How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Gaming Industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving the gaming industry drastically which develops an exciting phase for gamers across the world. Many tech players are using AI to deliver an exceptional level of real-world experiences to users. As technology continues to grow, the experiences of both gamers and technology companies who step into the world of gaming will evolve.

Today, the gaming industry has become a highly profitable market and seeking innovative ways to attract a wider audience. While technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and others are expected to be a future of games, the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) equally plays a significant role in making interactive games as closer to reality as possible.

Let’s look at the ways AI is revolutionizing the gaming industry on a larger scale.

  1. Creating More Realistic Games

Nowadays, many games are stimulated with innovative experiences with the help of AI. With this technology, video games are making a special place in our lives. People can have real-world experiences for battlefields, car racking, amusement parks, movies, and so much more. AI selects the best possible alternative to interpret, respond and anticipate your next actions accordingly which makes the game even more enjoyable.

  1. Making Smarter Games

Many AI algorithms are being integrated to control the actions and modify the behavior of each character in the game. The core objective of gaming companies in the coming years will be to create a robust system within games that comprehend noise, speech and other sounds. Modern AI techniques like reinforcement learning and pattern recognition allow characters within games to self-learn from their actions and alter accordingly.

  1. Enhancing the Overall Gaming Experience

Gamers are paying a lot of attention to each aspect these days including visual appearance, high-end graphics, and making immersive games in the best possible ways. With real-time customization, AI has the potential to transform the gaming experience of users to the next level.

  1. More Innovative Mobile Games

The incredible high processing capability of mobile devices has empowered developers to develop more engaging and immersive mobile games. Game developers are experimenting with AI algorithms and machine learning to deliver a whole new experience to users across the world.

Earlier, games were developed just for entertainment and pass time. But now, the gaming industry is worth more than a hundred billion dollars. Since it continues to rise, the demand and procedure of mobile game development keep changing. AI has become an important factor to bring more smart, interactive and immersive games into life.

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Why Develop Shopping Assistant Apps Powered by Data Science?

Convenience is one of the most crucial elements that people desire while shopping. The popular e-commerce holders like Amazon and eBay introduced the era of convenient shopping with websites and multi-brand shopping platforms. Not everyone can spend long hours in searching for a new pair of shoes or last-minute gifts. In such cases, shopping assistant apps can be a problem-solver for shoppers.

Shopping assistant apps help people to efficiently compare the prices, browse, and get the best deal based on their budget. All of this has been achieved with the great combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data through which user-centric shopping apps are created.

Today, we are living in a digital sphere where things are not just limited to one platform. All thanks to data science which made our online shopping experience much more innovative than ever before.

How Shopping Assistant App Works?

Personal shopping assistant apps are tremendously taking over the mobile app market and satisfying the specific demands of each individual. These apps can accumulate information by analyzing your online shopping pattern in terms of behavior, cart items, final purchases, search history, reviews, ratings and everything else. As a result, such apps allow you to compare the price, provide discount updates, personal suggestions, and much more without the involvement of human components.

How Artificial Intelligence Technology Benefits Shopping Assistant Apps?

With the advancement in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science together have eliminated the process of human interaction. AI integrated apps can easily analyze the customers’ purchase preferences and deliver smart recommendations based on their particular needs.

  • Shopping History: The database system keeps track of customers’ purchasing and machine learning on the other end anticipate the shopping behaviors.
  • Price Comparison: A shopping assistant app determines the product a user is seeking and alerts the user if it is economical in other online stores.
  • Coupons: Apps automatically delivers the best coupons to the users where they are shopping at before checkout.
  • Package Tracking: This can help to keep a track of users’ shipment from any merchant and tell users about their delivery status.

Why is it Good to Develop a Shopping Assistant App?

As we can all witness, online platforms are shaping the future of retail businesses and making everything available on our fingertips. Such applications can help businesses to reach a wider audience while sitting in a single corner of the world. AI-enabled apps can be highly appealing for users as they don’t need to put more efforts in attaining relevant suggestions while shopping. Features like easy navigation, advanced search, price change notification, customer feedback, and support allow businesses to move ahead of the competition.

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5 Myths About Mobile App Development That Needs to Be Busted

In today’s modern world, mobile applications have become more than a necessity and a norm for all kinds of businesses to reach consumers and achieve success. A mobile app should be interactive and effective, satisfying the requirements of the audience and using the advantage of the latest technology.

With the increase in the trend and dependence on mobile apps, the app development process holds unparalleled importance in business production. There are also several myths and misconceptions in the field of mobile app development that can end you up with making wrong decisions.

Myth 1 – Android Apps Are Cheaper than iOS

Probably the extremely common misconception about mobile applications is that people expect Android apps are developed at a less price as compared to iOS. A developer with the basic knowledge of open sources can develop an Android or iOS app but the process is daunting. As Android devices are dominating the market and it is essential to manage UI across all platforms, developing an Android app isn’t cheaper.

Myth 2 – Adding Rich Features is enough to promote the Application

There is no denying that building an innovative and faultless app can increase the awareness of your app. But its functionality and features are not sufficient to draw the attention of a wider audience. You need to focus on marketing your app across popular platforms and promote it well through various sources.

Myth 3 – App Development Falls Cheaper than Web Development

It is a common myth that mobile devices are small so you can develop mobile applications at cheaper prices than web apps. The prices will be dependent on its features and kind of app that you want to build. Also, the procedure of developing an app is as complex as a website or software.

