Why PHP is Considered an Ideal Option for Web Development?

Today, creating a website has become more than a necessity for all levels of businesses. Thus, designing and developing an impeccable website holds a crucial place, which is necessary to be taken care of. You might not be a tech-savvy person, but it is good to determine the suitable programming language when developing a website.

PHP is a great open-source programming language which is highly popular among newbies these days and has gained a massive market share in different communities. It was designed to create dynamic pages and applications which can run easily on a web server. Due to its secure, reliable and fast accessibility, a lot of people consider using PHP web development in India across several industries.

Well, every programming language has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. So it is important to investigate various factors to make a smart business decision. Is PHP a good choice for you? We have outlined some points to give you a detailed understanding.

1. Ease of Coding

Creating a code with PHP is easy which allows developers to build the web application in the best possible manner. PHP codes also run faster than ASP because it works on its own memory storage while ASP makes the use of overhead server and component-based architecture.

2. Boost Available Programming Talent

PHP gives an opportunity to select from a number of virtues in terms of modification, website building and lowering down the development costs. It also allows developers to upgrade the site in the future without going through the tedious process. You can simply acquire professional web design services in India to incorporate necessary features in your site and for extra support and maintenance.

3. Standard Library

The library plays a significant part to streamline and speed up the data processing capability. The level of the PHP standard library makes it a more reliable programming language. It provides amazing support for HTTP fetching, URL parsing, database drivers and general expressions.

4. Less Time-Consuming Development

PHP is partly an object-oriented language which makes the code reusability possible. Such components save both time and efforts during the process of development. There are several PHP frameworks, including Laravel, Symfony, Joomla, WordPress, and more which carries their own suite of functionalities, making development in specific areas much secure and faster.

5. Flexible and Versatile

PHP code is highly compatible with various major platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, and Unix. It supports all the servers, including Apache, Xitame, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, etc. That’s why it is widely used for developing cross-platform applications.

The development of PHP and its framework has been phenomenal in the previous years and it is still enjoying huge popularity in almost all industries. The major merits of PHP include scalability, versatility, simplicity, cost-efficiency and user-friendliness.

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4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting the Desired Google Ads Results

Google AdWords is considered extremely effective for driving maximum traffic to your website, and all business owners may aware of the fact that more traffic equals more qualified leads and sales. Have you tried to advertise your business using Google AdWords but ended up getting the worst results? It may have happened because of your poor tactics.

As the world becomes more dependent on the internet, many business owners start using Google AdWords in an attempt to generate leads without really knowing what works the best for them. If you have not invested quality time in research and learn how to operate it properly, then you may not obtain the positive results that you’d desired for.

This post will help you to comprehend where you’re going wrong or to avoid possible breakdowns if you are planning to launch your first AdWords campaign. So let’s begin!

1. You haven’t done proper keyword research

Keywords are a crucial aspect that allows your ad to display in the search results. Lack of research can waste your money spent on clicks and lead you to nowhere. It is good to take the help of Google AdWords Keyword Planner to take out the list of trending keywords relevant to your brand. 

Also, ensure to add keywords in the ads’ headline and its synonyms in the description alongside calls to action to gain a competitive edge. If you’re facing any difficulty in the process, you can also acquire PPC management services to avoid making potential mistakes.

2. Your website isn’t up to the mark

Your AdWords may be perfectly set up and organized, but if your website isn’t much attractive, you’re more likely to lose several clicks. Today, people don’t have much time to navigate a particular product or service what they need. If your website doesn’t look appealing and professional enough, customers are likely to visit your competitors’ site. Thus, make sure your website looks polished and trustworthy that engages visitors for a longer duration.

3. You’re making changes too frequently

Changes are important to keep your ads up-to-date but making it too often or unnecessarily isn’t really relevant. After setting up the campaign and installing web analytics you should wait for a while until you start getting some results. This will give you an idea of how your ad is performing and where you need to make certain changes.

