5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a FinTech Application

FinTech or financial technology is relatively a new concept in the financial industry, which mainly focuses on implementing advanced technology to enhance financial activities. People were more likely to trust the traditional financial sector to guard their money and personal details at all times. But now the tech-infused financial sector has brought potential ways to offer a lot more convenience to users than ever before.

Similar to all modern technologies, there are mistakes lurking. With so much pressure of living up to the expectations of users for faster, easier, and secure transactions, there are chances of making mistakes. An issue in FinTech mobile app development may lead to annoyed users and huge financial loss.

Below are some of the common mistakes we observe in FinTech software development that you should watch out for when entering into the financial sector:-

1. Security Approaches

FinTech apps generally involve storing and transferring the financial data as well as funds. They should be backed by high-end encryption software that protects the personal information of users across every location. Setting a usual password isn’t enough to protect the funds entirely. Therefore, biometric identification like facial recognition, fingerprints, or even a digital signature could be a great idea for defense.

2. Data Cleansing

Finance holds a variety of formats ranging from stock exchange to live feeds and databases. It is ideal to clear the data that include huge repetitive and unstructured data to avoid future complications. The tedious job of data cleansing can be easily solved by machine learning through examination the quality and standardizing the data.

3. UX Errors

It is essential to develop a useful UX for the financial environment like internet banking for customers and internal users. It is best to reach professional for Android/iOS app development rather than a non-tech savvy person to incorporate worthwhile features into the app. Since the financial ecosystem has to deal with money and financial data, FinTech app should be easy to use, reliable and well-organized.

4. Accessibility

Accessibility is one such aspect that results in a direct impact on user experience. Thus, it is essential to integrate quality features in the application for creating easy accessibility. While FinTech web app development, you have to cover all the accessibility necessities, including flexibility, intuitiveness, simplicity, and less repeated actions, user-friendly approach, and much more.

5. Technical Know-Hows Matters

When entering into a financial ecosystem, you should have knowledge of customers’ behavioral patterns in terms of payments, savings, and other transactions. A non-technical person is not familiar with the know-hows thus, leading to failure of the application. Therefore, it is better to reach out to the experts for developing FinTech app to take care of everything from performance to security, stability, transparency, regulations, and reliability.

As FinTech technology is booming at a global level, it is important to be aware of its latest trends. There are still various possibilities of making mistakes when developing a FinTech application. Thus, we advise users to choose reliable tools and technologies to make their financial project successful.


How to Choose the Best PPC Agency to Promote Your Business?

PPC or Pay per Click advertising has become an effective way to reach a wider audience and market your brand these days. This can help to increase traffic, sales and business growth. This field moves very fast and so do its responsibilities, thus, it is essential to pay attention to the daily campaigns and market environment to achieve success. In such cases, finding a qualified agency really makes a difference.

Even if you are an unskilled person and have zero knowledge of PPC advertising, you can still run a successful campaign with the help of experts. But it is necessary to identify the best PPC agency that understands your business. So let’s get started with the tips to pick the right PPC agency.

1. Watch Out for Experience

It should go without any doubt that you should select a company which holds several years of experience in the digital field. Many firms can speak about PPC buzzwords and guarantee massive ROI, but one should look for certain examples of successful campaigns the agency has deployed so far.

2. Look for the Best Cultural Fit 

When choosing an agency to partner with, it is crucial to identify what kind of relationship you’re looking for. A deal or project may look tempting on paper, but if the company isn’t the right cultural fit, then it will lead to various complications. Always remember to pick authenticity over lower costs and a wide list of services. If digital marketers can align efficiently with your business goals, you can definitely run a successful campaign in a comprehensive manner.

3. Look on a Wider Picture for an Integrated Approach

Pay per click is the best way to drive potential customers to your landing page, business profile or website. If your site has been poorly designed, you can lead the customers to your brand, but you can’t push them to purchase your products unless you have an optimized site and concise marketing strategy. Thus, choose an agency that understands all aspects of SEO, digital tools and techniques, and landing page optimization, and more for better results.

4. Adaptability is Important

The digitalization and technology move at a fast-pace. Some slight changes in the technology and customers’ behavior can make a huge impact on your PPC campaigns. Thus, it is crucial to opt for an agency that uses an agile approach and can run campaigns based on trends and customers’ preferences.

