4 Voice Search Optimization Strategies to Achieve Success in 2020 and Beyond

Nowadays, nearly all tech-giant is using voice search in one way or the other. Google’s Voice Search, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana all are reaching to a greater extent to work as a powerful virtual assistant. It is expected that more than half of the queries on the search engines will be conducted using voice search in the upcoming years.

Voice Search Optimization (VSO) is relatively the latest practice so you need to be aware of its key fundamentals to open a door of opportunities. Voice assistants are specially designed to help users to navigate and find the relevant information over the web with ease. It is worthy to know some strategies when you begin analyzing your metrics. So let’s get started!

1. Optimize for Local Listings

People usually use voice search for local searches regarding places to explore like shopping malls, restaurants, street shops, and so on. For ‘near me’ voice searches, voice search app will automatically access the GPS location of your mobile device. You need to add your business with suitable categories, popular keywords, and results that people often use to find information. You can improve your local rankings by listing your brand with Google My Business, which will make a huge difference in your growth.

2. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are far more common than others in the area of voice searches to resemble speech more closely. Ensure to follow accurate long-tail keywords that people often speak when looking for something, then you can win better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results than your competitors.

3. Concentrate on Mobile Optimization

Voice search is entirely for mobile devices. While Microsoft’s Cortana performs on laptops and desktops, very few people use it that way. Thus, optimizing your mobile devices can boost your audience for regular searches as well. This can also help to fill the gap between user behavior and experience, which brings more qualified traffic for your business. Luckily, Google has been modifying its mobile-friendly algorithms and recently came out with several updates to streamline the process of mobile optimization.

4. Optimize Crucial Factors

Search engine optimization is an iterative route and voice optimization need to perform in the same way as much as possible. That means you have to test and measure your performance consistently to stay on the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). When you’ve recognized the queries you want to examine for, you have to see what outcomes that optimization is delivering and alter it accordingly.

As queries and software updates will evolve hand in hand, so you need to be prepared with Google Analytics and other tools to find out relevant keywords. You should also focus on cultivating reviews on popular platforms like Google reviews, Trip Advisor, and Yelp to reach a wider audience through voice searches. You should also be familiar with social media trends to stay ahead of the game and inspire as many people as you can. All these will help you to increase your rankings, get inbound leads, and stay ahead of your rivals.

If you want to gain more in-depth knowledge of VSO in order to increase your traffic and revenue, feel free to consult us. We can help you to find out how to improve your site and use programs like Alexa and Siri to attain results based on search queries.

Are you really serious about voice search optimization? We’d love to hear about your dream project, experiences and desires. If you have any queries, drop in the comment section below or contact us.


How to Use ORM Solutions to Build Strong Presence on Google?

There is hardly a brand exist around the world that hasn’t undergone an accidental issue with customers. Ideally, marketers can solve things out before it comes to a point where a customer doesn’t find the brand loyal and trustworthy anymore. A single negative comment on the brand, products and its services can be viral over the web at a fast-pace.

It is important to be prepared and planned to manage criticism for your company’s success. With the help of professional ORM services, you can reduce the customers’ complaints and able to respond effectively that brings your brand on the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Have you ever searched your company on Google and witnessed negative reviews? Then Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the right solution for you. Let’s know more about online reputation management and how to use it wisely:-

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the set of practices to create powerful strategies that can help to shape public perception about the organization, individual and brand’s product on the internet. It can help to build customers’ opinions and drive their interest in the company.

You need to tackle negative feedback and respond to it respectfully to defend your company’s reputation. Here’s how to do it accurately to make a good presence on Google:-

  • Find Content that Negatively Reflects Your Brand Most people generally mention the brand in reviews, stories, guides, and competitor comparisons. But what if these are portraying your brand unfair, outdated and inaccurate? Before it reaches the eyes of a wider audience, search and remove them. Such inaccuracies can make a bad impression of your company and you will miss out on potential customers. It is better to report or ask the person who wrote a false review or any article to fix the issues or delete it.
  • Push Negative Reviews Down and Highlight Positive Ones The negative reviews that display on the first page of search results can cause more problems for the brand than others. Fortunately, you have a chance you show some positive pages on the SERPs to push the negative reviews down. You can add a good review from your own site and write down quality content on sites that accept guest posts to certainly hide the negative review from the SERPs.
  • Find Popular Searched Terms and Create Content to Address Them If the most-searched terms aren’t involved with your brand, people will end up reaching to any third party to explore information. This may not be the thing you desire for. You need to deliver the path to users where they can find accurate information on related terms. You can look for terms that some popular brand generally uses and incorporate them into your content pieces to live up to the expectations of users.
  • Set Up Alerts for reputation-damaging Reviews People will continue to talk good and bad about your company, products, and services. It is good to set a notification for negative reviews that allows you to determine reputation-damaging causes in real-time. This way, you can timely read and react to the new negative reviews carefully that may rank on Google in the coming weeks.

