eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Earns Five Star Reviews on Clutch

eSearch Logic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has provided high-quality marketing services since 2014. Given our wealth of experience in web design, SEO, PPC, and other Google functions, we pride ourselves on being an innovative company. With Google now processing up to 1.2 trillion searches per year, investing in your success on the platform is more important than ever.

Whether you need customers to click through your website or want to refactor your development strategy to improve SEO, we’re here for you.

In addition, eSearch Logix is proud to announce that we’ve received our first five-star review on Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform that connects businesses from around the world. Their team uses verified customer feedback to rank companies, allowing the public at large to view our quality work.

We received a five-star overall rating for our work with a marketing company. In the project, we built a website and provided SEO improvements and mobile optimizations.

In addition to completing the work with the given timeline, the client commended us for our efficient project management and response time.

“They were able to meet every deadline, for every major to minute task, the communication was clear and everything was done in accordance with our business goals,” said the managing director of the marketing company. “They are one of the few people I have come across that are truly dedicated to what they do, have a team that is highly professional. Their process of relying on research and customer-centric approach was what impressed me most. And they were honest throughout, and were always up to the task and every challenge.”

With so many different expert opinions on SEO, we know it’s hard to find the right partner. More information can be found at The Manifest, a leading news source and company listing blog for B2B buyers. The platform provides invaluable research and rankings for users by showing previous projects that were successful.

Companies also are found at Visual Objects, a platform that emphasizes business portfolios and collates directory rankings for people that need a visual format to showcase their work. Their unique portfolio system makes finding great business simple.

If you are looking to get started on an SEO project, feel free to drop us a line. We’d be happy to explore options to grow your online presence.


Why Every Institution Is Introducing Online Learning Programs These Days?

Digitalization and technology advancement has tremendously transformed all sections of your lives including learning and education. Online learning programs have been on the rise and fit around the existing commitments and responsibilities of students in the last decades.

Today, institutions can teach and make their students learn with engaging multimedia content right in the comfort of their home or anywhere else. Online learning programs have become a better way of learning as students don’t need to travel and can simply log in to virtual campus at any place, anytime.

Technologies have opened various opportunities for both institutes and students for experiencing web-based learning and teaching in an efficient manner. It is good to approach a reliable digital marketing company when looking forward to creating a robust eLearning management system. Let’s look at the perks of delivering online content and why every institution has been adopting it:-

1. Learn Whatever You Want

eLearning programs deliver digital content in various ways like audio, images, text, video, and animations. This way, students can have complete control over their learning and able to boost their performance at their own speed. All these mediums help to make the entire learning process more fun, interactive and immersive for students, thus results in good scores.

2. Learning in Comfortable Space and Schedule

Students are no longer bound to attend boring classroom sessions physically for hours as they can access all the study materials on online platforms. Since mobile devices have become an important part of our lives, it is great to leverage them in learning and teaching programs. You can see all the lectures conveniently at your home based on your preferred schedule.

3. Monitoring and Feedback

Besides delivering multiple online resources, institutes can create customized lessons and sessions using a Learning Management System (LMS). Such platforms also carry effective assessment, monitoring and feedback tools to determine the knowledge deficiency, simplify lessons and assist students as per their needs. Thus, it is wise to develop an eLearning platform and acquire digital marketing services to grow in a fast-changing market place.

4. Direct Interactions With Different Communities

The best part about online learning content is that students can exchange information and ask queries with a wider audience like mentors, teachers and others easily. You can also get access to social media links where you can spread a word with more people at the same time. It generates interest in a subject and encourages students to boost their skills with practical approaches.

We have seen huge advancements and growth in educational institutes after the introduction of online learning programs. Since online learning sessions are more engaging and interesting, students can enjoy more control over their learning and receive better results. You can consult us to build a high-functional learning management system and acquire our SEO servicesto to take your education system in the digital route successfully.


5 Features to Incorporate When Developing Travel and Tourism Websites

Today, technology and travel has become a perfect companion. Many leading travel companies are launching websites to serve the convenience and greater accessibility to customers. Websites are helping travelers to book their flight tickets, hotels, navigate the nearby areas and so much more.

Travel websites assist people to book their dream destination with discounted prices and tempting online promotion campaigns. Users are getting maximum comfort these days to reserve their best possible travel experience. As the trend of websites and mobile-friendly apps are expected to rise in the coming years, travel companies should maintain a good web presence and efficiency to ensure consumers come back each time they plan a trip.

Modern travelers look for engaging, dynamic and easy-to-use platforms where they can interact with the support team anywhere at any time. With that mind, we have rounded up five must-have features that travel agencies should integrate into their websites to become successful.

1. Personalization is the Key

In today’s digital world, every person wants a tailored experience based on their needs and desires. Various brands have done a great job of monitoring customer preferences and making a separate profile for each. Websites provide people with notifications about events and places as per their browsing history, interests, and behavior. Implementation of customized approach has empowered travel companies to attain a competitive edge over others and transform the users’ experience.

2. Advanced Search Options Can Make a Difference

A search engine should provide users with necessary filters so that they can view information or services based on different aspects such as pricing, location, date/time, distance, and so on. It is ideal to add advanced features for hotel and holiday packages so users can book car/bus rental services with ease.

3. Secure Booking System is Necessary

Security and convenience are the two crucial aspects that can help you to get a great deal. Develop a booking system that enables users to do a comparison between prices, look for places, receive alerts about ongoing offers, and set reminders while keeping their data confidential. It is good to acquire web application development services to develop a robust and secure platform to achieve success.

4. Chatbots Integration is a Must

Now, chatbots have become trendy among the travel and tourism industry as well. With this, travelers can get quick responses or notifications regarding their reservation status, flight information, and special deals. This feature can allow travelers to enter a few emojis when they need a room service instead of talking via phone or other mediums.