5. Transparency and Integrity is Crucial

Any good relationship can be maintained for a long-term with honesty. Always pick an agency that does not make unrealistic promises and commitments for making your brand successful without even understanding it properly. Sign a deal with a qualified company that can help to define your positive brand image with powerful marketing strategies.

eSearchLogix is an experienced PPC company in India that holds a proven track record of developing effective campaigns and exceeding the brand’s targets. We spend quality time in understanding your business goals and customers’ behavior to drive qualified leads and traffic for your website. We are experts in SEO, web analytics, and all areas of digital marketing and can provide your users with an unmatched experience.

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4 Things to Consider When Developing an Innovative FinTech Product

The world is evolving rapidly with the introduction of new concepts and technologies. This unstoppable innovation has also touched the financial sector and integrated into the daily tasks of users. While some of the changes were met with a lot of criticism at first, some have proven to be useful in our everyday jobs such as money transfers, e-banking, lending, and more.

FinTech or Financial Technology has introduced a distinct experience in the field of finance, offering a wide range of services that provide access to worthwhile and faster solutions. Combining the latest technology in the traditional banking system is a great move towards transforming the banking sector for retaining customers.

Similar to any business, developing a FinTech application requires a lot of research, planning, and competition analysis. This post will emphasize some important things you should consider when developing a FinTech product.

1. Functionality

Creating a nice-looking app is important, but it will all become worthless if it is not usable. You should focus on providing users with the easy-to-use app while not overcrowding it. Showcasing too many options in one place can be confusing and exhausting.

The dashboard should be neat and tidy and only involve some crucial options. Once, the Android/ iPhone app development process is done, you can ask the potential users to test the application to attain valuable information.

2. Personalization

Providing customers with the opportunity to have something of their own preference is priceless. You can gain a competitive edge by allowing them to alter their favorite features in the dashboard, make templates for frequently conducted tasks, or just change the visual theme.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help to automate this process and make things simpler than ever before. You can give an exceptional experience to users by tracking their previous history, language preference, and daily activities, and so on.

3. Security

It is necessary to prevent frauds otherwise customers will put allegations and you will end up losing a lot of money. Many times merchants and cardholders experience various problems for chargebacks, confusing integration, and charging higher costs for recovering losses.

A number of security methods have already introduced such as MasterCard, Visa, fingerprint recognition, and so on to reduce fraudulent practices.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience 

Whether you are opting for custom mobile app development or building an entirely new platform, user experience is something that you can’t ignore. The user interaction has been shifted from traditional methods to digital procedures.

Nowadays, customers not only expect mobile-based app but also demand to interact on social media and messaging channels like email, SMS, live chat, etc. Technologies like Blockchain, machine learning, AI are coming up with FinTech products for streamlining the banking activities and offer effortless solutions to the customers.

Creating a well-organized FinTech platform could be a bit difficult for a non-tech savvy person as it demands creativity, expertise, and competitive vision. eSearch Logix is a prominent mobile app development company in India that can integrate advanced technology and structure to launch your FinTech product effectively even in the volatile ecosystem.

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How Live Streaming Trend is Shaping the E-Commerce Industry?

With the advancement in technology, innovators have changed the shape of online shopping and opened new doors to make it a popular culture in the past decades. One such e-commerce trend that is becoming popular is Live Commerce.

Live Commerce is a combination of live streaming and e-commerce, provides brands with a great opportunity to nurture intimacy with consumers and prospects, and e-commerce marketing has already taken over across the world. Similar to social commerce, live streaming shopping stimulates a touch of familiarity that makes customers feel more comfortable about their purchases.

Why Live Streaming and E-Commerce Are a Good Fit?

The field of e-commerce has been evolving one year after another. Live streaming is the most popular social media trend and has emerged various marketing opportunities for retail businesses. It adds a human element to marketing, which allows brands to build loyalty and strong relationships with their customers as they can communicate in the real-time.

Brands like Kohl’s have started using live streaming at an early stage, which were more centered on branding. While brands like the Home Depot, collaborated with celebrities to develop special sponsored live stream events, aimed at sales and digital marketing. As video dominates digital content and it is a cheaper medium to spread awareness, live commerce has become a powerful marketing tool for all levels of businesses and enterprises.

