How Much Does It Cost to Make a Food Delivery App like UberEats?

Well, food delivery business apps are already enjoying great attention of foodies and provide a great example for success opportunities across the world. In the present scenario, the comfort and convenience of dining are giving a new shape to the food industry. Food delivery app like UberEats is highly on-demand due to its quick ordering and delivery process. After the incredible success of taxi booking app from Uber, the company has put its foot forward into the market of online food delivery and it has been doing quite with prospected scalable growth in the near future.

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When it comes to ordering food, customers usually expect transparency, quality standard and maximum convenience. The rise in technology and trends are reshaping the food industry. Consumers can now easily order their favourite food online with just a few clicks.

Before coming to the final conclusion about the cost of developing a food delivery app like UberEats, let’s find out its important components, the process of making money and a lot more to gain a better understanding of the whole development process.

Major Components of UberEats

  • Real-time Order Placing

The app allows customers to choose from multiple restaurants and their menus. A customer can easily explore the menu and order the dishes at their location within a couple of minutes.

  • Custom Order Placing

The app gives a user-friendly experience to the customers that help them to customize their food items and enjoy food right at their doorstep.

  • Uber Drivers

Uber has a great network with its courier partners. They can allocate the orders from the location of pickup (restaurant) and drop (customer).

  • Restaurant Partners

The restaurant has realized that they also need a helping hand like UberEats. The advancement in customer behaviour and demand in the food industry is driving businesses to get the support of a reliable app.

How does UberEats Make Money?

  • Delivery fee from Customers

Lunch and dinner is a peak time for ordering food. Sometimes, the menus and restaurants get limited. In this case, UberEats earns a good amount of money through a delivery fee.

  • Sharing Revenue from Restaurants

On the basis of maturity of the market, UberEats gets a good share of the revenue for the orders filled by them.

  • Advertising Income from Restaurant Partners

The company charges some money from their restaurant partner to make them appear in the top searches.

The Cost to Build an App like UberEats

The cost of making an app like UberEats depends upon the following factors:

  • Creating an MVP for both mobile and web interfaces in order to supply through a restaurant’s app and driver’s app.
  • Need an organized admin panel and dashboard to control all operations.
  • Make an app that can easily manage customer’s orders, food prices, inventory, menus and everything else.
  • Set up the APIs for central databases and control logic.

Conclusively, we can say that the cost of making an app like UberEats varies depending on the number of stakeholders, number of platforms, complexities involved, geographical region and much more.

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How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Travel and Tourism Industry?

In the past few years, technology has brought a great revolutionary in the travel and tourism industry as well. Gone are the days when people relied on travel agents for making travel bookings. With advanced apps, travellers can easily make their travel arrangement with just a click of a button. The recent survey of eMarketer reveals that travel apps are ranked seventh in the most downloaded app category and around 60 percent of mobile users often operate travel apps for planning trips.

Mobile apps have not only benefited the users but also drastically improved the standard of travel and tourism-based businesses. Many companies have adopted the technology and integrated into their travel agencies to engage more customers. The technology has evolved the face of the travel and tourism industry and has made effortless to book trips with a few simple steps with the use of mobile apps.

If you have a travel company, it’s a high time to build a mobile app to get a competitive edge over competitors. Now let’s see how mobile apps have raised a bar of the travel and tourism industry.

  1. Making Travel Bookings Easy

Now, travellers can easily plan, book, and manage their trips with mobile apps while comfortably sitting at their home. You can easily select a suitable destination, book your tickets, and do a reservation in hotels in just a few clicks.

2. Create a Customer-Centric Platform and Provide Exciting Offers

Due to the growth of technology and users of smartphones, the competition in the travel and tourism industry has also been increased. The discount factor may influence the user’s mind. There are several mobile apps which allow customers to compare the travel expenses and cost of multiple hotels for bookings.

3. Becoming a Popular Marketing Tool

In today’s digital era, online marketing has become one of the innovative strategies to reach a larger audience and increase discoverability. An engaging app can help to attract potential customers and give you higher returns. 