4. You’re targeting a broad geographical area

If you run a local business like a restaurant or shop, then you should serve the purpose of a particular area. It doesn’t make sense to show your ads to outside people whom you aren’t even targeting. A PPC services company can help to make the most out of AdWords and allow you to target the specific locations to drive better ROI.

Time and money are two vital aspects that make any goal successful. Google AdWords allows advertisers to show their brand and if used correctly, they can drive traffic to your website. You need to take care of various aspects such as keywords, placements, bidding, ad rank, and quality to get optimum results. As a leading PPC agency in India, we support you at every stage to drive leads, traffic, and sales.

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5 Mobile Marketing Strategies that Can Help to Drive Your Business Forward

Mobile devices have become an effective communication tool for both consumers and business owners these days. The way we access the world around us has drastically evolved and opened various doors for businesses to promote their products and services around the clock.

Whether your goal is to improve the bottom line for your business or increase customer engagement, it is necessary to adapt the solid marketing strategy to contribute to the success of your application. As we use our phones every single day, it could be a great idea to market applications through social media channels and engaging website.

This post will give you a clear understanding of how to implement the right mobile marketing strategy to prosper your brand. So, let’s get to it!

1. Keep Everything Simple and Organized

While the number of time users spends on mobile devices is increasing, their attention periods possibly aren’t. Therefore, your designed mobile website and marketing concept needs to be crystal clear that allows users to comprehend your brand in a shorter period. It is good to stay away from clutter and only focus on the essentials.

2. Speed Up Your Operations

When you opt for simple strategy, you can get more time to do research, analyze, and impose it in the right manner. It is better to implement a cleaner user interface that does not hold your users back. Always make sure that your mobile app and website has equal faster loading speed. Try eradicating actions with an integrated GPS navigation, click-to-call taps, or single-click simplifications for a smoother process.

3. Provide Your Customers What They Want

It is necessary to stay connected with your customers to determine their preferences, demands and expectations. Sending the right information at the right time can result in enhanced brand loyalty. Optimize your existed content strategy, pull the relevant information, and evaluate mobile advertising strategy to deliver what your customers need.

4. Build an Integrated Application

If you are running a poor quality app, you may not be able to fulfill your business goals ever. You should not only focus on making the shopping process faster but also offer customized features to customers based on their recommendations. Above all, drop notifications or message to the users about your new arrivals, special discounts and coupons to create a win-win situation.

5. Analyze Your Target Audience

It is utmost important to recognize the actions of your customers they perform before making a purchase. Find out such steps and use that data to meet your customers on the top level. It can help you to identify your customers’ habits and live up to their expectations. On a wider picture, your customers’ habits are the key to know what role your mobile marketing strategy should play.

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As an app store optimization company, we improve your app speed to get the most out of your mobile marketing strategy. As you can see that mobile marketing is the wave of the future, so why limit your business growth?

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Why Mobile Deep Linking Is Useful For Your Application?

Mobile deep linking allows app makers to streamline the app onboarding procedure and boost user engagement. This practice proves quite useful in tracking referrals and identifying which campaign is bringing good results, also determining powerful approaches for turning apps more accessible.

This post will give you a clear understanding of what deep linking is, how it can help to simplify and improve your app functionality and why it matters in mobile app development.

Let’s get started!

What is Deep Linking?

Mobile app deep linkings is the practice of using a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to link to specific locations or pages within a mobile application. It can be used in many different ways such as via email, notifications, social media, SMS, and much more, direct users to appropriate content or information, contrasting to app’s home screen.

When a developer builds an application, they can simply register the URL scheme with iOS. Deep links not only helps you to launch the app but also work on any information that is included in that URL. This is where mobile deep linking begins to get really helpful.

Here are a few kinds of mobile deep linking:-

Standard Deep Linking –

This process directs users to a specific location of your app using your app’s URI. It will only act if the user has installed the app on their device.

