which you can record enticing videos explaining something that is worth an explanation. Moreover, videos attract more engagement from people when compared to an article or a social media image post.

Take video creation as if you are writing an article. Sound friendly and talk to the point with people who matter to your business. After creating a video on any given topic, you need to find the suitable platform on which you need to share your video.

YouTube is one of the best platforms available out there for video creators. Just posting on YT is not enough, you need to optimize your video with appropriate keywords in the title and description and Meta tags. Also, don’t forget to give credits if you are using music from other creators as community guidelines are extremely strict.

How to Increase Website Traffic with YouTube?

You might not believe it but YouTube is the best platform to improve the ranking of your website and drive impressive traffic. Let us suppose, you have written a detailed article on your business website. You need to create a detailed video on the same topic for YT. But don’t share everything in the video that you have mentioned in the article.

When the video is about to end, you need to say this – For more details or to consume more such content in detail go to the link given in the description. People who are eager to know more about the topic will definitely go to your website through the link you will leave in the description for them. This will help you with two things – first, your website will drive traffic and second, your ranking on Google will improve automatically, as Google will see massive traffic coming to your website to read the content.

6. Community Building

Humans have a tendency to thrive among like-minded people. When you find people around you are doing the same thing that you like, you are automatically attracted to them. Aren’t you?

Hence, building a community around what your business is about is important if you want to increase the traffic to your website. However, do remember that community is never about selling, you need to be compassionate enough so that you can help people in your community.

A study from Queen’s University revealed that 27% feel connected to themselves when they become a part of the community. Community building is not tough, you just need to sound helpful through your words.

A community helps in two things – brand awareness and more brand awareness. When people know your brand, they will visit your website through direct brand searches on Google and other search engines. You can build a community on any social media channel or even on your own website.

To Conclude:

This is the digital age and to be successful in this age you need to have the best strategies in place that can perk up your digital marketing campaigns (paid or organic).

There are thousands of other business websites for the same thing that you are trying to do through your own website. How you are doing it makes you different from others, the uniqueness should be there!

All the 6 ways to increase website traffic explained above are the ways which I have tried and tested for my own business; they helped me! I hope they will help you too in your business.

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A Search Engine Optimization specialist known for his bold and insightful approach to every web industry trend, Alekh Verma is a proud Founder and CEO of a successful Digital Marketing, Mobile App, and Web Development firm, eSearch Logix Technologies. His practical and inventive ideology has helped to shape the success story of his firm, which has now grown into a thriving, leading digital marketing company based in NCR, India. He brings a global perspective to the industry and has helped multitudes of businesses across the globe from all sectors create an impactful presence in the virtual world.


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