5 Social Media Content Strategies Marketers Should Know

In today’s digital world, content is the soul of social media. There is no denying that social media is one of the powerful platforms to achieve business success. Neglecting to publish valuable and interactive content over social media will leave you with negative results. Creating quality content is not impossible. Still, many businesses fail to serve up to the expectations and interests of users. In order to create the right social media content strategy, a business should focus on delivering content that users want to consume.

Social media is not just limited to images, sketches, videos, gifs, and infographics. You must create content that builds awareness of the brand and helps to develop strong relationships with the audience. By understanding what users want to explore, brands can create an effective content marketing strategy, which will increase their performance and exposure.

Let’s talk about some social media content strategies that marketers should follow to build an excellent social media presence.


Each piece of content you post on social media should represent your brand, products, and services. Make sure to create content related to your marketing goals and business objectives. Plan an effective process that follows these steps:

  • Set a goal.
  • Share the desired objective with your team and assign responsibilities for creating content.
  • Create content and schedule it for publication.
  • Make sure to respond to user’s queries and comments.
  • Measure your performance.

Create Content Keeping your Audience Interest in Mind

Every kind of content you create should attract the attention of potential customers. While creating content, think of something that will engage more audience and build a great connection. You may even run a poll for your audience to determine what they think. This brings more engagement and valuable insights into what your audience desires.

Build the Right Voice

Understand the requirement of your ideal clients and customers will define your brand exceptionally. To develop a voice, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want your target audience to think about your company?
  • What is the motive and vision of your company?
  • How your products and services can be beneficial for others?
  • What kind of personality do you want to build for your brand?

Once you’ve got a suitable voice, tone, and style for your company, start creating guidelines and implement your decisions accordingly to maintain consistency.

Emotional Triggers

Humans share some psychological needs that most of us experience at some point in time. Try to understand the behavior of your audience and use those emotional triggers to create a great marketing strategy. Here are some pieces of emotional triggers sentences you can use:

  • Value – This is our gift for you.
  • Leadership – Be the first to explore the potential of our company.
  • Belonging – Approach us and see what you’ve been missing.
  • Trust – No hidden costs.
  • Time – Discounts lasts until night.
  • Competition – Stand out from the crowd.

Create Good Content Mixture

It is wise to deliver a good mixture of content to your audience which will keep them entertained, engaged, and even surprised. You can do lots of experiments with images, stories, GIFs, videos, illustrations, live chat, slideshows, giveaways, and infographics.

With some level of planning along with these steps will result in an effective social media content strategy for all business niches. If you want to maximize your social media results, feel free to talk to us. We’d love to help you!


6 Reasons Why Advertisers Love PPC and Why It Is Essential for your Business

Pay per Click (PPC) is an effective platform for online marketing where advertisers need to pay a sum of the fee each time to the search engine when the ad gets clicked by the users. Basically, it is a great technique to buy visits to the website and reach the target audience much faster. With an increase in the usage of smartphones and other digital devices, many business owners have evolved their marketing strategies to become a leader.

In today’s digital era, PPC is considered as one of the valuable platforms for online advertising. It is growing at a fast-pace and integrating into digital advertising channels. Over time, PPC has become a much efficient method for online marketing and plays a crucial role in the success of online businesses. 

Let’s check out the major reasons why PPC is essential for businesses and why advertisers love it the most:

  1. Budget Control

The budget holds the utmost importance for all sizes of businesses. In PPC advertising, owners can set their financial plans and even keep control on overall expenses. You can set a preferable budget on a daily and monthly basis to ensure that you do not exceed your budget limit.

2. Targeted Ads

When it comes to PPC, owners can choose the place where they want their ads to be shown. Therefore, you can create your online marketing campaigns as targeted as possible with PPC. Additionally, ads are shown to the relevant audience at the right time through PPC in order to generate better leads.

3. Faster and Constant Traffic

PPC is an amazing method to run an ad campaign and to generate consistent traffic. Advertisers can get their ads on the first page of SERPs in about an hour of setup and activation of the campaign. Also, through PPC, you may get engaged in significant conversations within a few days.

4. Better Results

Organic search results are the most trustworthy source to achieve long-term online marketing goals. This is why advertisers choose PPC over other strategies to get faster results with minimal cost and effort. It gives you a great amount of traffic and leads by investing less money and time. 

5. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

The main motive of any marketing campaign is to drive as higher ROI as possible. When your ads show in the most relevant online spaces, the chances of targeting the right audience gets even double. Since in PPC, you need to pay only when your ad gets a click, it is easy to manage cost and measure an estimated ROI. This can help to improve the brand reputation thus, increases the ROI.

6. Beneficial for SEO

PPC and SEO are highly related to each other as they both are the most powerful marketing channels. SEO is great for an online business that gives long-term rewards while PPC can help to improve the overall ranking of the website. Thus, combining PPC and SEO together, you can cover all the aspects of marketing and get more organic visibility.

Well, PPC can help to capture your potential customers at the correct time. If you want to maintain and optimize your PPC advertising campaign, we can help you to get qualified traffic and better results. Reach out to us to build great strategies for your online business growth.


Is SEO Dead, or Is It Evolving? Know Everything about SEO Evolution

Every year, some voices from distant corners across the world whisper that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is certainly dying. But, I must reiterate that SEO is not going anywhere. Over the past few years, SEO has changed a lot, but it does not mean SEO tactics and practices are dead. Still, SEO is a powerful and effective technique of digital marketing. There are some elements of SEO that are either died or have evolved into a totally innovative tool. Therefore, outdated SEO strategies can no longer give you higher rankings and good results.

Today, SEO has turned out to be more than just backlinks and keywords. Focusing on search engine practices and some other fundamentals can help you get desired results. You need to work consistently on building a strong online presence, publishing attractive content, website optimisation, and creating a strong business profile to be successful.

In the world of technology, you cannot expect nostalgic glory using outmoded trends and techniques. Here we have rounded up some of the ways about how SEO has evolved over the past decade so that you can acquire the latest SEO solutions to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Do Not Expect Immediate Results

In recent years, most of the marketers have witnessed many evolutionary and revolutionary shifts in SEO protocol. The major issue is that people desire to get immediate results once they start with SEO. But it is proven that you cannot gain optimum results overnight. Instead of approaching solid content and quality you may not generate instant web traffic. Clients and SEO consultants need to constantly work on developing a higher level of strategies to see results. 

  1. Website Design Matters

When we talk about SEO, how long users stay on your site is an essential concern. If your website is not functioning properly and badly configured, users would not scroll down ahead. Amazing videos, graphics, pictures, and rapidly scrolling text are some of the elements that will make your visitors click off faster than from any enhancement ad.

2. No More Keyword Overloading

Stuffing a website with irrelevant and keyword-heavy content is not going to be entertained by the users anymore. If you want to see better results, you should make your website user-friendly, interactive, and interesting. The website content should be informative rather than carrying a bunch of useless keywords.

3. Do not Build Links on Useless Websites

Links are used to defining the value of another web page and its information. Exchanging links with random and irrelevant sites would not help to build your brand image. Moreover, Google is becoming excessively strict when it comes to building links with content. In order to build a positive business profile, you need to feature useful content for the audience according to the guidelines of a specific website.

The sparkling phase of gaining instant SEO results is no longer exists. In today’s modern digital world, you cannot assume that old school methods can help you produce effective results. However, old techniques have died, but contemporary SEO practices are very much alive and evolving.

Have you got any thoughts on the present state of SEO? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear and discuss your views.


5 Reasons Why You Should Think About Link Building Mechanism

Link building has always been an important factor for SEO in order to drive more traffic and increase the site’s authority. Gone are the days when website owners used robots to build links and could get fast results automatically. Now, SEO requires backlinks for top Google rankings. A greater number of quality links directed towards the site is an effective way to build authority.

Well, Google algorithms are complex and always keep on growing; still, backlinks remain a crucial part to give a signal to search engine that your site is a trusted resource and worthy of citation. Thus, websites with more quality and authoritative backlinks tend to get higher rankings and traffic. If you’re concerned about the long-term viability of your business, you should focus on creating quality backlinks rather than using cheap tactics. Gaining organic backlinks can be time-consuming, but it will be beneficial for your brand for the long run.