Deferred Deep Linking – 

These links will direct users to a specific content if the app is installed on their device. If the app is not installed, this will direct users to the app store listing.

Contextual Deep Linking –

Contextual deep links serve the purpose of the both above discussed deep links, enabling more precise tracking and useful information to the users. These links transfer data to an app through installation and deliver more personalized onboarding which is useful for both developers and users.

Why Implement Mobile Deep Linking?

Earlier, the adoption of mobile app deep linking was a bit slow because the advantages were unclear and also wasn’t the top priority on product roadmaps. After the introduction of deferred and contextual deep linking, the mindset of users as well as developers has changed.

Now, many tech giants have realized the importance of deep linking and are using it to enhance the user experience, drive engagement, boost user onboarding process, promote their apps, and run successful tracking campaigns.

How Mobile App Deep Linking Can Be Helpful?

  • Users can easily access the content via deep links. It directs users to a specific page with any hassle instead of the home screen.
  • The users of deep linking have witnessed a big difference in their user retention, engagement and usage.
  • With contextual deep linking, users can personalize their onboarding process and add a personal touch with their iOS app development.
  • When a user has been inactive even after the app installation, you can utilize deep linking to direct them to a specific page to boost engagement, rather than a regular home screen.

eSearch Logix is the best mobile app development company in India that can help you to properly plan how to use the deep linking and how to showcase the information to users. We help you to understand the steps that improve your app’s features and functionalities.

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6 Key Features to Consider When Developing Online Grocery Application

With the rising aspiration of saving time and money of people for managing everyday activities easily has taken technology to the new road. Grocery shopping isn’t worse and tiresome process anymore as it was earlier. Taking care of household chores has become quite convenient and organized through the advancement of technology.

People who don’t have opportunities to shop around, they can easily purchase a wide range of products via a grocery app. Flipp, MealBoard, GroceryPal, and The Walmart App has been pleasing a number of grocery shoppers, thus, this trend has become so popular these days.

For online grocery mobile apps development in India, businesses should take users’ requirements into consideration as people incline towards a platform that responds to their demands. You should build an application where customers can easily buy and manage their monthly budget effectively. Let’s look at some features that contribute to the success of online grocery shopping app:-

1. Registry and Profiles of Users

The login page is the first time when the audience begins to interact with your brand which is followed by users’ profile creation. Businesses should build this process easy to manage and show some care to grocery shoppers. You should give various means of sign up to users via social networks to streamline the entire course.

2. Operational Functionality

You should give your best to assemble all potential conditions for a smoother process. People generally appreciate a range of filters, searching options, discount coupons, paying possibilities and easy checkout. Such grocery apps with tons of shopping list solutions and advanced features turn out to be very demanding.

3. Customization

When you want to create an intuitive grocery app, it is good to acquire Shopify mobile app development services to cater to all needs of customers. To attract potential customers, you need to offer a great diversity of products, push notifications, and organized product listing within your app.

4. Delivery Solutions

Users’ convenience should be at the top priority. Some users tend to set certain time intervals to make their order delivered while others enjoy express delivery solutions. Therefore, your app should include all the variants such as tracking orders, cancelling options, scheduling options, invoice generation, and so on.

5. Feedback and Comments

Reviews and comments could be a great way to determine your brand’s strong and weak areas. You should not limit yourself and come forward with a diverse array of everything, including 24/7 customer support, quality of purchased products, and service of the shipping team to grow in the world of the grocery business.

6. Additional Features

It is essential to offer the best possible experience for online shoppers. For this, you can incorporate several features like repeated order simplification, VIP packages, wishlist, voice recognition, smart organizer, nutritional information, prices and products comparison.

Delivering innovative shopping solutions within the grocery app is the best way to succeed. Since grocery businesses are increasing rapidly, you need to come up with something unique and engaging to beat the competition. As a leading app store optimization company, we pay complete attention to user interface and integrate smart features to satisfy the customers’ demands in the best way.

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