Being a certified ORM company in India, we believe that it is all about ensuring your brand is properly represented wherever your potential customers are looking for you over the internet. Since online reputation management is an ongoing process, it is necessary to proactively monitor the feedback about your brand to deal with the problems on time.

To get any further support in reputation management for your brand, connect with us today.


How to Build Magento E-commerce Store in 5 Simple Steps

It is important to launch and manage an e-commerce platform wisely to sustain the marketplace these days. Right from the beginning, you need to focus on driving qualified traffic, potential customers’ data, customer support requests, flood of orders and a lot more. You cannot rely on a fragile e-commerce platform in such a chaotic digital world.

Magento is proved to be one of the most loved and prominent e-commerce platforms, preferred by various brands like Samsung, Ford, Nike, Nestle and more. Undoubtedly, it is a smart open-source platform that empowers users to create rich online stores without compromising the features and functionality.

If you’re planning to launch your first e-commerce site, Magento web design and development may not be as simple as it looks. It is ideal to reach the professionals to ease your initial set-up stage and build an SEO-friendly site that doesn’t curb your success in any way. We have lined up a few simple steps that will keep your Magento store active and running.

1. Choose Your Magento Theme

It is ideal to a trendy Magento theme to kick start your first creation with something really professional. Magento templates deliver spectacular themes, extensions and UX-boosters that will surely enhance the experience of users.

Ensure to opt for the theme that has powerful features like cross-platform support, improved navigation, 100% responsiveness, pre-made layouts for a gallery, home page, product pages and much more. Numerous themes feature innovative and fast-loading AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) that matches with the site’s design and grow conversion on mobile devices.

2. Get Ready for Installation

Once you’ve selected the theme, find out if there are any particular hosting and software needs. To run your Magento website design smoothly and successfully, you will need an excellent hosting plan with the latest PHP included.

3. Install Magento Store and Template

Now it’s time to focus on developing your Magento store. Download the desired version of the engine from Magento Tech Resources and register your domain. Upload the files to the server and build a database to install the engine. It is better to examine theme documentation to know how to install the theme that you have.

4. Configure Your Store

Visit the content section to configure your store’s appearance and design. In the sub-menu, you will find items like blocks, pages, widgets, comments and posts which allow you to edit and add pages accordingly. Utilize them to modify your site’s appearance and add fresh content to your store. Under the content menu, you will find a tab for configuration from where you can adjust various store options like footer, header and pagination display, and much more.

5. Create New Products

Products are a staple factor for any type and size of an e-commerce store. Fortunately, adding products is like a piece of cake with Magento. Go to navigate then catalog to add products in a well-organized way. The product details tab enables you to add important data to your product. Use image and video tab to add multimedia for the product. Search Engine Optimization tab allows you to enter metadata and keywords for the product.

For more informative product setup, go to the advanced settings tab from where you can configure advanced inventory, pricing, custom options, design, related products, and auto settings.

Being a reliable Magento web design company, we can give more power to your Magento store by adding relevant templates, extensive and dynamic features to it. We can help you to start with the basics and shift to advanced options when you feel like implementing it.

Are you ready to discuss your Magento e-store project idea with us? Contact us now. We’d love to hear your thoughts and business plan.


Why Choose Volusion to Design an Impressive Website For Your Business?

In today’s world, consumers generally look for websites that give them additional convenience and pleasurable shopping experience. You cannot deny the fact that the website should carry three important elements like visually appealing, easy to locate and function. In such cases, choosing a Volusion website builder could be a great choice.

Volusion is one of the powerful e-commerce website builders that provide tons of payment options while concentrating on analytics and customer insights. It offers both free and paid templates for numerous industries, web hosting, newsletters, order management, payment processing, customer loyalty solutions, and much more.

Volusion Updates

Recently, Volusion has come up with ‘V2’, the latest operating system that introduces improved user experience and inventory management system. The best part is it provides plenty of useful data, payment options, and analytical tools which can allow users to navigate the information without any inconvenience.