Let’s go through some of the reasons that push us more to think about link building mechanism:

  1. Increases Brand Visibility

Once you have established any business, the primary focus of each one is raising brand awareness. When you obtain a link on a genuine site with a corresponding brand mention, there are more chances that a pool of potential customers takes time to explore your brand. The higher the visibility your brand gets, the more it becomes trustworthy for the audience. 

2. Builds Brand Reputation

Customer loyalty is an important aspect to focus on to grow your business. Link building gives a great opportunity to strengthen your relationships and helps you to achieve long-term value. Always remember to publish quality content with genuine backlinks to become a leader in the market.

3. Drive Traffic

Increase in traffic is the most measurable metric that proves the value of link building campaign. Link building is primarily a part of SEO technique and online branding strategy. When users click on those links to your site, it results in more traffic. You can also see how much traffic is generated by each external link by Google Analytics. Hence, a small piece of a link will give you greater benefits.

4. Increase in Performance

Link building is not the same as placing an ad. Ads are temporary investments and will be removed the minute when you stop funding. On the other hand, backlinks are permanent and they can help to generate traffic for months or even years. 

5. Creates Strong Relationships

Link building is a powerful online branding strategy that can help to build strong relationships across the world. A good backlink has the ability to represent brand, products, website or an individual. It can also be a great way to express the value of your clients. Links give mutual benefits in terms of adding value to the site linking out, their audience, and the site linked. As a result, it begins with a natural process of creating relationships.

Even though link building tactics have evolved over the past few years, it’s not dead. It will remain one of the powerful marketing strategies in order to increase website rank and traffic. If you’re still not investing in link building services, you could be leaving worthy link equity on the table.

Feel free to share your requirement regarding link building and SEO. We’d love to give you the right support and assistance.


7 Mobile Application Development Technology Predictions for 2020-21!

Over the past few years, the mobile development sector has witnessed a lot of innovations and growth. In order to stand ahead of the competition, many of the business owners have developed and implemented strong mobile strategies to grow. Since mobile development is driven by massive improvements, you need more than just a business website for better customer engagement and brand awareness.

With a strong presence of mobile apps in the Google Play Store and App Store, demands of the audience are continuously increasing. Since many experts are predicting more advancement in technology and professionals for mobile application development in India are implementing such trends, let’s check out some mobile app trends that will determine the future of mobile app development:

  1. IoT and Wearables

According to the statistics of Gartner more than 26 billion devices are expected to connect in 2020 and beyond. People will get more dependent on IoT and wearables to communicate rather than smartphones. As devices will be used to communicate with each other, cloud technology will also grow and works well with connected devices.

2. Augmented Reality will be a Table Turner

Augmented reality actually entered into the picture in 2016 with games like Pokémon Go and is rapidly growing ever since. AR is expected to play an important role not only in gaming, but also in several industries such as real estate, healthcare, and many more.

3. Mobile Commerce will continue to Grow

The top-rated mobile payment systems like Google Wallet and Apple Play will make more mobile purchases till 2020. If we consider wearable in this trend as well, people will more likely perform the payment with their smartwatches and mobile phones instead of credit cards.

4. Location-Based Services will Get Stronger

The widely used location-based services at the present are Google’s Beacon and Apple’s Beacon. Since these devices seem to be valuable enough for users, more external devices will accompany them in the future for business development purposes. 

5. Instant Apps

Users prefer mobile apps, but they can’t wait to get it downloaded, and sometimes storage space issues also make it hard for adding more apps into the device. These demands gave rise to on-demand apps. This change was discovered back in 2016 and is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

6. More Focus on Security

Many of the biggest businesses in their respective industries are experiencing hacking and leaked user data issues such as Facebook, Uber, and Google. Therefore, more attention will be given to security and penetration testing in the future.

7. Cloud-Based Apps

The study of Cisco reveals that 90 per cent of mobile data traffic will drift towards cloud-based apps. With such fast growth, you can expect to explore powerful mobile apps that can retrieve data from the cloud and will not consume a lot of space in the user’s devices.

Well, we cannot deny that mobile apps have become the most crucial part of the digital world. Mobile app development technology and with innovative steps taken by development and app store optimization companies is bringing a great advancement in the users’ experience. Since the above mobile apps trends are predicted to grow in the near future, make sure to take advantage of these new features for your company’s expansion.