Google is Empowering Small Scale and Local Businesses to Go Online and Go Global

Google Local Business Google has made it much more efficacious than its competitors to empower small scale and local businesses. Google is unanimous choice of majority of people searching for local businesses over World Wide Web. In order to strengthen the online presence of small businesses, Google has introduced the new program for local businesses, […]

Bing Completed a “significant redesign” for its Home Page for Smartphones

Bing Mobile Homepage Bing announced recently that they have released a newly redesigned Homepage for Mobile Users for better experience and Bing calls it a “significant redesign” of the homepage. And it is now available globally on iPhone and Android smartphones. It is now more advanced and not only with searching capability, it is now […]

Google Displaying Answers in “Bold” for Search Queries – Google Knowledge Graph

Google does a new and intelligent work recently we noticed in Knowledge Graph area and normal search results. As always, it is busy in doing great stuff. Now Google will show you answers in bold for any search query, you put in search query box of Google. Earlier search query and synonymous of query is […]

Google Upgrades Mobile Chrome Browsers for Android and iOS with AutoComplete Form Filling Capabilities

Google Chrome There is always a room for improvement and that’s the biggest room in the house. Google, one of the biggest and most browsed search engines keeps on improving its features to make Googling as an exhilarating experience for its users. Google has recently tweaked its mobile Chrome browsers for Android and iOS by […]

How New Google Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm Targeting SEO Spammers?

Search engine giant “Google” is treading much cautiously than ever to improve the quality of search results for its users. It has now become unusual to get one or other official notification from Google with respect to changes in its algorithm. The latest one targets the doorway pages or SEO spammers to eliminate or at […]