How to Use Live Streaming for E-Commerce?

There are various ways to leverage live streaming to accomplish your business ambitions. Major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube could be the best bet for live stream videos. You can also select the products that you want to feature in the live stream by amazon account setup. Here’s how you can use it effectively:-

  • Behind-the-Scene Live Videos: Sharing behind-the-scene live videos is a great way to engage with your audience and build personal relationships with them.
  • Convert with Interaction and Information: Conducting interview and Q/A could be anworthwhile live content to generate conversion as they promote engagement, information, and communication.
  • Live Product Launches: This is the best idea to give more exposure to your new arrivals if you are aimingto boost sales. You can also add special programming in support of your flash sales.
  • Live Stream Training Sessions: You can satisfy the audience with extra valuable content and live streaming training sessions, centered on your community. Amazon account management is also a great way to sell directly to the public and oversee the progress of sales.

How Can Live Streaming Help?

The never-ending demand of customers for simple and convenient shopping has given rise to live commerce. The change in their online habits and lifestyle has empowered brands and influencers to take advantage of live streaming in order to build engagement and drive better revenue. Shoppers are more likely to spend their hard-earned money on platforms that give them innovative, fast, and easy ways to purchase. Here’s why you should opt for live streaming:-

  • The fast and convenient shopping experience
  • More personalized touch
  • Increase in the usage of internet
  • Easy access to sources

Live streaming allows brands to make interactions with the audience in real-time and give them a more personalized experience. Conversions have turned easier than before as live streams allow the viewers’ thoughts heard and are valued.

Since live video content continues to rise, live streaming will soon turn into a single area where people can directly purchase and interact with the innovators. Therefore, e-commerce brands should develop live streaming presence when looking to increase sales and interactions.


4 Best App Ideas to Push Your Startup Ahead of Others in 2020

In this modern era, laying your hands on a mobile application and digitalizing your business is the best bet. A startup is based on an idea and if it is unique, it increases the chances of reaching on the top level of success.

However, coming up with an excellent idea isn’t as easy as it seems. The concept is the most important aspect and it should be linked with the convenience which can help to streamline the everyday processes of people. It is not easier for startups to save time, lower down the costs and deliver the commendable experience to the users.

This post will give you a better understanding of trending mobile app development ideas that will add more value to your startup. So let’s get started!

1. Augmented Reality App – Real-World Interactions

We have all seen a great scope for Augmented Reality (AR) in recent years. Tech giants have already started to make the most out of this technology to give real-time experience to users. AR apps include virtual stores and interactive map overlays, resulting in a combined view that enlarges the real world. While iOS has ARKit apps and Amikasa, Google users can enjoy WallaMe, Google Photos, Holo, and much more.

2. Grocery Apps – The Great Household Partner

People need to go out for grocery shopping at least once a month. It is good to launch a grocery app that can simplify the shopping process in every household. Users can simply add the desired products to the cart, schedule it for a particular date, and order them in the comfort of their home. To stand out in the market place, you can offer various benefits like no minimum order, zero cancellation charges, price comparison, and cashback on every purchase.

3. Medical App – Offering Fast Medicine Delivery

We have all witnessed vast development in the medical field. Starting from looking out for nearby pharmacies to checking out the medical bills, you can offer all medical-related services in one app. You can also pack various features like the list of top healthcare providers, customers’ medical summary, record of all diseases and symptoms, medical terms and their meanings, and more to beat the competitors.

4. Restaurant Reservation App – Offering Special Date Nights

When you are going out with your partner, finding the table on weekends and during peak hours is a tedious task. Some may prefer to go for fine-dining while others may like to enjoy rock parties. And if a single app allows people to reserve the table well in advance, it will be really great. Launch an app that does more than just booking a table by offering special discounts and cashback to the customers.

Depending on your budget, ambitions and needs, you can launch various kinds of apps such as invoicing app, cooking assistant app. dating app, karaoke app, on-demand car wash app, home security app, and a lot more. You can streamline your Android/iOS app development process by approaching professionals for research, consultation, designing, development, testing and maintenance. All you need to decide on a unique idea to earn money and grow your startup.

Feel free to discuss the possibilities with our experts and select the app idea that works the best for you.