4. Decreased Paper Work and Making Transaction Simpler

With the help of mobile apps, you can save soft copies of necessary documents such as hotel reservations, flight tickets, street map, and anything else. Also, travellers can easily do a transaction and pay their bills through the Internet. You can access mobile apps and plan your trip anywhere anytime without carrying too much cash.

5. Explore Images and Videos of Destination

With mobile apps, users can see the real pictures and videos of the desired destination before visiting. It helps travellers to stay updated with the destination in advance. This can help users to obtain a clear understanding of the places they are planning to visit.

Therefore, the travel app is a must-have in the digital era to enhance the experience of users as well as for the growth of travel companies. At eSearch Logix, we can help you to provide reliable solutions to launch and market your travel apps more effectively.

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5 Powerful Content Strategies for LinkedIn Business Page Marketers Should Follow

Today, LinkedIn is not just limited to connect job seekers with prospective employers. It has become a popular platform and an extremely useful tool for marketers. The biggest advantage of LinkedIn is that it is operated by many decision-makers, business holders and senior-level influencers. While you promote your brand on LinkedIn, it grabs the attention of many top-level executives and customers who can help to spread a word about your business.

Alongside other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is a goldmine of greater opportunities for marketers. It has been witnessed that a proven LinkedIn marketing strategy is essential for the success of all sizes of businesses. Quality content on a LinkedIn page can help you gain more visibility and productivity. Promoting your LinkedIn page demands a good set of tactics, content, and goals.

Read on to build an effective content strategy for LinkedIn business page to grow your business.

  1. Create Video Content for LinkedIn

Video is a new feature on LinkedIn and it is now possible to make a great impact on a limited budget. Users can post a short video on LinkedIn instead of using YouTube links. The interesting content visuals, lighting, sound matters the most while you upload a video. Publishing MP4 files on LinkedIn enables you to add a title, thumbnail, and SRT file for the video which improves post success.

2. Ask Questions and Have Open Conversation

The best idea to connect with the audience is to do tone conversation on LinkedIn about specific topics. Keeping your conversation open encourages more comments and connections which can help to increase your customer engagement.

3. Post Images and Links

Along with a visual platform, ever since LinkedIn has been an effective channel to share links and images on interesting topics that can help to attract a larger audience. Make sure to use unique yet simple photos of your products and services that define your brand.

4. Upload PPTs, PDFs, and Other Documents

Recently, LinkedIn has introduced an option to upload PowerPoints, PDFs, and other files to regular post from your company page or group. Checklists, sheets and everything else allow busy people to seek your brand information within a go.

5. Boost Content from Pages

An effective method to get better discoverability for your business is to post content from your company page to a personal profile. Also, motivate your employee to share it and comment below to interact. Another way is to use publishing platform of LinkedIn to share compelling blogs and articles with a call to action to follow your business page. 

Retaining your audience and interacting with them is a big challenge in its own. Sharing meaningful content on LinkedIn can help to encourage your potential customers. Content can make or break your LinkedIn marketing strategy. So don’t take a risk and follow the above-discussed strategies to achieve success.

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7 Amazing and Creative Ways to Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Combining the strength of Facebook’s advertising is a difficult road to navigate, especially when it’s time to boost your advertising efforts. By just spending more money does not mean you can easily see better results. Facebook algorithms are quite unpredictable and scaling should be done according to certain principles.

Making a decision of increasing your investment in Facebook ads is no longer a minor game. It is important to pitch your potential customers and understand their interest to be successful. You need to increase your budget on winning ads more carefully to reduce future damages. For best results, discover the 7 ways to scale your Facebook advertising campaigns:

  1. Raise Your Facebook Ad Budget in Every 4-7 Days

It is good to increase the budget of your Facebook ad by 10 to 20 percent in every 4-7 days when you’re getting exceptionally good outcomes. When you raise your budget, it will reflect a small change in your ad set and helps to examine your overall performance.

