What Do Marketers Need to Know about Sentiment Analysis in Social Media?

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Sentiment analysis is a practice of recognizing users’ opinions which are expressed in text and further categorizing them into negative, positive and neutral. Marketers can conduct this process by reading every message, comment or reviews received from the audience. But labelling each of them accordingly can be an extremely time-consuming process. In order to boost the things up, you can … Read More

6 Ways to Get More Leads From Mobile Ads Marketing Campaign

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Mobile technology has extremely changed the way business owners promote their products and services. Today, people invest more time in mobile phones as compared to desktops. As a result, it is becoming very crucial for businesses to serve mobile-friendly experience to the audience in order to generate better leads and conversions. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. With … Read More

4 Major SEM Trends that Will Lead the Charge in 2020

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has witnessed various changes in the past couple of years and will continue to evolve in the coming years. The future predictions of SEM or SEO are always on the minds of marketers. With the advancement in technology and algorithms, it is becoming difficult to step up the game and live up to the expectations of … Read More

6 Proven Ways to Increase Your Views on YouTube

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YouTube is one of the largest money-making social media platforms across the world. Due to its constantly evolving nature, many of the YouTube users are struggling to earn better results. The platform is no longer taken over by funny cat and dog videos. It has become a great place for marketers to get fame, enhance branding and gain big returns … Read More

5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaigns for Great Success

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In the fast-changing trends of social media, improving and uplifting your advertising strategies is essential to stand out in the crowd. Facebooks ads have become one of the great platforms for marketers to drive better Return on Investment (ROI). Having a strong Facebook advertising strategy in place can give you ample rewards in terms of click-through rates, leads, and sales. … Read More

5 Easy Tips to Expand Your Business With LinkedIn Ads

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LinkedIn is one of the booming social media channels for business owners across the world. It is a lot more than just a set of resumes and the recruitment process. Thanks to LinkedIn advertising, it has opened various doors for lead generation and business growth for B2B companies. This platform is ideal to drive qualified traffic, promote events, share content, … Read More

4 Secrets of Instagram Marketing to Get Great Returns for Your Brand

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There is no denying that people love Instagram as much as they prefer other social media channels these days. Instagram has become an outstanding platform for marketing and to reach a wider audience from every corner of the world. Therefore, business holders and entrepreneurs can’t stop themselves to be active on Instagram. With millions of active users on Instagram, it … Read More

5 Effective Link Building Strategies to Boost Your E-Commerce Success

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Link Building is one of the important and strong pillars of SEO. It is the process of driving links to your website from other sites over the web in order to build integrity, relevancy, and authority. Within SEO, the majority of e-commerce owners struggles with the link building and couldn’t have complete control over their inbound links. However, link building … Read More

How Social Media and Influencers are Changing the Marketing Methods of E-Commerce?

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The online habits of consumers are certainly changing over time with the advancement of mobile shopping apps and e-commerce websites. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media channels, all the influencers are getting massive attention from the consumers these days. Businesses are driving sales by collaborating with influencers and using the power of social media to reach … Read More