5. Effective Payment Integration

Travel companies should provide customers with the maximum payment gateway options such as credit, debit, internet banking, wallet, and so on to maintain long-term relationships. You can also incorporate software that customers’ highly prefer or use to make a long-lasting impression.

We all can see nowadays travel websites are going beyond static images and simplistic payment options. Thus, travel companies need to leverage their websites to enhance users’ experience, engagement and create trustworthy relationships.

We have gained a good reputation as the best mobile app development company in India and you can speak to us to develop a powerful travel website to redefine your brand.


Which is the Best No-Code App Maker Platform – AppSheet or PowerApps?

Recently, Google has acquired AppSheet which is a leading no-code application building platform for both iOS and Android. It allows users to add functionality through drag and drop function that you might have witnessed in various WordPress websites.

With this no-code app platform, Google is all set to provide an effective solution to companies to develop mobile apps without writing a line of code. It has been already incorporated with Google Cloud, Google Sheets, and Google Forms, and also compatible with other tools like Office 365, Salesforce, AWS DynamoDB, and more.

The AppSheet allow enterprises to create and extend mobile applications without the requirement for professional coding skills. In today’s competitive world, the demand for automation and faster processes has been increasing, thus enterprises should integrate great speed, performance and efficiency in their applications.

In this post, we will share some practical aspects regarding no-code app platforms to give you a better understanding. We will distinguish between two popular app markers i.e. Microsoft PowerApps and AppSheet. So let’s get started!

Why Evaluate No-Code App Maker Platforms?

It is ideal to examine the no-code mobile app development platforms carefully before making a purchase. There is no shortage of such platforms but some of them are difficult to comprehend, operate and unreliable. Here are some factors to consider when you are new to using no-code app platforms like PowerApps and AppSheet:-

3. Integration with Existing Software

We all need a plug and play solution that can easily integrate with our existing infrastructure. However, not all programs provide a greater level of interface and flexibility. For instance, PowerApps gives limited integration support with Google Drive. Still, you need an Office365 subscription otherwise you won’t be able to access the software.

AppSheet works with both Google and Microsoft which users find much easier to use. With this, you can quickly switch back and move ahead to the different system as required. It allows users to work seamlessly around their preferences without any inconvenience.

2. Easier to Make Apps

Always look for no-code app building platform which helps you to create an app in about 10 minutes. AppSheet is an easy platform for beginners to create iOS and Android apps with minimum effort and time. It comes with specific features and layouts that can simplify the entire development process. You don’t have to be an expert to operate it. You can also expect more advancement in this platform near future.

With PowerApps, you may find the initial stages simpler but its smallest features might be difficult to add.

3. Speed and Stability

People often find the user interface of PowerApps to be slow, specifically on iPads and Android devices. This does not live up to your expectations if you are looking for fast, easy to use, and reliable platform.

You may not find any issue with the performance of your app through AppSheet. It can also work offline in case of temporary loss of connectivity. The explicit program of PowerApps locally saves the data on a device and load it when offline.

As we can see, Google AppSheet and Microsoft PowerApps are two powerful app building platforms available in the market. While they both have various similarities, some set of disadvantages hold PowerApps behind AppSheet. Being a professional mobile app development company, we are pretty impressed with the flexibility and scalability of AppSheet.

This acquisition of Google streamlines the app development process as it works amazingly along with workflow automation, API integration, and application management.

For further information, get in touch with us!


How to identify and Recover from Google’s Penguin Penalty?

Following the footsteps of Panda, Penguin update was declared by Google in 2012 to reward high-quality sites and reduce the rankings of websites that are engaged in bad linking schemes and overstuffing of keywords. Since Google’s algorithms play a significant role in changing and influencing the SEO community, understanding the practices of Penguin update is necessary to address.

How to Recognize if you’ve been hit by Penguin?

At first, it is vital to comprehend the fact that Penguin and a manual penalty for manipulative linking are not similar. In simple words, Penguin is a Google index filter that is pertinent to all websites while a manual penalty is specifically for a single website that Google finds spamming.

If your website’s analytics discloses a decline in traffic or rankings on the elements related to a penguin update, then you may have been affected by this index filter. Make sure to analyze whether your keywords or linking schemes have drawn the attention of Google. You can also opt for Google Penguin recovery services to find out the aspects that are causing fluctuations in your online presence.

How to Recover from Penguin?

If your website has been penalized by Google, it is vital to correct it wisely otherwise you will lose visibility and rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Luckily, there are some steps to recover from Penguin penalty and remain in the good books of Google. Read on to know more…

1. Make a List of All Backlinks

You can use various tools such as Google Webmaster, Open Site Explorer, and more to monitor all your backlinks conveniently. It is better to create a list of all backlinks on a spreadsheet to keep everything organized. It is also advisable to acquire Google SEO services in India to keep a track of all backlinks and implement good linking practices for desired results.

2. Evaluate All Your Links

Your site may have been penalized because of unnatural links that are directing to your site, but it doesn’t mean all your links are poor. You need to figure out the spam links and follow certain steps to remove them from all the platforms. Professional Android & iOS app developers in India can also help you to build SEO-friendly platforms that do not engage any unnatural links and irrelevant keywords.

3. Webmasters and Disavowing Links

Once you find out which links you have to remove, it’s time to talk with webmasters and request them to remove the link. It is completely acceptable to ask them to remove unnatural links. In case you are not getting any response, you can also use the Google Disavow Links tool to perform it on your own.

Penguin was introduced to cure a major weakness in Google’s mechanism that empowered their algorithm to be misled by various poor links and keyword stuffing. Make sure to publish original content with relevant links and keywords to avoid having your website penalized by Google for spam practices.