This website builder is highly focused on carrying business-oriented features and site-development tools together. It is better to approach Volusion web design professionals to integrate expert analysis and deep user testing while developing a business platform.

Features to Boost Your Website’s Functionality

Volusion combines both free and premium apps in the marketplace which makes it easier for users to add apps in just a few tabs in the dashboard. Its marketplace has a huge variety of features like app covering accounting, email marketing, payment processing, and live chat that you may not find in other website builders like Shopify or BigCommerce.

  • Allows Selling on Multiple Platforms: Volusion offers effective tools that empower you to sell on different platforms, manage inventory, and monetize the website in various ways. If you want to build marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, you can get powerful tools to manage inventory, sales, and orders in one dashboard.
  • Brings Extensive SEO & Marketing Tools: Volusion offers all the basic tools to beginners for selecting relevant meta title, description, and keywords, and set up SEO-friendly URLs. Volusion tries to become a pretty reliable platform to set up your SEO and manage its campaigns with a single hosting support.
  • Drive the Right Balance between Functionality and Simplicity: From the beginning, the main goal of Volusion is to create a high-end online store that is accessible and simple. It seems the website builders satisfied this need to some extent, but you need to be attentive when implementing changes in your Volusion custom design

How effective are Volusion’s Marketing Tools & Features?

  • Inventory: Volusion’s product video options seem quite handy which is not available in any other e-commerce builder. It also offers great visuals and suggested product feature that eliminates the needs of depending on third-party integrations.
  • Mobile App: Volusion helps you to manage online store through your mobile device with its commendable mobile app. You can keep a track on inventory, performance, update prices, and upload product photos via phone.
  • Payment, Transaction Fees & Shipping: It supports a huge array of payment gateways and digital wallet options that fulfils the needs of tech-savvy consumers.
  • Third-Party Apps: Volusion website maintenance is made easy as it allows you to customize your store as per your desires and business needs. It can support thousands of apps starting from accounting to customer management.

With the extensive inventory, excellent analytical tools, and reliable payment options, Volusion could be a wise option to boost your business growth. It really standouts in terms of product videos, numerous gateway options, and suggested product feature. If you want a well-organized store with intuitive features, you can approach us for website development in India.

Don’t forget to share your views on Volusion in the comment section below.


How Augmented Reality Boosts Engagement and Awareness on Social Media?

In present times Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has become a staple to boost consumer engagement across a lot of industries. While the gaming industry has been enjoying various benefits in this regard, business marketing has started to take over through the advanced technology of Augmented Reality. It has also been evolving the way of viewing the products and making decisions in online shopping platforms.

Many companies like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are delivering newer and effective ways to promote their products. Brands have managed to adopt both AR & VR and boosting their audience engagement tremendously at a global level. Augmented reality is transforming the way brands interact with customers on social media by linking it in our physical and digital world.

How Augmented Reality (AR) Benefits Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays, companies are integrating AR technology in most of their websites and applications. They are serving consumers with an exceptional experience to try out various products before making a final purchase. This can help users to try different items and know what works best for them.
We are shifting to an era where social media content will completely turn into 3D powered by AR. The increase in the usage of interactive AR content is shaping the future of social media. The social media users are less likely to take interest in TV-style ads that try to touch their emotions. Consequently, businesses should be ready to take advantage of AR for targeting the new markets and offering an innovative user interface.

AR Eliminates the Need of Visiting Physical Stores

Today, many brands are focusing to deliver engaging and interactive ways to draw consumers’ attention. People can easily purchase products through social media advertisements and promotions. Therefore, consumers don’t need to visit physical stores to buy their desired products.

AR Allows to Add Interactive Videos

The core objective of every business is to engage more and more consumers to maintain a good relationship with them. Brands these days are emphasizing on creating engaging AR videos. 360-degree videos are used to display products in a better way that increases sales and ROI. This technology made social media management much more convenient by incorporating various features and functionality.

AR Empowers Quick Purchasing Decisions

Since people can try out different products virtually through this technology, it helps them to make informed decisions. It gives more convenience to users and saves them from standing in a long queue at the stores. It helps to save consumers time and allows them to make better decisions while purchasing a product.

Today, various companies have already started to implement websites and apps powered by AR to boost their consumer engagement. At eSearch Logix, we offer the best SMO services that give a more immersive experience to consumers and generate direct sales. Speak to us today!