2. Spend More on the Most Profitable Facebook Audience Segments

This technique is all about searching for the most profitable audience segments and spending more on them than the rest. You can use Facebook ads breakdown feature and measure the audience interest easily.

3. Reproduce Winning Ads but Target Different Audience

Horizontal scaling is a common and genuine technique to scale Facebook ad campaigns. Using this strategy, you can easily reproduce the successful ads and target a different group of audience at the same time.

4. Set Your Facebook Ad Spending Intelligently

Ever since Facebook ads introduced, the budget has always been assigned at the ad set level. With CBO, Facebook tries to overcome the problem of users who are not able to allocate their ad spend so they can get good results from the network.

5. Use Facebook Automated Rules to Reduce the Risks

The risk-adjusted clone technique is all about replicating your profitable ad set, raising the budget, and reducing the risk of overspending. However, it is a quick method but cannot work out well every time. For better results, you can switch to Facebook automated rules which are created inside the Ads Manager.

6. Develop Multiple Offers within Single Facebook Campaign

Having more than one convincing offer can help your business to gain better revenue. While this may seem to be a hard task, the reality is that you only need some of the great offers which you can rotate from time to time.

7. Target the Facebook Campaign Audience Again with New Product Offers

Facebook ad funnels can help to improve your conversions while setting up the relevant offers at the right place but they drive more targeted traffic. You can extend your funnel to get better opportunities to explore more about your products and services. You can simplify this by adding a profit increasing offer in the below of your funnel.

If you want to run a successful Facebook Ad Campaign, you surely need to invest more money. It is an ideal decision to use the mixture of these tactics to take your advertising to the next level.

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How to Sell More Products on Instagram: 4 Tips That Work Amazingly

Today, Instagram has become one of the popular and fastest-growing social media platforms, especially for businesses. But it is not easy to get good returns and success on Instagram in such a competitive market. Over the past years, Instagram has developed several opportunities for e-commerce shopping and advertising.

Well, Instagram is no longer a predicting game. Instagram is now more than just a visual platform to display beautiful images of landscapes and lakes. While these pictures are possibly welcome, users prefer more to connect with people and brands they admire, and even shop. Selling on Instagram is undoubtedly a profitable option.

With the right strategies in place, businesses can definitely increase their sales and see fast results. So let’s take a look at 4 tips to promote your products on Instagram more effectively:

  1. Attract the Right Audience

At first, you need to build a following of people those who show a great interest in your brand and products. Until and unless you don’t have the genuine audience reach, you may not be able to convert them into real customers.

A good way to increase followers is to use relevant hashtags in your Instagram posts. If you own a local business or restaurant, you can add your location while posting. This can help your ideal customers to reach you when they will look for a specific place.

2. Display Your Products with Appealing Instagram Image Styles

Since Instagram is a visual platform, it is a suitable platform to share photos of your brand and products. It is wise to present your brand’s image and capture your images in such a way that attracts your followers. You can use various image styles such as flat lays, model shots, detail shots, and lifestyle pictures to increase customer engagement.

3. Simplify Your Buying Process

Once you’ve shared interesting pictures on Instagram, turn to focus on making your purchasing process easier for customers. By eliminating barriers to action, you can transform more of your followers into customers. Make sure to add shoppable products tags in order to increase traffic and sales. When users click on a tagged image to view the price, they just need to perform a couple of steps to put the products in their shopping cart.

4. Add Purchase Calls-to-Action in Your Instagram Stories

The trend of Instagram stories makes it a great platform for businesses to interact well with their followers. Place a “Swipe up” or some other CTAs while posting stories to encourage more followers to act. If you plan to use a See More or Swipe up feature, do not go over the board. Don’t let your stories get flooded with “Swipe Up to buy that” and “Hey, buy this feature.” Do not overuse this feature otherwise; you may lose its effectiveness.

There is plenty of opportunities to sell your brand and products on Instagram. In the beginning, develop a following of people that has a sincere interest in your products. For best results, implement the above-mentioned Instagram product selling strategies to increase your reachability and revenue.

Is there any other technique that worked out for your business? Share your views in the comments below.