Myth 4 – Mobile Applications Are Only Meant for Smartphones

Today, a majority of people are using apps on their mobile devices. But that doesn’t mean that mobile apps will only operate on smartphones. You can also use it on various platforms, including tablets, iPads, smartwatches, consoles, and much more.

Myth 5 – Your Job is done once the Application is developed

If you’re thinking that building and launching the app completes your job, then you are wrong. Both Android & iOS app development is a continuous process and there are a lot of other elements to manage. You need to fix the bugs, introduce new features, and update version according to the needs of users.

So the next time when you are working on having a mobile app created for your business or personal needs, don’t ignore these facts and myths.


4 SEO Trends You Should Follow to Increase Your Presence in 2020

As competition is increasing at a fast-pace and various websites are being launched, it is wise to make some changes in your SEO strategy to get on the top of search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a comprehensive technique to achieve organic traffic, rankings, and qualified leads from the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Today, many companies are using this tool to maintain a good position in the marketplace and step ahead of their competition. If you’re focusing more on other marketing tactics and ignoring your SEO strategies, you might fall into a trap. A professional SEO company in India follows Google algorithms and helps to level up your marketing game.

You should be familiar with SEO trends to reach your consumers and drive inbound leads in a limited time. So let’s look at some SEO trends for 2020.

1.  Snippet Brings More Clicks

Google snippets provide consumers with concise and additional information about the brand’s product and content that they are looking for. Featured rich snippets can help to advance your Click-through Rates (CTR) so it is necessary to take into consideration. Snippets are shown in the search engine results and deliver the amazing search experience to the users. You can respond to the commonly asked questions in your featured snippets to reach success. Google will decide which snippets are valuable based on your markup and elements included in it.

2. High-Quality Content

It is vital to create meaningful content for your websites and other platforms to take your SEO strategies to the next level. You should provide interesting, relevant and helpful content to users to appear on the first page of search engines. Create content with proper research and follow a logical structure. It should be easy to understand and navigate through. You can also hire SEO company in India to find out the relevant keywords and build a personal relationship with the users.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its position in everyone’s life sooner than expected. Businesses are utilizing artificial intelligence to develop more personalized and innovative experiences for consumers. Google is also using AI to deliver better search engine results to its users based on their interest, behavior and specific needs. Many SEO optimization companies in India and across the globe know the significance of AI and classifying their web pages precisely to gain better visibility.

4. Mobile & Voice Search

The majority of consumers use their mobile devices and search the answers using voice search these days. It is easy to assume that both voice and mobile search is getting stronger. Thus, Google introduced Mobile-First Index which uses the mobile version for ranking and indexing. In simple words, your pages should be organized on a mobile device with quality content otherwise your rankings may drop in both mobile and desktop search results. You can approach an expert SEO company in India to make your site mobile-friendly and optimize the loading speed of your site.

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How to Decide Between Building Web Apps and Native Apps?

Developing a mobile app has become more than a necessity these days and its process basically starts with an innovative idea. You need to pay complete attention to each involved process starting from planning to designing, developing, testing, and app deploying to mobile devices. One of the major aspects you need to decide earlier on in your app development process is how to build an app and deploy it.

The two major paths you can choose from – web app or native app. As the name describes, a web app is an app which the user accesses via the internet. On the other hand, the native app operates with devices’ intuitive features and can be downloaded from an app marketplace. You can approach the best iOS app development company in India to determine which kind of app you should design.

Both of these are beneficial tools for users as well as developers but carry basic differences. Let’s figure it out:-

Comparison between Web Apps & Native Apps

  1. Interface: The user interface of both web and native apps is quite similar. However, there are some slight differences depending on the device. When it comes to native apps, you may build an app using a material design but in case of a web app, it can be different.
  2. Development Process: Native apps can easily access features like GPS, camera, accelerometer, and more whereas web apps have limited access to such features. Only basic tasks like uploading images can be performed in case of a web app.
  1. App Monetization: With web apps, you can introduce your own ads service which gives you more control over your operations. In native apps, the app store takes complete charge of your revenue but some manufacturers may lay limitations on the ads that can be shown.
  1. Versioning and Updates: Native apps are easier to update and deliver the latest version to the users from their respective stores. But updating web apps is not as straightforward as native apps. It usually involves procedures like shutting down servers for maintenance before applying alterations.

Design Considerations to Create Web Applications

In the case of web apps, users don’t have to download and install the app on their mobile devices to access it. The app is basically coded in HTML and CSS, with the other interactive components in JavaScript, JQuery, or any similar language.

A single web app can be operated on various devices and is capable of performing over the web irrespective of the operating system you use. While designing a web app, you need to keep design considerations, including UI elements, visuals, usage information display, plan upgrading, UI speed optimization, and other attributes in mind.

Design Considerations to Create Native Applications

Native apps are built particularly for a specific mobile device and are set up directly on the device itself. Users can simply download the app through Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If you want your app to perform across all mobile operating systems like Android OS and Apple iOS, you need to develop separate apps for each system. While designing a native app, you need to consider design requirements like responsiveness, usability, navigation, and interactive UI/UX.

Now that you have got a pretty clear idea about which kind of app you should develop. A leading mobile app developer company in India can help you use a result-driven approach in a comprehensive manner for your upcoming project.

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